Saturday, July 30, 2011

Queen and Mangosteen

This is the post call dinner that WP promised, which I thought was also kinda an excuse to check out the Ted Baker sale; this is also the dinner where she splurged 300 bucks on 4 of us on this insane volume of food. Insane. Check it out.

The Pims that Z likes. That I ordered. Minty and very refreshing.

Cocktail Prawns

i LOVE onion rings. Esp chunky ones. Miss the huge ones at Brewerkz.

WP loves these hot wings. I miss Bonchon's wings.

Fish and chips which they're good for......well. I think the only thing i liked about this, was the curry sauce dip, which I dipped everything else into.

Seafood platter, which I love the cold crab shredds right in the middle. The crayfish were mostly empty shells, sadly.

Codfish. Smooth but not salty. I was helping myself to the risotto at the sides ;)

Lamb. Again I was checking out the carbs- these multi coloured potatoes were soooo good and fun to eat.

Shepherd's Pie, with lamb. Very curry based.

On the other hand the Fisherman's pie was very creamy..

This is the last and the Best !! The Goat cheese tart, with 2 portabello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and a very crisp biscuit crust. Very simple, very synergistic flavours and texture.

Also, a salmon salad which no one touched (except the salmon). 4 of us 2 girls 2 boys finished almost everything, save for the greens. well done, except that the post call people were stricken with food coma thereafter...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Plain

Flat White, Soy
humpty dumpty with vegemite soldiers - dippy eggs with vegemite on buttered toast sticks
dean's breakfast - poached eggs on melted cheese and vegemite sour dough toasts

Pastrami ciabatta - beef
The cute coinbanks at Bon Heur Patissiere

Eiffel in white

Bouheur Patisserie - chocolate tart

Chest nut Mont blanc xoxo for K

On eve of Good Friday it was KK's last day and hence 3 of us (K, L and i) (none of us were needed in ot/clinic) having had breakfast at hman's post m's still went onto lunch soon after. Having risked getting lost (actually we wont cos my human gps is around) we took a cab there. And I found out that the wonderful coffee place that Kok was talking about (other than toy) was The Plain! absolutely lousy at remembering names esp after renaming my idol (AVB)to a certain bebier ugh.

We took a cab there but backtracked a little back to the restaurant The Plain (Craig Road). Its a very discrete place (very black and white). We were rather surprised to find seats still at lunch hour (unlike 40 hands!) - and right at the end there was a huge dining table, donned with lotsa mags like Appetite, Time out and... Monocele! Even further back there was another corner dining table where Kok was envious of his fren donned with human accessories. Not like he wasnt actually. Tsk tsk.

We found our own table and realised the menu was full of Marmite stuff which was a very aussie thing which I guess L was happy about. I liked the toast soldiers muchos simplier cos it was mini bite sized and really salty. Fun to dip into the soft boiled eggs. Marmite simply makes everything very salty. Dean's breakfast seems like the adult version of the toast soldiers, laden with cheese. I'll give the beef salami a miss the next time round. It seems like they rotate around the items on the menu quite a fair bit so i'll be due for a return visit soon.

Having read about Bonheur Patissiere (70 Duxton Road) this up and coming French patissiere, we decided to check it out cos we were just round the corner- didnt realise that at all. But twas nice. Bonheur, is French for Happiness. Anyways, supposed to be good for hot chocolate but after the coffee we simply couldnt drink more. The chocolate tart reminds me loads of Laurents. Miss the aroma of that place, loads. Chest nut Mont Blanc was for K, realised that posting was lotsa takeaway cakes for K. I think L wanted to try the green tea, and I the Sakura but couldnt do more cos we were stuffed. Miss L, KK, and K loads; those were good times - being near the CBD is such a luxury I miss right now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two fat men

Fish and Chips


Grilled Squid

After a particularly good post take, I could actually head down to E's right on the dot at 5. Went to Two Fat Men (East Coast Road) for dinner after didnt feel like italian's for dinner. Possibly drove much of the length of the East before this caught my eye.. could even remember that it served Thai food.

