Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zoukout day

Booked a room at MBS which we hardly got to use - checked in late at 530pm meant that we couldnt get a fantastic view (and of the wrong side too, level6!) but heck, the pool (overcrowded with kids with a tiny adults section;( ) and the lovely empty gym (best in the am and during the check out lull period) and the hot pool at Banyan tree was worth it. Plus we got to check out late so Chongs could actually come back during her rounds to find me (and not dump me like in Bali!)

Witnessed the full moon at the hot pool (which kinda belonged to us and was a treat away from the cold, crowded lap pool), before J told me of the eclipse which we caught in our room. (cant catch much on camera). J caught the red eclipse on film. Send me!

The best foods of the night was not photographed unfortunately. The truffle fries by the MBS pool (Chong's dream to document all our truffle fries with this being the one with the best view!), and the best meal of my life at the Zoukout booth. Unforgettable.
Getting high on calories pre zoukout at Java Detour (Marina Bay Sands). Opens till late on weekends (or is it 24 hours?) Strawberry shortcake for her and Chocolate rum raisin for me, and black and white mochas for us both. Finished up the creamy bits for her, while the raisins did do me in...hehe. Drown my desserts in alcohol, anytime.
Pre Armin was the best meal of my life, after her 3 drinks and my 1 and enough of arena a, we headed to the booths - the seafood chowder had a tomato base but the huge chunk of fish in rice was seriously the BEST meal of my life. Warm and fuzzy. It was catered by Eatzi. Mmm.Telling Chongs I should eat it again, in a different setting and it'll prob not be the best anymore. Right food at the right place at the right time.

Of cos we had to take a nap before this dude rolled in at 5am...

The glorious mess. My glorious mess. What it takes for a hangover.

But I still managed to check out the level 57! Amazingballs I could loop round the MBS/Fullerton stretch daily. In 25minutes.

I actually finished the boy of plays, Victimology in 15 minutes. Very tempting to start reading plays and set my imagination on fire.

And so tempting to try the brunch at Sky 57. Where is the Chongs.

She's back to find me, on a drizzly cold Sunday morning, not so purrfect to check out the Ku De Ta brunch (mainly, alfresco dining)

So we ended up at TWG (Marina Bay Sands), having really healthy food being the extremely soberised folks we are. Tea salad was tops. Would like to have it again if it didnt cost a whopping 29 bucks.

Truffle scrambled eggs also came with prawns and salmon so we were almost same same. Truffle anything makes me order it. Damit. When it becomes available at home maybe i'll stop ordering it outside.

And they supplied us plenty of yellow toast. The yellow is such a mystery.

Burger was a puny little thing, but still tiny anything makes you crave for more. We were this close to stepping into DB for the burger but i yanked her out to follow our original plans for TWG. Many many little coves of TWG sprinkled in MBS though. And a very loud metrosexual comment I had to eat my words cos I actually knew K! Haha.

Shopped till 4 when we both dropped dead and I had to go get my valet coupon. End of the adventure, a year delayed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shin Yuu Japanese restaurant

Chawan Mushi - the default starter

Complimentary starters - oysters, smoked duck, beef and salmon sushi rolls. I must say I find the pink cheese quite intriguing (the ones covering the salmon). Beef was kinda drowned in sauce (though I like stuff drowned in sauces...)

Sashimi platter - the default must have every round

Scallop again with the intriguing pink cheese.

Wagyu beef cubes - a default for most company..

These complimentary tiny morsels of octopus was all mine ;)

Fat shishamo - the fried ones that Z taught me to appreciate

Salmon+salmon skin

Avocado rolls

Sunday on a weekend J was not confined we headed out on a rainy evening to have the dinner (thanks for the treat - hope its the exams plus more to come including that coveted place ;)). That evening rounded thru HV thru Queens and I was totally stranded by the bins along Coronation Rd West. Totally no kind samaritian = late for dinner. But thanks for the lift;)

Shin Yuu (Greenwood) serves a decent ala carte buffet and was recommended by J. Didnt fast today - it was the FCCS course and of cos they fed us well throughout the day... difficult to do anything else when its just lectures all day long! Anyways. Got a window seat and the feast began.

The favourite part of the buffet was prob the sashimi (they have yellow tail and swordfish too). Btw king fish= yellow tail! Totally got fooled. Haha. We had multiple portions of sashimi +++. All they're missing to complete a buffet would be eel sans rice, and tamago too.

