Saturday, February 26, 2011

Porn's, Honeymoon Dessert

After that very full team meal at Putien, I was due to meet S around Cityhall area. Picked up Fb effect from nat lib, and then headed to meet him at the taxi stand of Raffles City. We initially wanted to try Artichoke (after the fantastic review by M, about the lamb ribs) but unfortunately, it didnt happen cos the place was full and there was a thirty min waiting time!! And having walked all the way there (he parked at Odeon Towers) I was a little indignant, but anyway we headed back to Shaw Towers, then decided on Liang Seah Street. Then, I was in between a Korean BBQ place and Porn's (28 Liang Seah Street) and eventually, the hot smokey korean place drove (mainly S) us to Porn's. Its much cleaner, air smells better, super white and new. Decor is kept simple and modern.

Mango Salad

Loved the fried fish layers atop, and the fact that we can add our own condiments to the dish (provided on the table). We added lotsa peanuts to it, but still the sweet sauce soaked the crunchiness up.

Drunken mama noodles

We asked what this was, and when the waitress told us it was maggi noodles I immediately said no, until she appeased me by saying it was a thicker version of it - not very much thicker, in actual fact. She was trying to sell it by saying it was much spicier and had more kick than the very delicious looking phad thai in egg pictured in the menu. Obviously S fell for it, while I was hoping it'd taste very much like the Thai Express extremely spicy drunken noodles (which I'd hope to get Kels to eventually try one day).

When it came it was indeed very tasty but not as spicy as we hoped it might be. I mean, how bad can oily spicy maggi mee be?
Tom Yum Soup

Oh this was potent clear soup that had a residual kick to it after the initial storm. Love love it, though i could do with a greater volume of straw mushrooms like the one in First Thai.
Much convos revolved around him trying to revolutionise secondary prevention and trying to fill in the gaps that people like me following daily orders don't have the luxury to forsee. The creativity and buzz of ideas is quite infectious, though I'm obviously still very immune to it.. What I'm working with is a mix of bad lifestyle plus whacked genes, but obviously at the tertiary stage much complications have resulted from that potent combination. When you pay for is proprotional to how sick you are, and not inversely proportional to how well you are, you take for granted your well being and the secondary prevention. Money talks, and preventing that money roll is not gonna get any talk.
We headed to Honeymoon Dessert (Level One, Bugis Junction) just opposite. He was really gian to drink coffee - but obviously I was game for dessert anytime (and we walked past ah chew's and jidechi -_-) so i finally persuaded him to try Honeymoon Dessert. Last had this in HK and Kels and I have been dying to try the Vivocity branch (which we havent).
We started with the Durian dumpling - which is laden with cream!! Do you remember it being so creamy, Kels? And do you remember more pieces, than one?? I really got a shock when I saw just one medium sized one, and got a bigger shock when I digged into the innards of fresh cream! Its so different from the one I had in HK!!
I had the Snow white sago, which is laden with fruits on a bed of sago and vanilla cream. Very fruity, sweet and refreshing. Just that your tastebuds'll get confused with the fruits - there's banana, mango, longan, atap chee. All that fruit's gonna seep into the vanilla cream, which makes it a real fruity combination.
I thoroughly recommended this dessert to S, who had the Durian and Black Gluitinous rice, in vanilla cream. This dessert is extremely creamy and rich - scoop a bit of durian, and a bit of the gritty rice, then dip into the vanilla, and its an amazing combination!
On the way back to Loof, S got reminded of perhaps it was too little too late, but what was comforting was that it was a departure in joy. You living it up for him now, and thats what matters most. It's the first dinner, and the first that I wont be at h during the annual visit! See you soon, before next year's cny beckons. Artichoke, when we do get a booking.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cedele dinner

It was a Monday, when J was on passive call and cos of the fantastic short list and mon being in lieu of post take sat, Mr S gave me an early day off after the round up and the excuse for not being in tum board. Called mommy who said she'll join me later in evening so i headed home for a nap before hitting town with her. Needed to pick up a present from agnes b, my gbunchen flip flops, and drop my follie's at the mandarin gallery shop to repair. Lotsa excuses to be in town!! Tho Short was not temped at my invites for cake cos her call was just too shack. To be let off at post call timing when you're not on call is prob the best feeling in the world and I've got J and Mr S to thank for that!
We headed to Paragon first to dump the car, then to Mandarin Gallery, when we revised our xmas memory that m liked a drum bag at one of the shops-which is not available anymore!! And so we had to head to the other end of Orchard to its other branch at Borders - where we found the navy blue (gorgeous python skin) and the tanned skin. To my surprise, she liked the former. And then we headed to Ion but then back again to initially try for dinner at Sun with Moon but as always it was crowded so we headed to Cedele (Level 3, Wheelock Place) for dinner.

