Sunday, August 18, 2013

La cicala

Birthday dinner at La cicala at Club street . Great atmosphere and food to boot... This place eluded us the last time so we headed to Los primos (still, worth a detour for its great tortilla !!)
White bait
Grilled vegetables and tomatoes with goats cheese ( a great combination)

Miso cod - prob the best I've had in awhile 
Generous portion of this yums squid ink paella. Simply lip smacking.

Lovely company ;)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Burnt ends

Snagged the last two bar seats at Burnt Ends (Teck Lim Road) - you can actually phone up between 6-630 pm after which they don't take phone reservations. We were lucky ;-) (even with parking). There is a separate bar seating for people to wait for the main bar seats- and just one private table that seats four further in.

We quite like the dynamic atmosphere here and watching the chefs at work- j had lots of fun with his kinotopic.
Salmon skin with ikura- interesting take on this Japanese appetiser. It's an all in one.
Smoked beef- dressed lightly and matched the sweet biscotti.
Lamb and goats cheese crostini(left the burnt ends of the bread behind lol). It's a great combination which I think I will try to do next time.
Smoked quail eggs- love the runny yolk. Also an option to add truffle.
Squid with corn and leek. Not as smokin as our smoked octopus at dada.
This kingfish is uber sweet ├╝ber tender and went well with the Japanese seaweed. Prob second best dish of the night.
The honor goes to this onglet- which j told me its actually the skirt cut. Minimal fat and rare, yet charred on the outside- recommended!! Better than the skirt at Skirt IMHO;)

Went back to reassess and to await eot, before planning out our trip. Exciting with a plan in place ;-)