The sushi rolls (salmon skin, avocado) were also good cos the rice was actually well done (despite us trying to stay away from carbs!).

The wagyu beef cubes that night was not great - J said he has had better at the same place.

Fried stuff wise- surprisingly I liked the bits of the fried octopus - i think it was a complimentary serving. J loved the tempura loads, and the soft shell crab was the usual (I like!). The fried shishamo surprised J a little (cos they were huge) but was a little salty and different from the way I remember it was done at Riverview hotel when I first tried it with Z.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pique Nique, Lucky 13, Oriole

After fri's overnight, met Qian for tea at Pique Nique (Basement 1, Takashimaya) before she flies off to Taiwan next wed! - at first was almost at the Canele at Shaw where we parked but then decided to head further to Taka to check Picnique out. It started drizzling and we had to brave the crowds to get to Taka. Madness. Then I found out I left my phone behind. Sigh well done. Its not the distance back but the crowds!!

Latte - foamy and nice. Checked out the Nespresso's at Tangs and Illy (Fairprice finest at Scotts!) and loved the capsule machines - makes life easier when everything is neater in a capsule. Tempting tempting. Checked it out the day before when I thought it was the Tangs when actually it was the Isetan sale I wanted to check out with Qian -_-

Huge Whoopies fries - with lotsa curry and spice I'm sure Kels would have loved this- quality and quantity wise. Attracted the crowds too who peeped onto us..YQ felt over exposed man..

Sticky date first of the day, non alcoholic.

Shopped for Toms, then nearing Far East to check out the gellish nails for her and popped (well my eyes popped) at the J salon for the perm. Amazing balls really !! haha. hope you get a better deal in Taiwan dear!

Walked over back to Shaw to get my phone, amazed for the warning slip that my car was in 2 lots..excuse me, the BM next to mine was not even in his lot and you dare give me a warning sign with nothing for him? horrors.

Headed over to Lucky 13 (Triple One Somerset) to meet the J and J. Jills was the earliest though she texted she was gonna be late and warned me about the tricky way there. Indeed it was lost-inducing but we found it. Opened by Michael Lu its his first venture out and omg love the vibe and the music of this isolated place. Not to mention the food too! Transforms to a clubbish atmosphere on weekends.

Beef burger with Onion Chipotle. Loved the generous sauteed onions, and the crisp fries simply reminds me of the standards of bar food in Bali. Beef was really tender. It was a good burger.
Baked egg with cheese and mushrooms- love anything drowned in cheese, really.

Quesidillas with chicken - I think quesidillas is best eaten with beef innards or mushrooms. This is a really chunky quesidillas cos of the chunks of chicken. Really healthy tasty chunks of grilled chicken.

Headed to Oriole (Pan Pacific Suites). My favouritest place in town for coffee and dessert. 2nd sticky date pudding of the day, alcoholic. Of cos it beats the first Hands and feet down.

Banoffee pie reminds me of Su, somehow. I just love the icecream which occupies much of the dessert (haha) and we gave up towards the end, pouring the flower pot innards onto the sticky date plate.

Jills gave me a lift back to Shaw...I was knocked out flat out dead to the world!! Gosh tiring weekend and I was on call on Sunday - normal call, but somehow the great calls have spoilt me! Extremes!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Fantastic week when the C was away, and we were left to our own lists! blocked scopes and clinics! So we decided to head out post take for lunch - at first it was Tamp, then we became bolder and off we were to Raffles city (so J could buy stationary to please his gf...) and for me to shop!Had a simple quick lunch at Grandma's (Basement 1, Raffles City)

Somehow was not in a Nasi Lemak mood so didnt try the signature dish - was pretty pleased with my assam laksa. Loved the steak noodles and the shredded veg in the spicy soup. Comfort food.

Nasi Bhukari set for J.

Shopped around- bought Godskitchen and the golden Havis which lasted me thru the end of the posting right thru wearing it to kk too;) that week being superb we had massages plus, also the liberty of watching white sorcerer and snake (only cos everyone pangseh the package!! and we exited at noon!) which we left early to exit anyways.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Level 33

Mondays cant be better with a best friend for company and good food to boot. And of cos daydreams of the Sail. So reminiscent of our last rendezvous ;) without the skipping of a heartbeat everytime the phone sounded. Quiet alcove this little hole in the wall was, which we spied on when we were at Lantern. We have found a quiet gem at Level 33 (Marina Bay Financial Centre). Plenty of ERP pitstops along the way (two, actually), but parking wasnt as daunting.

