Friday, May 28, 2010

Brunch at House

Lost sheep getting to block 9 congregated at 1) kaffe and toast waiting for mir and wansze 2)pedestrian walkway waiting for short and bumping to c, while the whole congregation led by nanny to the butchering class =) chicken skin is too slippery plus no epidermal layers makes it a very challenging stitching class indeed. And my neighbour the pro was just impressing the teachers!! With her much sturdier piece of meat!

Rounding back to get my telephone charger and helping d postpone, hungry Wansze and I made our way to House (Dempsey) where there was a charity car wash event at Dempsey, but we happily trotted straight into House. And for the first time it was SOOOO packed!! what happened to our quiet untainted homely place??? We had to wait at the bar area for our turn and luckily it was quick.

It was really cathartic spilling surgical/medical tales, and the symbiotic/otherwise relationships with our hcws. and particularly the PCN being listed in MOT (SIGH), and how there's so much more camaraderie in surg calls than med (ie more food lol) and how awesome the sn are in sgh. love the environment there tho the volume (and hence hours) can really be quite insane. I shall just enjoy my time in med first.

7 layer pancakes chokeful of nutella, hazelnuts, candied fruits and raisins and fruits this was a real treat. And the pancakes were nicely thick, had a slightly grilled taste to it. Really the best pancakes in a long time - i guess i love pancakes punched with flavours and crunch.
Oregon salmon hash was real creammmmmy, with chunks of potatoes (I love potato skins so so much) but little salmon chunks. It was delicious dunking the porous raisin bread into the cream but the portion can afford to be x2 !
Sweet potato nibblets - i love the sweet potato fries here cos its coated with sugar and sesame seeds. Oh so yummy. I come here almost all the time for either this or the truffle fries.
When we asked for chilli and tomato sauce.
How is my chilli sauce queen doing in KK! I miss you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grill Fish Nagato (Parco Millenia Walk)

It was a Friday and before picking Mommy from work I met the sibs for dinner first - A took the train to Outram and I picked him before meeting F directly at Millenia. Luckily we didnt park at Marina Square first (it was full) cos the parking at Millenia's also $2 after 6pm. F was so early and hungry she had her durian chendol fix before meeting us and was too full for dinner!! We went to Grill Fish Nagato (Parco Millenia Walk)- on the way passed by so many long queues for those Jap places. I was kinda lazy to find out what the fuss was all about so we just settled for the relatively unpacked Grill fish! I think I'm good for settling for the minimal, esp after starting work. Eating without doing anything else is already such a luxury, when that discharge summary/prescription/blue letter is not pending at the back of your mind.
Anw, we finally came to a happy conclusion on fass for mei =) and the fact that she could go J for exchange, and we even decided on a holiday there end of july. Please let my chunk of leave be approved!!

My Hoke fish set ($10) - this fish has plenty of bones, but I love how salty it is, and really yummy with the rice.

Bro was complaining how small the Salmon Teriyaki was - but he enjoyed every (little) bit of it. Rare of him to enjoy food since he eats to live, that skinny boy.
We ordered a seafood miso soup as well, which had chunks of salmon - so it all went to the hungry boy. Also another mixed mushroom soup (plenty of funghi within a salty broth) and Mei also had the oden - because they were all soupy and unphotogenic i didn't bother taking!
Her grilled onigiri chunks of rice balls. She was too full we tapaoed it home.
We kinda ordered all the small items on the menu - the sets are all quite good value!
I'm gonna miss the zouk one for one at Frolick (Holland V) - My original and A's Passionfruit.
Mummy came to join us at Starbucks before we bumped into Chongs, but was just too tired to club that night. Oh boy, the tiredness. whatever happened to my energy??

Friday, May 21, 2010

House, Fish Mart Sakuraya

It's a mighty fine sunday and its mother's day =) these ladies are like the mothers to me in school so its belated happy bd to qian and happy 1 day anniversary for j ... congrats to both.

Picked e from outram and we headed to black market @house first - surprise 2 buys of dresses of which e was my atm, and we spotted the famous baldies hawking his designer wear for charity..he was as expressionless as can be in his shades, and we were wondering who'd be able to fit into his clothes lol...

When qian and j came we finally went to sit down and it was j's turns to place the shades =) no girl, u dun look blind in any one of these photos at contrast you look refreshingly gorgeous ! and of cos, basking in the glow of love is the best make up ever...

truffle fries and sweet potato fries to be appetisers
grapefruit tart reeks of cigs according to e...this was a rather unique tart that few can appreciate
chocolate tart - the base is a lil hardish and the filling dark creamy..
apple crumble was really deconstructed - the sauce came in a cute decanter. The spiced apple chunks were below the digestive biscuit layer, made goey by the pudding sauce. Somehow its not as impressive as wild rocket's deconstructed concept of the cheesecake. hmmms.
convos about bags and how much you'd go to please...i'm glad we have the same values and expectations =) wansze spotted me (getting a day off in surg!!!!!!!!) whilst shopping at flea market but tough luck for her lol. dun worry i had it equally empty at the Zouk's flea and easy too !
Picked up family to go to the new Fish Mart Sakuraya at West Coast Plaza. Parking was crazy on Sunday - i really never knew West coast plaza is so popular (tho its expected for sakuraya lol). beware the subtlety of Fish Mart Sakuraya in B1 vs. Sakuraya in level 2. didnt check out the other levels.
Variety of seaweed and jellyfish to kick start our meal.
Love the grilled spicy salmon belly. smooth and damn delicious.
chunks of sweet eel.
A lil messy to take more but I must say Sakuraya never fails to satisfy the binge =)
Happy week ahead guys.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Woul

