Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Not ethereal, nor eclectic.

Our first concert;) with a sandwich to go, surprising beef chilli fries, and dublin mudslide.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

South Coast

Wednesday night (the day I got to handle day surg on my own!), Pops and Mum picked Su ann from Bedok and subsequently collected me and we headed down to MBS - where we successfully found the car park to the Hotel, but still when we reached the ground level we found ourselves at the Shoppes side again, resulting in a long far walk (cos we thought the restaurant was at the hotel). Turns out South Coast (Marina Bay Sands) was along the walkway facing the Marina Bay waterway (facing Fullerton).

My parents were initially astonished when they saw the place cos :

1. They didnt expect a bar/alfresco place

2. They called in and the waitress who answered no shorts and slippers

3. I was in shorts and slippers.

And we actually went to check out Pizza Mozzera before realising they were full and then having to come back up to eventually dine here. So anyway, we had no problems securing a seat - we sat at a communal large square bar-table. During my bd weekend, I tried to get a reservation here to no avail, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it not all that crowded. Though we only found mainly expats hanging out there. It was a pretty chill out post work kinda place, with good food to boot.

Lamb ribs - rubbed with plenty of herbs, this was mighty tender. Though I still prefer the lamb ribs at the Disgruntled Chef.

Fried white bait - fish fries. I think I'll stick to potato fries !

Lamb burger- chunks of lamb, and a goat's cheese patty within the burger. I had fun eating this in sections. Fries were also pretty good. I had mine done in Medium while Su-Ann had hers done medium well.

Dad had a Wagyu beef burger while Mum had the Fried Barramundi with fries.

The best thing about the restaurant is there you can actually catch the water works from where you were sitting (though the view's slightly obstructed by the trees). Eventually we got up and got near to where the action was- images were projected onto the spray of water, with lights and spotlights circulating around the skyline and buildings. Pretty sight, I must say.

The biggest surprise of the night was getting into Ku De Ta wearing shorts and slippers (not that I would try it again). And finding it super crowded at 10 plus (the last time I was there on a Wed around 11 it was not packed at all! and the infinity pool was already closed with no one!) and yes, also to find the infinity pool bobbing with swimmers. I must get into that pool one day. But amazingly, the drinks arrived in no time even though it was packed. We left early though, cos I was post take the next day. Surprisingly smooth night.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Celebrated Dad's bd at Hippopotamus (Marina Square) - a word I used to have most trouble trying to spell in my younger days. This place is actually a bona fide French chain, and for its price i thought I should give it a shot and try the steak here.
Escargoes- with lotsa oil and butter.

Mixed beef skewers- had different cuts of meat like sirloin, hump. I thought it was rather interesting cos of the different cuts and textures. But couldnt second guess the cuts at all. Sigh.

Sides of Ratatouille and potato gratin (below).

Might or might not return to this place given that there're more steak places to try. Not been getting much of a steak fix these days..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marmalade Pantry

Saturday pre bd (after a very xian off day converted to FNAC day ;( ), initial plans to take the family out to MBS foiled cos of BV bag (hence making the trip to Ion) hence we settled for Marmalade Pantry (Level 3, Ion Orchard) instead. After some haggling at BV, mummy and I headed to join the rest -who already ordered!!!- hence we had to wait for ours :(
Crabmeat Corn Soup - very sweet, thick and loaded with chunks of corn.

French toast - tasted very much like fried eggy cake dusted with sugar and lotsa clotted cream. Anything with cream, or creamy is my favourite.

My Eggs Benedict which I swopped to salmon, converting it to an Eggs Royale instead. This tastes very clean and not dripping with Hollandaise sauce. Reminds me vaguely of Cafe Hacienda's now (which has closed and replaced by Roadhouse which I'm going to try out tonight!). Just eggs ben, and salad. Very very healthy.

Mummy's smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, on the other hand looks loaded with creamy eggs - but again healthy cos its lying on a bed of brown bread.

Dad's lamb sandwich which Mummy really liked.

Bro's steak sandwich - salty ++ , but big portions. and I kept koping the healthy chips (as deemed by sis)

Sis's Falefel wrap. Basically, an ang moh popiah. A very vegeterian choice which I will never choose but she likesl;)

MP is a very convenient place to have all day brunch (like for us, having such food for dinner), and yet not crowded enough to warrant a reservation. We just walked straight in to have dinner. Plus its a great place to people watch (and at the same time, be watched!!)

Walked around Ion for abit (to pick up Burt's bees and Mummy to F21 to exchange her pouch) before H. We picked up icecream on our way home cos we were too lazy to head to MBS to walk further. Happy bd to the on call;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ben and Jerry's , X men

On a Tues when AM was clinic cover while lap choles were going on, and PM was colonic ops which ended surprisingly early, after sending short back J came by to go for dinner before X Men at 950pm. Wanted try out Roadhouse at Dempsey but despite the sign saying we're open, to the contrary its not! Disappointment ++ and it was already close to 9pm so we had to settle for Ben and Jerry's at Dempsey.