Mommy had the grilled beef and mushrooms. She was a big fan of her choice. 6 slices of medium done beef with lotsa greens.

I had the big breakfast - overeasy eggs with sauteed mushrooms and toast. Finally I got to try Overeasy Eggs. It simply means, eggs cooked on both sides. Simple, but couple that with crisp toast and buttered mushrooms - it was comfort food on a rainy day!
Having that corner seat with Mom and peering out of the window onto the streets (and that sore thumb of an aparment building) is really a moment to cherish!! And even better, when we discovered the bread bar - we initially ordered an extra beef stew - but our mains came before it (it just didnt appear at all) so we cancelled it. Then, we realise the bread bar was for the soup, and if we had no soup (though technically, its through no fault of ours), we had to top up one buck for the bread. Mom and I didnt mind at all cos 1. we ate lotsa bread 2. the bread was so damn good 3. we def ate more than a buck's worth. Nutty and seedy bread is really really yummy with soft melted butter!!
Headed back to Taka to pick up my slippers then to Kino to pick up a stick book (very tempted to start reading bunny suicides- its just so morbid) and some pen refills. Buying pens (and getting to use new ones, not those free drug company ones which i used in med +++) is once again, quite therapeutic. So is icecream loading, which mom picked up on our way home.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paradise Inn

Last day of T2 when A left to t1 and I was alone with a good list. Except for the fact that A.L was not willing to leave the bunk at all, and the sn couldnt conc after that! But we settled for social os, and then headed out to East point for lunch. We initially wanted to eat at Eighteen Chefs (too full) , Eatzi (nowhere to be found) so we settled for Paradise Inn (East Point) for lunch.
Hotplate Tofu.

Triple egg with vegetables - xj's favourite.

Prawn balls with salted egg - my favourite, but A doesnt eat these!!
Codfish - small slice, but smooth and really tasty. I prob can finish this all on my own.
Fried chicken - this had a ginger taste to it, and i guess the sauce must have had a tinge of it (I didnt look at what they ordered).
Egg custard for me while most of the rest had mango sago and A had his tangyuan.

We headed back for W to whip into shape the student, and we exited very soon after. If only everyday could be like this, work would be so much to look forward to! (not like there's not enough food in the dept though....)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carls Junior

Jalepeno burger (thick cut)
Chocolate fudge cake

It was a pre take Monday, and the list looking nice and short, and supposed to lunch with short, zj, jeff, along with af and me with zj driving cos he was the latest but! at noon was called to round up so af and i had to go upstairs to cso (though we promised to return stat but we didnt manage to!!!) to round up and that was when we realise m'm wanted to bring us out for lunch! So off we were in W's and my car to Tampines One to Carl's Junior (Tampines One) to have team lunch, with J leading the way in my car (totally don't know how to orientate to Tampines at all)

We had 6 combos (cos Mm and J shared one) so there were 6pkts of small fries and of cos I was the happiest cos I had about 2/3 of that!! I had a jalepeno burger (thick cut) which was mighty juicy and delicious, and the delicious crisp natural cut fries. Lotsa sch memories came out and realising W's previous bmi status was truly shocking the guts outta everyone. Enjoyed hearing W's exam stories in his faraway land too.. Really treasured this one and only team outing we had!! If only we had time to shop post lunch....

Got the choc fudge cake for ZJ (sorry Z and N for the polar!!) - but in the end short still gotta go out! My two months is just about more than halfway and we've yet to organise a mass batch outing yet... better arrange it soon before its shagghh vascular.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ma Maison

Baked Potatoes
Fried Cheese Fritters

Seafood Gratin
Seafood Paella
Cuttlefish ink spaghetti

First day back at work and I feel disorientated all over again and so not into the rhythm of the wards. Guess I got assimilated fast though it was still not fantastically optimal. The day ran by fast and was trying to reach Clare the entire time cos I saw the fb thread and nearly got rejected by Jo too at 6pm till I managed to reach clare's house/mom and finally her and manage to organise us together ;)

Met Clare at Bugis - left shaggh at 730pm impossible to reach bugis by 8 pm with jam and parking.and thank goodness so cos the car had no cashcard. took it out for the trip. and got chided by soo while walking him out, cos i decided to take the train in the end though i was quite enthralled by the tale of the free Last Supper saga he went thru in Italy. so took the friendly fast train and met clare at the station control - then jo at the stationary shop with her happy eye messager, that looked darn rude to jillian (she was xmas shopping). I was just gonna get pen refills at ANBC. We decided to have dinner at Ma Maison (Level 2, Bugis Junction), though I was planning on Casa Latina. It was drizzly though so lazy to walk.

Ma Maison is a really homely environment and its so fusion - japanese with western; italian/spanish with its pasta and paella. The appetisers sounded so good - the fried cheese and baked potatoes were such comfort food.