Keeping a diary now is like penning down my countdown to mbbs, and as I write this I'm imagining myself reading this in time to come, pondering about all my extremely succint summaries of those horrible times on the way to the finals..
[Ok, I just found my this post (5 Feb - wow this is like just a month before mbbs) amongst my backbackbacklog of posts and now that i completed mbbs its a lil queer to continue from that paragraph!!!!!!!!]
The outing to Your Woul (Goldhill Plaza) was attended by Dedrick Daryl Jeremy Kels and I but I totally forgot the occasion and the posting. Haha. All I know is that there was a korean place at Goldhill that i wanted to try and I dragged them there.

All i remember of the side dishes was the wonderful deep fried tapioca root (bottom right)which we asked for multiples. The sides definitely cant challenge Kim's!

Pancake was rather light and crisp and doughy at the same time it was quite balanced.
We each ordered the lunch specials and this was my salmon and egg roe rice - loads of salad and seaweed inside, this feels more Jap than it does Korean.
I didn't manage to snap the other pics though. All I remember is D saying the bibimbap was slightly sub-par. And that J liked his (?).
What do we do to salvage the meal.......UDDERS (Goldhill Plaza) - Orange chocolate bitters and Maoshanwang to save Kels and mine day. I remember Jeremy went back to join Marc so no ice cream for him. I remember Dedrick had cookies and cream and Daryl had Maoshanwang (and complaining its the cost of a macs meal lol). Wow this is a real test of my memory - goes to show how impt the blog maintains my med memories for me...
Kelly which posting was this????????Derm???

Friday, May 14, 2010


Whilst waiting for the girls outside the entrance of Botanics I was mulling over a novel (what a luxury) and Eliza was the first to arrive and we both again mulled over what was the mysterious car that dropped off qian and jas (but i guess it was no surprise lol). It was quite a distance to the Ginger Garden where Halia (Botanics Garden) is.
Love the simple wholesome flavours of the food in Halia and the intimate atmosphere. The jazz band is so smooth that the whole time we thought it was the cd playing..
We had 3 appetisers to share.

White asparagus with truffle icecream. Just nice, each of us had one - the truffle icecream didnt taste very specific (and was rather icy in fact).

Mushrooms with poached eggs. There were some crispy bread croutons but otherwise quite unremarkable.
Mushroom soup which was rather creamy. Nothing beats the chunkiness of the mushroom soup in Blue Basil
Love the bread roll with herbs. Absolutely delish in vinegar and olive oil.
However the mains rocked! I had the seafood consumate and the broth was so flavourful without being thick or overwhelming. All the seafood inside - the fish, squid, prawns, scallops and clams) were well done - loved how tender the seafood was, so much so that the scallop had the same consistency as the fish. and I mopped up everything with the crisp long bread.
Yi Qian's Lamb Shoulder which was a little tough.
Eliza's Seabass which she enjoyed.
Jas's fish - Perch came wrapped up in a pouch and it was such a show with the waitress having to open it up !
Tada !! With Japanese rice on the side. She loved every bit of it.

We were somehow so full we couldnt dessert. I'd love to think that we were full listening to updates from J's Lasik outing (LOL) and my passing. Hope you girls enjoyed the treat !! (and whoops about the long walk out). Halia's a great place to come if you love an unassuming and quiet ambience amidst lush greenery - and for walking a sweat in before dinner!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pump Room

After a very tirin ACLS (thank goodness for refractorily tiring VF case tho flunking the theory meant paying more parking lol), and a long nap I met Chongs at Pump Room (Clarke Quay) - and at the flea market outside I manged a quick buy of a jacket before donning it on inside =P

Usual fries bomb. These were REALLY long chunky rectangular potato wedges masquereded as fries. Chongs abandoned me halfway lol!! leaving the fries in massive salt and soggy vinegar. And this french dude was fail max with his 10 bucks and ageness.

Prawn Quesidillas. Chongs is a big fan of these and its really ang moh (skinny) prata - the prawns within are a lil unusual as we usually have other meats. Still there were loads and loads of cheese making it a very yummy treat...
We got squeezed near the VIP then again right at the other end at the steps, the crowds are mad. It was madder at Butter with the meds (only an hours lol thx to mag nik ian for waiting) to join the rest (hons, amrit bree pflug kums) before a disjointed (three cars) supper/breakfast which turned out to be just 2 drinks. Wonder when the mass outing will happen again lol.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No 5 Emerald Hill

Today was supposed to be shopping for grad clothes but fail max cos I went to do my hair instead- tried a little at Bugis and City Hall but in the end ended up with shoes from River Island and managed a bargain at my third pair of the same pair from Pedal Works (which fines u for having big feet, btw). Met V for Ip Man 2, which kinda reminded me how I forgot Ip Man 1 (the screen was too small in HK, kels lol with massive receptive aphasia again fail max) and I thought certain scenes had ingenious choreography esp the table exchange of hands. Amazing work there. Anti Western sentiments were strong esp in the packed cinema (full max) and I'm sure if you are a white in there it wont be a very pleasant feeling indeed.

