Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Domino's Pizza, Prive

Large Meatzza
Regular Classic Pepperoni the yummiest bread ever - Bread Stix
Onion Rings
Chicken Wings
View from the pavilion at Prive facing RWS Sentosa
Perched comfortably!
Yuzu Cheesecake, Walnut Napolean, Hazelnut Praline Cakes from Prive
Baileys Irish Cream Milkshake with chocolate sauce

We were supposed to meet near N's bd but cos kheng had last min work dinner so it was then postponed to fri/sat..short couldnt make it - so it was just kheng, newm and me.. and cos of a left phone and a sleeping saturday me, by 7pm i was the first to arrive (and gleeful i found a secret lot near chulin road) so waited for the boys at old town white coffee; window conversation while ent-ing is quite cute. And i bumped into flyfairy at Kim's Korean restaurant!! there was a mega long queue. No way kheng's going back there for a chilli bomb. Anw flyfairy was for an EOD call and xy post call so it was a cute sleepy couple having dinner..didnt try hard enuf to convince them to go baybeats (which i didnt even go to in the end)

I couldnt locate the pasta place I wanted to try, so it was between the spanish place vs Dominos and of cos boys being boys we headed to Domino's Pizza (8 Chun Tin Road) down the road from old town white coffee cos 1. its pizza 2. its pizza 3. its just down the road instead of having to walk all the way back to Lorong Kilat.

We ordered a value meal meant for 4-5 pax - initially wanted 2 large pizzas but for variety sake we chose this; Classic Pepperoni was upsized and the Meatzza pizza was regular. What i enjoyed most was the bread stix - its crisp cheesy and buttery at the same time and absolutely fluffy inside, enjoyed it so so much. We had 2 crusts - the New York crust (its supposedly lighter hand stretched) and the Crunchy thin crust but honestly i couldnt tell the difference. It was a great balance between crust and topping - its not biscuit/cracker thin like skinny pizza or pepperonis but neither its as chunky as Pizza hut/Rocky's. but kheng was watching the cals (and getting all excited abt cedele opening at rail mall, how creeps) so most of it landed up in the tums of newm and me! Onion rings and chicken was kinda blahh though just go for the doughy stuff.
I really really wanted to join yiks/yh/rous at baybeats which ended late at 1130pm but the boys wanted somewhere quiet to catch up and dessert so instead of noisy udders we headed to the quiet Prive (Keppel Bay).

Pre dessert we were just night gazing at the pavilion facing Sentosa when there were gasp fireworks at 10pm! it was real tiny (but one big smoke bomb) and the cablecars even momentarily froze lol. When the smoke blew over we went over to Prive finally and after roaming around the bar seats we had to settle for the indoor seats;ordered trio of cakes to share and Baileys Irish Cream milkshake with chocolate sauce to share. Out of all the cakes the Hazelnut Praline Cake was the favouritest - the lightest was the Yuzu Cheesecake whilst my Walnut Napolean was the creamiest and mildest.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


trio of Artichoke and Spinach dip with nachos, Quesidillas towers, and cheeseburger sliders
closer look of the yummiest nachos and dip
Best friends sharing Best fries Forever
Day was just disheartening esp towards in the end of the day with unreasonable rads ++ but M was really really encouraging. Kels was the woman to save the day lar; our inception date was screwed cos of the massive delay (dims don't knock off at 730 normally.....) and so we had a quiet dinner at Applebee's which we've been wanting to try since forever.
Met her outside Somerset and we laid our tired asses on the long sofa seats whilst Kels was doubly checking if I wanted to check out the BPL which she could see and I couldnt....I was perfectly happy just being face to face with bestie =)
We ordered the trio of Quesidillas Towers, Cheeseburger Sliders and the Artichoke and Spinach Dip with Nachos. Loved the Dips so so much. The former two were basically great upclass fast food.

We further carried on the fried food spree at Best Fries Forever (Basement 1, Cineleisure) - we had the spicy flavour (which was not spicy at all) and the Wild West with loadsa cheese - the fries were a little too soggy for us; I think yella fellas just spoilt us so so much!! please come back!!