Lotsa carbos in line - paella that tasted much like chinese fried rice; cuttlefish black ink pasta that tasted saltishly satisfying; and a gratin that turned out to be macaroni based(always thought it was potato based must have been corrupted by delifrance). Loved each one of them cos it was so comforting, especially great on a rainy day.

Got a date with the girls to go party post dinner soon. Talking about the married lives of frens make us feel too free; and the luxury to plan your own dates is much to be relished ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brewerkz, Overeasy

Killer Beef Chilli Cheese
Mac and Cheese
Cheesesteak sliders Overeasy
Oreo Milkshake topped up with the minis Overeasy
It was Xmas eve and there was some small confusion as to whether it was half day but it was ! G came up to exit at around 1pm so it was happiness when it was true....came home and found grans and mei getting outta home and i fetched them to coro to get their logcake (which they didnt get in the end) and met mel and her mom there (hope she gets well soon). When i came here mom wanted to go and get the uDivine today so it meant going to town but it was Dad chinatown vs Mom town, so in the end it was a compromise to go to PS but still, it was a horrid jam to park. We had to go all the way up to level 4 but it was nearby the osim branch at level 3. 3 of us loved it (and the free gift, though we wished it was the mp3 player)...and mom said PS was better cos there were 3 chairs (and ion had 4 actually so actually, i win) vs chinatown only had one so mom wins haha. and the hunt for the logcake was again futile, at breadtalk/andersons/carrefour. Later the family went to dine at Sakuraya but I went home to sleep, cos meeting chongs for dinner/supper etc. Napped till a very late 830 pm when she called me to hear news about our intention to meet at 9pm which i pushed to 930 which she pushed to 10 cos she left her phone charged and left behind!!Parking at the upper decks of the zirca carpark, i walked all the way thru Brewerkz to Wine Garage to find to my astonishment, it has now closed!! So it was an aimless stroll thru Central before she met me at Bysi and we browsed thru the very club-like crowds in Clarke Quay and got into Pump room (which Chong had a bad feeling about and first instincts are always right), before deciding against Octapas to head again back to Brewerkz (Riverside Point) for some good American grub.

Chongs decided on the very creamy Mac and Cheese (funny, when she was thinking of meat all this while) whilst I decided on the beef chilli cheese bowl. actually wanted the fries but its either a separate type of chilli fries vs just the bowl with the corn chips so we went for the latter. The beef chilli cheese was a killer. No more for Chong after a few mouthful, and my stomach was in flames after getting through most parts of it. Full of minced beef, beans and chilli-curry sauce, it was lots to stomach. Could feel my stomach churning when I was tottering out of Brewerkz.
Headed to Pump but the coutdown was kinda cheesy and the crowd was a blah (truly growing out of this partying business), so we had a negotiation with a pair. Headed to Zouk where there was only house, so we got out , to the very ex parking ($12!!!!!!) at Butter, but we settled at Overeasy (One Fullerton), having a second supper - she had super cravings for burgers so we had the Cheesesteak Sliders, and I still had my cravings for fries(cos didnt have them at Brewerkz) so I ordered the haystack fries - and I'm so glad to find that the crisp ones I loved are back!!!!It had been soggy and tasted so refried the past few times I was here so I was mighty happy to have the standards back again. The burgers tasted great too with the tiny tender meat and the wonderfully toasty buttery buns - prob with a hint of garlic butter, tasting so good. No alcohol again - happy with the oreo milkshake, totally geting drunk in calories. The music was great in Overeasy - I think we had more fun clubbin in our seats at Overeasy/listening to Armin in my car than standing amidst the crowds. Happy xmas to us and may the new year bring more sane outings like tonight's ;) Being back at 3am and being back at work at 7am is no mean joke.
Still gotta love Yazz in her christmas outfit at the Pump room. Gonna be my hangout come 2011.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tues was dsot, and with a handful of pts on the list, j being post call and i zoomed thru much of the work and off i went to dsot for the elbow and butt, while j rounded up and eventually helped m. We all gathered at cso after for team lunch (really happiness, these days - breakfasts and lunches all w em) soon after a sumptious fried meegoreng bf just hours before that.
We split into two cars- plan to use mine was junked and we went in R's messy (but much roomier) car and we met at Putien (B1, Tampines Mall), albeit amidst horrendously full car park and the lousy barrier that took ages. We decided to order from the Prosperity Menu for 8 (there were 9 of us)
Prosperity Yu Sheng
Usually I have this with Parang fish so its my first with salmon - salmon tastes too good to be with the equally tasty yusheng. Chanting those cheng yu was a challenge!

Three Varieties Thick Soup(Sea Cucumber, Bamboo Pith, Crab Meat)

Comfort food.

"Hua Diao" Fresh Prawns
As fresh as can be! Never eat much prawns outside either cos Gran cooks too much prawns at home.
Deep Fried Squirrel Fish with Gravy
Very much like sweet and sour fish.