Was at Kiliney and walked over to No 5 Emerald Hill - had the one for one Martini (2 for $15 from 9pm-1am)- the Midori no2 which is passionfruit - and ghostly green - compared to Midori 1 which is ORANGE my most hated fruit. The alcohol in here is quite potent you breathe out alcoholic vapour. I always love the peanuts here and culture of casting its shells everywhere.

Steak and Guiness Pie - came in 5 mini pieces and I loved the small chunks of steak within though the stout always eludes me - whether here, or even the chocolate stout from Tom's.
Met K and Niks around 2 at winebar and thankfully for raoul managed to get K in (thanks R!!) and we went to join N's friends thereafter.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fika Swedish Bistro

Met up with Carol and James on Monday my only day of shadowing (dim rocks) after work, C wanted to try the korean but cos J and I had too much of it recently I thought of either la petit or some place at haji lane. Was contemplating the train but fortunately J was on leave so he gave me a lift down - parking here is a nightmare - we went two rounds.
Wanted to try Gulf at first or Nasrin but we settled for Fika (Beach Road) - this place is right at the end of Haji lane just round the corner from Beach Road. Amazingly clean cut - walls adorned with black boards with scrawlings of the offerings, its quite a different setting from most other middle eastern restaurants with warm lightings. Fika lighted up more halfway into our meal and I'd like to think it assisted greatly in capturing great pics =D
This place serves halal swedish food - we thought we saw the swede boss, and postulated that he married a malay lady who was manning the counter ? This place serves food like grilled meats, pasta, and more swedish food like meatballs, hash (which i'd wanna try in my next visit) and open face sandwiches. Open face sandwiches reminds me of Abof, the now defunct Swedish restaurant at Millenia Walk where I had my birthday dinner and where James came with me to sample the food before the acutal dinner. One of the most memorable tasting dishes was an open face sandwich with herring, a salted fish - which is not served commonly, and not here in Fika, unfortuately.

Still we had great food at Fika, and one of them was the Swedish meatballs - really loosely packed meat balls and most delicious with the sauce and the jam. Even the potatoes were delicious with the sauces.

Skaden Open faced sandwich - salmon, shrimp and Swedish roe tossed up in mayonaise. This was mine and I really enjoyed it together with the thick bread - this is the open face sandwiches that is traditionally Swede. Interesting picking out all the different seafood to eat though it was really salty (i guess its from the roe!!)
James had the Smoked Salmon Open faced sandwich which was good -other than his raw vegetables esp the much disliked baby bean sprouts which was difficult to totally eradicate.
C's grilled chicken.
Food here is generally filling and really healthy but delicious. Fika's usu quite crowded according to James and it was almost full on a Monday night so call ahead if you wanna come here! Today's convos was surrounded by C's politics and discipline and children in risky sports, J's anticipation to aE, and mine anticipation in dim, totally enjoyable. Till the next tennis date then!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Popiah House Party

Haute Cuisine by Jason.
Play with your food by Sterling.
Xiaolong Bao by Jason
Not to forget Kum's burger....
Thanks guys for coming - thanks Kels for Spicy Indian Chips and cheese chips and strawberries, Sheryl for the ahbaling, and Kums for the alcoholic ...icecream (whats alcohol without you anyway lol, or what are you without alcohol). And of cos, to Kok with the thought of the chocolate cake (but coming after the errand running virgin driving J) CG 18 will be so missed!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

7ate9, Overeasy

Met so3L last night at 7ate9 (Esplanade) with my Venetian coffee - chiara, wq mils wilson matt (clockwise lol), and i love hearing stories of pet specialties (small animals derm!!!) and certain contempt with some (backyard breeders), and the dental calls too (with a VVVVIP in the mid of the night lol). Miss the convos so much!
Picked Chongs (fresh from sands adventure) at Pan pac and we discovered the BEST NACHOS ever at Overeasy (One Fullerton)! Its called the Farmer's Style Breakfast Nachos and indeed it feels like breakfast food (for a supper at 1am, no less - its good morning, indeed) Its a total surprise given the ingenious idea of adding poached eggs, chunks of chedder and sour cream (and even pasta we think), with the spicy twang from the green chilli (they are Big and Hot). Shall try to replicate this during my next house party...

The night was charged with talk of mannerisms (or lack of them) , the risks vs impulsiveness and the effect of us on children, its just too much to share =)

We dwaddled a bit at Butter before rounding off at Z and a miserable attempt at A..take care in Florida chongs! take calculated risks!