I had the Super mix and match of New York fudge, Cherry Garcia and Strawberry cheesecake. I realise its quite a fruit overdose and I really misst Dublin Mudslide loads. He had a waffle with the new Peanut Butter flavour (which he claims is not new). Waffle was too nuah for us both!

Caught X Men at the Great world city Grand - quite glad we caught it on the big screen instead of the lido small one. Solid storyline and the action is not as overwhelming as Transformers. And I finally got to try Garrett's popcorn! The cheesecorn tastes very much like atas cheezels. Picture with B1/B2 fail before a slow drive back (as compared to the rush to!).

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Got booked by short on the Fri night before my bd to have dinner with Su, Am, Yan at Ember (Hotel 1929, Keong Saik Road). Arriving past time (cos not given a time!) we were all ready to order when I came - they all more or less decided (save for Am who owed us a proposal story), who turned out to substitute things on the set menu which confused her further as to what she actually ordered.

Bread was rather forgettable.

On the other hand the crabcake tasted like it was soaked in crab bisque. Its like, one step away eating from the real thing and so suffused with the flavour it might even be better than the real thing.

The crabmeat capellini tasted very much like chinese fried noodles though... Am's sakura ebi cappellini was drowning in ebi it looked so delicious!!

Seabass - I took out the bacon and the highlight for this was surprisingly the bed of mushrooms. Its a different base from the others who had the bacon ragout with mushrooms (cos they complained the mushrooms were shrivelled out). Very smooth sea bass but didnt taste as flavourful as them mushrooms. Yes for once the plant outshining the meat.

Palate cleanser Sorbet with grapefruit. Sour things make you forget how good the salty ones taste. How can i forget my distaste for orange. Miss the Iggy's rock melon soup muchos.

Apple pie - the layered pastry was very crisp and flaky. Though i wished there were bigger apple chunks. This was over in a few bites.

The biggest dessert goes to Am's Sticky date pudding. Jealous much, portion wise.

Met Fly, M, Cel at Filter after for some champagne but left after a short while, packed ++. Music's pretty much Phuture like though the DJ was just coming on as I was leaving. Found some peace elsewhere ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blooie's Roadhouse

Tennis with J got off to a rocky hurtful start cos of the net which some one ripped and J risking tetany for. But we both have improved somewhat to get a decent rally. After which, had dinner at Blooie's Roadhouse (Siglap) after going around the world even passing by my favourite Arnold's to find out that Big bad wolf was closed!

Reuben - loved the saukeraut and the sourness it gives to the beef salami. But it makes me miss the version at Brewerkz loads.

Beef chilli cheese fries - his favourite. I think the fries are called their special cos of the seasoning they add to the fries just before they load it with cheese and beef chilli. Comfort food for him. And not forgetting his BBQ wings too.

Early day for him so it was H early. Would never be able to drive here on my own again, though its a lovely neighbourhood reminding me loads of Greenwood, nearer home.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

1 Twenty Six

Happy birthday Carol! Plans to play tennis were shelved after I ended late post take. We had dinner at 1 Twenty Six (Playground@ Big Splash) , alfresco dining by the beach seems very much like a beach holiday already. We lounged at the couches facing the sea (although I reserved an indoor seat ;P). We must play tennis one of these days at your new place.

1 Twenty Six, pretty much like Rochester, has a communal dining menu as well. For 70 ++ per pax, you get the Nibble or Coast (the latter sounds very good...) Platter to share, a mains and a dessert or cheese platter to share. Sounds like very much how I dine, so I get a bit of everything to try. But we went for ala carte in the end cos well, we prefer the flexibility.

The nibble platter - a compilation of their consequential nibbles - our favourite was the Homemade code brandade with grilled brushetta. Can't really go way off with Soft shell crab (frying yummifies almost everything), and with the Vongole clams with garlic and herb crumb (very creamy, and the crumbs were yums) although we didnt like the Potato Skins with sour cream and ocean trout caviar.

126 Home made burger with Ground angus beef, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, Fontine cheese and fries.

This burger is one of the better ones I've had here (I'm dying to try the 4seasons one...). The beef patty was substantial and had the smokey taste which I like. Plus the fries were really crisp and the thickness just right for me. A favourite for us both ;)

Capellini with crab meat, chilli flakes, leek and creme fraiche.

This is one cream bomb but I really liked the al dente Capellini. Enough cream dosage for the rest of the year (cos I ate most of it!). Loads of crab meat to boot as well.

C hasnt come round to this part of Big Splash (she's mostly confined to Sushi Tei - and I don't know where that is) so we intend (or rather, she...) intends to check out Brussel Sprouts here - for once, its not as cramped as the one in Robertson Quay. Beach side dining here is so rustic.

Had supper at Coffee club with calamari/wings/salmon quesidillas. And still got appetite for more ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Burger Bench and Bar

The happiest Monday at work ever - clinics getting blocked for convos, meant scotting out at 1215 to catch the 1320 transformers in 3D, then back by 1645 to see the pre ops and clinic admissions before heading to the (evening round like) tb conference. And re-living their teenhood at Cine and eating burgers. T3's surprising luxury. triple J excursion.