Homemade Beancurd
As Boss' wishes who felt like having this.

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic

This is prob my favourite - it was dusted in cereal/garlic and gave it a really nice fragrance.
The other dishes not feature here were the Braised Bamboo Shoot with Assorted Mushrooms (very good!!crunchy and lathered with the yummiest gravy), Longetivity Noodles (basically, fried mee sua in the lightest way possible) and a Peanut Soup for dessert with tiny mochi to boot.
Again my roots and why this line again, and the mispronounciation of many a name got the table in fits. Thanks Mr F and Mr S for the treat, and farewell Mr F! I was in the right theater even when I was in the student, no less, by the way!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

eM, Pluck, 4Fingers BonChon

Eggs Royale - eM by the River
Rosti - eM by the River
Mudpie - Pluck
Rum and raisin and Lychee Martini, Earl Grey and Fig and Sea Salt caramel - Pluck Haji Lane Sunday Bazaar

Sunday being post post call, being damn zombified after a horrifying fri call with zilch sleep and 14 admissions, handb a trauma and another vascular. that call slept in the morning and did changes till 4pm. and still left out a d/c (thanks shah). Sunday was in at 630 to greet a late sz and then changes helped by my date (thanks loads) with the preop/gxm/off cvp thanks thanks!!;) and of cos for paying for my wings;) both cloth and flesh. haha.

After work date and i zoomed off to eM by the river (Level 1, Gallery Hotel). Parking was okay cos we found a parallel lot (and i didnt get fined). Much of eM was alfresco with a smaller indoor area. Of cos we sat indoors and resorted to sitting at the bar. Only after our brunch (lunch actually cos i took 2 hours after date's 1030am 8 pts and coming at 8am), did we shift to a more comfy high-ish sofa seat.

The eggs ben and royale looked damn good so we ordered one each. It was DAMN GOOD INDEED! tasted as good as it looked. Big poached eggs, buttery hollandaise sauce, buttery toast, salmon....the best things in life (are not free).

I was between the quesidilas and the rosti (actually, on second thought, should have ordered both).. and went for the rosti (classic) in the end. it came with a sunny side up. It tasted like a shredded potato pancake - very thin, crisp at the edges, and fantastic with the extra sour cream we asked for on the side (which the small boy we bullied scurried to get lol). Service was a bit meh, when he had to refer to someone to take our order and we joked about the photos. haha.

Of cos, everytime we meet, its all about readin Female, more Female, the food section at Her World, and lastly Shape (hahahaha). and the Sunday times gave me ideas to go to Pluck for our dessert.

So with the help of her handy Tom Tom (aussie days, sigh), we headed thru Hill St. horrid parking. horrid 2 rounds. past the same yellow ferrari which has the right to atracious parking and still subject to photography ;P lucky we found one by the perpendicular road. Headed to Pluck (31/32 Haji Lane) to be greeted by a bazaar - felt like australia's markets, date said. its summer there now, and yes it feels as good as aussie. Nicely crowded with hippies and youngies, browsed thru the shops which were air-conditioned and got sponsored wings. thanks date ;)

Found a nice window seat beside beside a window with a bustling scene outside, we settled for Earl Grey and Fig and Sea Salt caramel, and Rum and raisin and Lychee Martini. The first 3 were awesome possum! Lychee's better over at Seventh heaven.Much muchos. Loved the whole vintage workup of Pluck.

Post prandial found a nice gold leafy ring, and after that, headed to town after to the Mango sale and we were aghast at the crowds. eveyrwhere. including the paragon carpark, which is quite affordable on a sunday night per entry. Found a lot quick and headed to Mango where the queue was not mad. And where I tried 3 pants (a brown satin one) of which the fit was not great/shiny/tight/longish. Need lotsa trousers in a man-some job.
Headed to Ion to get icecream - passed by Happy Lemon (Basement 4, Ion Orchard) to buy a Green tea and sea salt and Cheese drink which tasted exactly like the Heaven and Earth green tea overprized. To jill's recommendation man haha. But 4fingers Bonchon (Basement 4, Ion Orchard) never disappoints- but they ran out of fries!!! and burger!!!! and so date only got to try the wings, which the soy garlic was the favourite- i prefer the spicy. Fingers did not need cleaning at all - its exactly 4 fingers used, and no sauce sticking to fingers. peeeeerfect.
Found Cocoa trees at the basement too and blew 45 bucks - 2 HUGE herseys, 1 HUGE Ritters, another LOOONNG pastilles. and sponsered the country kiddies bueno for date ;)

Headed to Kino after that to get Jump which i found I didnt like, so browsed more manga but didnt get any. Shall get during sale. Wanted to go Cova but decided home's icecream was better. Home to concuss to another revolves around call now, med is indeed, a calling.