Strolled all the way down to the Taka ice cream uncle so we could have our favourite mix mix icecream; just miss our little adventures so so much! These days just a quiet dinner is precious enough; adventure is secondary to peaceful routine!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Heart Bistro

Lemon scented water and starfruit mixed fruit juice for palate cleansing
Anti Pasti - Beet root tofu, crabtofucakes, tealeaves salad

Qian's seafood penne dossed in tomato sauce
My crabmeat and shrimp sandwich
Carrot cake
Yi Qian and I met up on a Monday so I could pass her the financiers/cakes from Kobe; Jas still away in Brunei attending a wedding so we just met up first - might not be able to make it till Sept otherwise!

After dropping mummy off I headed to Palais but a wrong turn took me to qian's place then to jas' before I hurried back to the right direction;parked at the dingy Far East Shopping Centre and we met at Heart Bistro (Basement 1, Palais Renaissance).
It was a very quiet place with oldish 90.5 music outta the pipes;otherwise a great place for some gentle talk and just to chillax. Many girls in impossible heels walked around and we spotted the infamous baldie with some aspiring starlet i suppose; it was great for catching up.

Talking about ambition and what drives us to work daily;i guess for me its the anticipation of dinner with loved ones either family or close friends - maybe thats why my mood's always in the doldrums doing call cos there's just nothing to look forward to till the dinner the next day.

For starters we had anti pasti which interestingly did not have any cold meats at all. I enjoyed the crabmeat tofu the most - Chongs its exactly like crabcakes!! very lightly breaded ones they were and very gently fried. The beetroot tofu was a little brittly and too interesting for us; the salad was a notch more interesting than the former - it was tea leaves with crunchy crumbs in an indiscernable sauce.

Qian had the seafood penne whilst I had the crabmeat and shrimp burger. For a small restaurant and small no of clientele you should get every single request right - i requested a change to fries and I was still served the salad - so I had to turn it down and my fries appeared=) hope the salad wasnt thrown away and wasted. Love the crabmeat so so much - I love crab in anything and it reminded so much of the crab kaiseki multicourse meal I saw in Japan Hour that Sunday (when i had the luxury of staying in .......). I miss good crabs so much, must ask grandma to buy again.

Our dessert of the carrot cake was the true highlight - it was chokeful of real shredded carrot and nuts and had a strong cinnamon taste. The sponge itself was light and not too sweet and I really realy enjoyed it (and so did qian). Could have gone for the sticky date pudding/choc mud cake (but not the brightly coloured cupcakes, right qian?? haha triggered memories of her UK cupcakes) but that'll be for another time when we return to use the $ 8 vouchers they gave us after the meal !

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bodega Y Tapas

Mixed Cheese Platter - with the yummilious crunchy bread sticks
Beef Meatballs
Garlic Prawns x2
Fried Potatoes x2- crisp and doused in BBQ sauce and sour cream
Garlic Mushrooms (supposed to be x 2 - laters)
Spanish Omelette - my favourite for the night, omelette stuffed with potatoes.
Codfish in a yummy creamy sauce

Knocking off early/on time is the life, I visited Kels at kk whoops disrupted some bloods, and had our old dessert of corn/peanut/redbean, and discovering so many breeds of mr bean now (4 months in shaggh is deprivation indeed), it was great catching up - sorry dear for cancelling today!
Zoomed down to Bodega Y Tapas (Level One, Orchard Hotel), been wanting to try this Spanish tapas place for a long time coming - the other place is Bon Quijte; love the joy of sharing the variety. Jo and Amanda were early and waiting at the shopping gallery listening to live music, Yvonne and Karen came later and last but not least, Pang.
We initially made a reservation for 5 so initially had a stool for the 6th person but luckily not. Tapas as follows; drinks were supposed to be one for one (not applicable to jugs) so we ordered glasses instead.

