Sunday, March 16, 2014

Petit menu

Had a late lunch with mom at greenwood to satisfy her fish and chips craving before meeting my student and then J, for our dinner date night. Discovered a really lovely place called Petit Menu (Aqueen hotel, Lavender Street- beware there are two Aqueen hotels in the same area !) with pocket friendly prices and innovative dishes presented quite stunningly. Definitely worth the trouble of the travel and the horrific parking!

Lavender scented pumpkin soup- the lavender really added a new dimension to the pumpkin soup. Again comparing with the base line of J's home cooked soup, this is really of a different standard. The lavender balances out the pumpkin. With Wakame seaweed, puffed up pumpkin seeds and Granny Smith apple balls by the side.
Sea bass with ratoutoille and quinoa.. We liked the sides more than the main:p the crisp fish skin was probably what I enjoyed the most.

Salted egg soft shell crab fettuccine- this was quite mind blowing ! This ang moh mee pok is really the best noodle to soak up the salted egg yolk, firm and coated in its entirety. With sweet tomatoes and curry leaves to top it all. Ingenious !

If you have a posb or DBS card you get a complimentary dessert with every 2 mains- so we ended up ordering two desserts. The first was this deconstructed Black Forest. The cute plant pot contained a hazelnut crumble with a tiny leaf ( this chef really likes this tiny leaf which seems to star in many dishes). Our tiny wee at home has found a new friend and potentially a new home :p and even the sturdy bowl (which the waitress said it's so heavy she can pound sambal in :p)

Kaya toast deconstructed as a Mille feuille, with kaya cream, kopi tiam toast and atap chee purée, blueberries, warm kopi c sauce and mint espuma (which they poured out from a pot). Kaya toast usually marks the end of J's call so it's his happy food, but the eggs are usually in the bowl and the coffee in a cup:p

Really lovely place which obviously takes pride in the food and it's presentation we will want to check out the blow torched steak and chicken confit sometime :)

Friday, March 7, 2014


Full weekend round plus an AST tutorial meant breakkie with miss pek post tutorial :) finally went to try Sarnie's (Telok Ayer Street) - australian slang for sandwiches. They have a weekend menu of eggs and such, none of those regular sandwiches on weekends. And I heard evening nights they offer specials... It's a must to come back !

Granola to share as usual, and it's home made and swimming in honey and berries:)

Omelette with cheese onions and mushrooms. Well done and not too oily , on a piece of rye bread.
Pek had beans on toast, with a fried egg.
Amazing coffee too, with a buzz similar to those cafés in Australia. Shopped a bit and got tempted by those python shoes down the street..
Can't wait for the next date here !