Had quite an overdose with fries, with the fish and chips, wings and an additional beef chilli fries. The grilled squid came quite naked without dressing, but when the thai chilli came it was actually quite delicious - grilled squid gotten right has this crisp bits which I quite like. Otherwise...the bar was a pretty chill place to hang out after work - they even screened tennis. We were quite oblivious though ;) finally understood my infamy in theater..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kungfu Paradise

Kungfu drink : Banana, Peanut butter smoothie. Tastes like a Reese's Milkshake, with no hint of the banana! Funkey Monkey.

French Toast with icecream ; this makes us miss the French Toast in Stanley Island, Hongkong. Same same, but different : It was thinner, artery cloggin oil rig that has kaya in between those egg layers. Sinful goodness.
Sampler platter: potato wedges, onion rings, popcorn chicken. Noticed platters tend not to include fries in that potato segment ; more often than not, it was wedges. Loved the cheese sauce and salsa.
Beef balls, was quite a genius matching them with mashed potatoes.

Crab chilli pasta - wow this was awesome possum, chunks of crab swarmed with eggy sweet chilli crab sauce is the best for dipping everything from fried mantou to fries (sigh miss you, yella fellas) to pasta. Fantastico.

Anyway, to sum up, it was an entire day in clinics but the driving force was meeting with K (after the Mon movie was postponed cos dad was coming back and had to pick A). It was almost delayed cos there was the fam conference at 6pm but my kind reg decided to let me go and we managed to catch the earlier Kungfu Panda 2 at Century Square instead of catching the hour later show at TP. (Thanks for finding me in the East, you tanned self!) The action sequences were pretty entralling and I thought there was better character development in the second one.

Plan was actually to eat at Vegan Burger but the journey to Eunos just took forever and on the way Bedok Point caught our eye, (or rather, K's) so we u-turned back to check out the mega food complex. For once, a shopping centre whose tenants were 80% f&b and 20 % retail than the other way round, though most of them tend to be chains. Kungfu Paradise (Level 1, Bedok Point) itself was an off shoot of Paradise Inn. Pretty multi conceptual, a bit Hongkie, a bit Western (Pasta, Cheese baked stuff galore) and a bit bar food (fried snacks ++ ) with a smogaboard of weird drinks (check out the above). You'd have some colourful fun here. (Everything's very bright and loud !!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flo Rida, Wavehouse

It was a wonderful mid week cos I got the day off (it was full op day....muahaha) so went out with mama to check out the mango sale (it was the 1st day..madness) but in the end I didnt get anything ..she got espirit shoes, mango pants and a coach bag (wah the sale's really not bad....)..she's a happy camper. I'm one cos I was heading to the Flo Rida concert at Wave house after.... and I had a full day of rest!

This place brings us nice memories of Far East Movement not too long ago. A real chill place to hold a concert, and rather intimate too. And the best thing is, it serves food!
Fries.. Chong's poison poison ;)

Flo Rida got all his girls up for Low, and he's super interactive - throws everything possible to the audience - towels, shoes, and as he stripped he just threw it all into the audience He was prob all ready to go home naked ;) everyone tried to get a piece of him as he ventured into the audience. The sweetest was when he threw roses! ;)

Chongs tried to get me to rsvp Ku De Ta but I didn't (sighh...don't switch on my com much at home....) but alas, we still got it...the club itself was like a Phuture in the air. Foggies still rockin to katy perry and gaga...

But the view was fantabulous. More so than New asia cos it was open air. Yet not as windy as I thought it might be. New Asia definitely has a better 360 view, esp since its nearer the city, but being exposed outdoors at Ku De Ta was quite a different feeling..

The highlight for us has gotta be the infinity looks like its 50m! I could swim here everyday....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miss U Cafe

It was quite a night; started with a l neck case, after which a vasc angio for nec fasc/isch took effectively the chunk of the night before we could begin the lap appendix and i finally gotta do almost everything myself for the open under the watchful eyes of miss l;) that was the adrenaline rush for the night. So by morning and the surge of day surg cases, I was in deep need for meat.