The spanish music and the atmosphere (doesnt help that there's so many expats!!- but they like the alfresco area better, we don't.) really transports you outta Singapore. And midway thru our meal we heard plates smashing at Esmiralda's next door;mayhem indeed.
My favourite for the night remains the Spanish Omelette - of all the breeds of eggs I still love the Japanese Tamago loads - had an amazing one at a Kyoto Izakaya just days back; followed closely by this spanish one. First time I tried it at Zsofi I was hooked!
Anyway the night was spoiled at the end of the night - we had a second round with some repeats when Pang came, and when our second round of mushrooms didnt arrive we asked and they audaciously said it came ! they said they clarified with both the chefs and listened to both sides of the story and INSISTED it came ! it really riled the are of us as of all the dishes would we choose to stinge on the cheapest dish of mushrooms???!! NEVER ARGUE with your customer please. It was enough to leave a bad enough impression despite the wonderful food. Thats the last of it for some of my friends who are never coming back. Some headed to Von's while I headed back for the next day of call;meet up next week again before Von flies!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prive (Keppel Bay)

April's wedding was the loveliest ever; full of love and praise and a very intimate gathering. It felt like a walk down memory lane meeting the sc girls and my rj friends - mutual frens/scholars/ac/yll frens from Aprils side. Was such a difficult find for the church too and from one of the small junctions i incidentally bumped into tracy!! who was a help with the directions too;difficult to miss a hot babe really!
after the wedding headed to meet S; we met at Starbucks Holland V where i had my first try of the chai tea latte which really really reminded me of grandma's soup seriously. We headed to Prive (Keppel Bay) and had desserts- a little disappointed the other desserts/bar food was not available as we were eyeing the profiteroles/caramel and banana pudding/mini trio of burgers/mini baits- yeah just about all the snacks in the world; in the end had to settle for the cakes and milkshakes.
After stopping him from the beer we had the Kahlau Milkshake to share (cos I tried Baileys before and it rox) - this one is less mild compared to Baileys but still an alcoholic milky yumms. A tad diluted tho, somehow this didnt give much of a kick compared to Baileys. Either my tastebuds have desensitized (!) or its just a weaker version of its other alcoholic cousin.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cake was a recommendation from Mich so I tried it - its a really dense chocolate cake with a peanut butter layer and a meringue- it was quite a good cake for those fond of dense cakes;but it was not as memorable as the Blackforest cupcake - wow this was an interesting fella! Soaked cherries amidst loose sponge and topped with whipped cream its alcoholic component was not to be trifled with;light but just nice for a mini. All their cupcakes look like mini crumbles and I really wanna try them all!
Guess that'll be for another time when I yearn for a night breeze and chillin with house music again. Hope that area won't be boarded up so much again; and Prive closes so early now!! last order at 1130pm and close by 1230am; vehicles not allowed to come in after that too. Really a nice breezy chill quiet place tho;it must be one of my favouritest place to zone out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

7th Storey Restaurant

It was a Sunday well spent at Jasmine's sister's Jean's wedding at Marina Barrage (though the parking was a nighmare at the start with a foul mouth of a errant driver). It was a lovely venue (though it was sweltering!). It was such a blessed weekend with a birthday and a wedding !
Children were horsing around in the fountain behind the stage ;P congrats to Jean and Hansel!

Dinner was at the 7th Storey Restaurant (Marina Barrage). We were the lucky group that got to sit in the restaurant instead of the al fresco buffet lol . Dinner started with the Sharks fin soup.
Love the plump scallops inside here... Abalone and Vegetables in braised sauce which was really yummy...

Loved the steamed fish too!

Ate way too much chicken so much so that the table was cheering me on to finish up the latter when the dessert was inaccessible to me... Jas was a lil chez off that it was supposed to fried chicken (which was yummier) hence the haggling post dinner ;P i don't mind, chicken in any form is yummy.

