Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Somehow the boys love Roadhouse (Dempsey) loads. Half price Plain Jane brought J and I here, before Hugo. The all day's Eggs Ben is still my default order, love it. Roadhouse is probably the androgynous Cafe Hacienda that xy's dont mind hanging out at...

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Having the Roast Chicken at Cocotte (Wanderlust Hotel) meant missing the WD (that boss had to do on his own!), the Russian extravaganza, and Timbre Rocks and Roots with on-leave Chongs.
But I wont miss my girls for the world.

Only they can watch me tear apart the bird and not be disgusted.

Feast and yet keep an ear for the achingly sweet tomboy of a singer.

And will not laugh (too hard) about forgetting to tip the valet with no manners.

Thanks for all these years, girls! To more meals, music, laughter.

By the way, the bird was good. Tender and worth getting messy for ;) And! I have a new found love for unbitterised Brussel Sprouts (the way Cocotte does it)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crystal Jade Korean

When we checked out the March Kino sale, and Qian got really into the mood for some hearty soup so we ended up at Crystal Jade Korean (Takashimaya). Havent really gotten started onto the Intelligent Investor just as yet..

Multiple refills esp for her spinach...I just enjoyed the giant beansprouts
The Kimichi soup is so much better than the kk/sg one...very flavourful!
Seafood pancake - had more crispier and thinner ones before..

I really wanna try Auntie Kim's (the one at Thomson) soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tasting room

The eggs Ben that Kels was raring to try
Truffle fries- another reason to pay a visit!

Met Kels for brunch after Sunday rounds ended surprinsingly early - even had time to send the cello for a check before meeting up with her. Horrors the night before ($18 bucks parking at Millenia Walk after the IT fair surcharge) so was a bit skeptical when the Marina Square parking was full as well, but managed a lot. And did not get fleeced. Kels booked a place at The Tasting Room (Marina Square) but honestly...we kinda booked the whole place as well (if you get it)

This was a place we wanted to try some time ago already, and almost did until we decided to Skyve instead cos Cheang was on call. So we finally got down to trying this place. Food wise it was good but unmemorable...its been an overdose of eggs ben and truffle fries of late (but im not complaining) so after a while when you eat it ever so often it becomes like one of your going out staples...its probably my comfort food, just like how pancakes and waffles (and of cos, Kaya toast) are Kel's comforts..gosh when was the last time we staked out kaya toast joints?? best friend can we do a food escapade soon....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Cafe

Good Friday AM booked the flight, sent the folks to China (sigh.....too bad couldnt chap in last minute to their tour), Book Cafe to discuss Paris and finding it unbelievable us three will be doing it in a different land drinking coffeeeeee in just a week's time!! The Mueseli that looked like dog food in supermarkets actually tasted damn good with the milk and the yoghurt. Lazing the afternoon away under the cloudy skies, getting up only to top up coupons...awesome possum. The luxury of time. And leave! All the caffeine from the cappucino and latte did some good in realising the routine route = 14 zomg!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tanjong Beach Club

The power of being on leave (not me, Chongs)...Fri night at Scotts Square ramening, catching Man on a Ledge, fries at Blujazz, and still having energy to suntan at Tanjong Beach Club..
Partially deconstructed Eggs Benedict with a hashbrown instead of a all the variations of eggs ben, cant wait to check out Late Plate's version.
We loved the yoghurt parfait loads...very refreshing..
Never thought I'll be part of the meat parade by the pool but..yeah... we were...before migrating to the sun deck chairs by the beach to snooze...

Eventually came back a week later after Southern Ridges and had the Mixed Berries Bowl..loved the stone cold stone bowl... I wish I could call this place home, really ;)