After the very long dual lumps (haha), we had a late lunch at Miss U Cafe - Actually wanted to check out the Jap place next door, but most of it on the stretch including Foo House was closed so we settled for here. Had the Miss U Sampler, and soft shell crabs to share. Fried food really tastes so good after a call, esp off the frier (not cold kfc!!). This consisted of wedges, popcorn chicken, calamari and the last item I couldnt reach right at the end (yes, no chance to get to it before it was gone!!)

My very dimly litted Herb crusted salmon - this was really crisp, dusted with crumbs, and divine with the sweet barbeque sauce. Just wished the slab of salmon never ended..... LS ordered bulgogi, while D and S had chicken, XL had seafood pasta, and XT had the the salmon too, but in mango sauce.

Day kinda ended there and then with exits at the restaurant, but had to come back to get the rest of my call things still in the room. We were the last customers to leave the place, but no pressure... great service there, with good food to boost. Good start to the weekend indeed - can forsee a weekend of meat and fries !!

On a side note, The particular sadness of Lemon cake is a really quaint book.. How interesting it must be to convey emotions via taste ! Mmm..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eighteen chefs

On a particularly light clinic day, when many were blocked cos some went for the part3 prep course and hence only a record of 10 pts to see (i only hit half a column....), so we quickly headed out for lunch at Eighteen Chefs (East point). It being the school holidays we actually snagged a seat inside (got shooed in) though mr l kinda missed his dosage of vit d. haha.

Ate here twice - when i was a student and then when i was working.. feels like very nydc, maybe on a budget. Bright, colourful, cheery and everything with self service, but with the boss still playing host.
The soup with bits of corn. Didnt catch the name but I like almost any kind of creamy soup.

Since I've been always trying the cheese baked stuff, I decided to try the new items on the seafood menu - Salmon with orange butter. Again nothing can go wrong with lotsa cream but....I'll stick to the cheese baked stuff if i'm back again! I miss the Three Amigos at NYDC lots. Anyone wanna relive teenage years with me at NYDC again?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sushi Tei

Monday started with a good list of sub 10, and with Boss away, only one hernia was planned but another turned up! And was not listed (though the mrn was searchable.....) but thankfully we managed to squeeze another in, to the wrath of no one. The initial noon deadline was also thankfully no longer. But the first was a rush, still.

We headed out to lunch - wp in her 3quarts and carrying her precious m/m, driving us to Sushi Tei (Tampines One) where she overordered yet ago. $180 bucks for 3 peeps is quite insane..for sushi tei !!

Fried Salmon skin - mom's fren's reco has been my fave since sec school. How nostalgic. I'm reminded of the HK steamboats, where the fried fish skin when dipped into soup crackles and becomes part crisp part soft -most intriguing textures.

Sashimi which was just nice 1 piece each. Particularly enjoyed the unknown fish to the right.

Mango prawn roll - the core was a fried prawn tempura. Loved the rice stuffed head was digging out the innards.

Clams- with lotsa cream and cheese this was quite good.

But the best is the jumbo prawns with a creamy roe top - this was awesome possum!!!

Wp's craving for hotpot- salmon spicy hotpot, which she regretted cos she'd have preferred the miso soup one. The spiciness is not quite the tom yum kind which has lotsa kick.

Unagi, of which we had difficulty conquering! humongous.

Both of the top belonged to a set lunch meal, where I thought came with 3 side dishes each (included in the price), but I was mistaken!!! So bloody misleading, so i ordered 6 sides in total - half udon, 2 x salmon sashimi, sashimi salad, chawan mushi and the fried bait below
I ended up eating lotsa this white bait (and the fried salmon skin) - I'm a fan of crisp fried food!

We were overstuffed and wp had no space for her matcha ice cream. We exited seeing the post ops and quite a no whilst I completed my angiejolie in 10 min flat. But was H to fetch bro over and then to the east again to get dad. Travelling 2x up down PIE to east is really no mean joke!!