Stayed on with Jas towards the end when i got endowed with a bottle of wine !! thanks babe and congrats once again to Jean!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keisuke Tokyo

Met up with Carol, Shuwan and Pam at Keisuke Tokyo (9 Raffles Boulevard #P3-02 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk) - Was the earliest and was awaiting the arrival of the 3 dames; we settled down for dinner till we realised that my cam was gone!!! and the whole meal was extremely settling as I gobbled down my hei mee to rush back to Awfully chocolate to get it back (thank god I didnt drop it in Zouk watching the World Cup). Nonetheless, tried to be composed but super distracted. In any case during this rushed meal (I had the original) I really enjoyed the aroma of the soup - a tad oily, but I loved the firm chewy noodles. A little strange to have chicken meat in a strong prawn broth but nonetheless very enjoyable and I will return for the crab ramen (which was launched days after my visit). Photo courtesy of Carol's iphone with thanks muchos!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

En Dining

What a round about we went for my bd; cabbed to Lynda's ($29.50 no less) before home, then it was a round about thru Cathy and its musuem (no tix to toy story) and we intended to head to Marina Bay but it was the dreaded NDP (btw, its possible to watch fireworks from the higher floors of shaggh) meant the entire stretch thru Raffles Hotel was closed so we ended up heading thru Beach Road seeing the huge line up of tanks and engines ready for its annual display of glory. Luckily with Life in hands we rushed towards Kallang Leisure Park where front row seats for Toy Story 3 awaited us. First row strategy - sit by the side so the angle of elevation is not as impossibe. Met daddos and mom at Coronation (cos PIE beats the NDP jam anytime) for En Dining (Crown Plaza, Bukit Timah Road)- a repeat visit for me.
Deep fried shrimp - love these crispy morsels.
Grilled Tuna - these were tender and i love tuna in everything else but its raw version - when its doused in some source and gently grilled the tuna fishiness is rid.
Beef carpacio - full portion. Love the general portions of the raw beef and this doesnt disappoint - had the half portion the previous time I was here for all myself!
Wafu steak - chunks of tender grilled reds its was really goood!! Medium rare interiors was yumms.
Mixed Sashimi salad - think we were more busy with the roe than the raws.
Salmon mixed platter - too little for too much!

Unagi - fleshy and chunky is a new favourite for meis.
Salmon Roe pasta - salty and fun to eat with the roe bits.
Salmon Zosui for grandma.
Chocolate Ecstasy Cake ordered from Lynda Leong's Bakery - Andrew's sister. I sampled her Chocolate Rum cake before in year 3-4 for Michelle Ang's bd and Hwee Ying ordered the cake from her- it was so fudgy and good. This cake is a chocolate meringue cake - and Lynda said there was rum within the meringue - she kindly agreed to add rum ++ and add nuts to the cake as well (i'm a fan of both). Loved the great balance between fudge and sponge and meringue. She gave me samples for her brownies and pound cake too - I must say that the cab ride to the east (to her place) was 1/2 the price of the cake but totally worth the ride.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Olio Dome

Beetroot and Mushroom Salad
Sambal Crayfish and Crabmeat Claw pasta

It was the week before my leave - and for my birthday treat, Carol and I wanted to try Bacchus at Dempsey but I was early and I rounded block 7 but couldnt find the place. Ended up with either Culina/Margaritas/Olio and settled for the latter.

I remembered Dome (Dempsey) to be immensely popular with my frens in sec sch (i remember the suntec/borders one) but somehow I never got down to eating the food there. There was a slight gush about it when it re opened again (i think there was a short hiatus) and I was quite excited to try the pasta there.

We started with the Mushroom salad - loaded with chunks of beetroot and sundried tomatoes (and i mean, lots!).

I had the sambal crabmeat claw and crayfish pasta- and I loved how sweet and spicy this was. The sauce was simply not enough to douse all the pasta and meat into...would love to ' jia tang' or add soup, in the chinese saying. Kels will rem how I always liked to eat soup to my fish soup.

Carol had the lamb but I think it was a little too small for her... lambs are just too skinny though they are tasty, hence my preference for lamb burgers. Cant go way off with a lamb patty (volume wise).

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