The best friend loves her bread platter. I love my bread crustier, and just the crust. The dips were fantastic cos they were so interesting. Beetroot, Vinegar, Chickpeas and truffle oil. First was her favourite, mine fave was the last.

Fat chips. Honestly I thought it was cos it was deep fried in fat.

Tapas platter - the fried white bait must have been dusted with some magic savoury powder. Super addictive. K loved the almonds, smokey and minimally dusted with sugar. Bought one packet back from the atas supermarket after!

Beef cubes - raw-ish centre dipped into the soya made it melt in your mouth. Though the sizzling pan was placed distally...

Another magic powder dusting the lamb ribs - very well marinated and can battle the ones at Disgruntled Chef (my gold standard...)

Morphing into night and the laser show...which K misst cos she was kinda facing awful scenery (ie...person directed...hehe)... Such peace in the nightline. A bit difficult to let go as we wandered around Marina Bay Link Mall - gonna check out the Y-pasta soon. Back down to Earth.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Met Kels on the Sun after A&B, and her suggestion we met at Sauce (Esplanade). She was there early and almost wanted to shift elsewhere cos of then noise from the amphitheatre. The alfresco is done up in such a sunny garden style it looked attractive in the day. Well by night we sat at the bar tables to enjoy our semi bar food! Away from the noise.

A little disheartened I didnt get to check out 7ate9 before it closed, but this place is actually opened by the overeasy folks so was expecting good bar food! Sauces are served here too and are chargable per serving. Real interesting concept, and sauce is such a Kels thing.

Mushrooms which i must say was sauteed very well. Have learnt the art of sauteeing from J..

Beef nachos - well for once the nachos was served as a bowl, and you'd have to break the nacho bowl apart to eat it. Quite an interesting concept but well, it means its a compromise on nacho volume isnt it? The beef was done chilli con carne style so it went very well with the beans and chilli. Yums. Nothing beats the farmers style nachos at Overeasy though! Cheese and half boiled eggs thrown in.
No flash for this one -mentaiko pasta. Love this salty bits of roe. Reminds me abit of the roe we had, J! Mentaiko anything (with cream) seems to do magic to the pasta.

Walked around and almost to the helix before we turned back. Almost to the tail end of my east days and going to a new start soon;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


After Hediard and Jewels, headed back then to meet Chongs for supper at 83 (Club St) - she got quite lost along Club/AnnSiang/Mohd Ali but we found each other(and more importantly, I found a lot...super many cars!!). This place is opened by the Sabio folks which is another place I wanna check out. Love bar food and tapas these days.

Love the art of this place, and the electronica too. Very chill vibes, with our sofa alcove to lounge in as we viewed the Bali photos. A lil strange with 2 girls across us but they must have thought us strange too, using the mini in a bar! Too bad for no disc - no godskitchen nor cream for chongs tonight. haha.

Marinated salmon with chickpea fries. We love this to bits- originally ordered this cos of the fries (these chickpeas must be the only type of fries here - a default order always when im with chongs or kels).. the chickpeas turned out to be like a mushy fillet. Quite an interesting eat. And the smoked thick slabs of salmon was damn simple and delicious. Not a salt overkill too.

Wagyu beef cubes - dipped in our blue cheese sauce its absolutely divine. Others were a salsa and another cream sauce which we couldnt figure out. Love skewered tender meats.

Tried unsuccessfully to look for desserts around Club st/annsiang but didnt wanna land up with double blackout again at PS. Still, keeping an eye out for the Yin/Yang platters and Our Korner which we must check out.

Z was not a risk we wanted to take so we ended up here - with a queue to boot and an inhouse party, we had house drinks while the music lasted (quite good electronica actually), smallish phuture room was not too inviting.

Just outside Avalon for a moment of peace.

The true peace came when we browsed (and literally, left with no choice but window shop) at MBS, and at 7-11. And wondered about the super many cars at the basement, all leaving their families to try their luck (in the casinoes or clubs) !

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hediard Cafe, Jewels Artisan

Sat brunch was planned for the 26th but the surg skills workshop kinda stole my free weekend. ssw and even jason popped by, and we were hanging out mainly in the suturing before we skewered some chickens. Haha. Rushed abit to collect d's info before then after, popped by cicu..then I hurried down to Hediard Cafe (Tudor Court) to join the girls for brunch. Red, black. Chongs and I wanted to check it out some time too.

The girls had their fill so it was just down to me - they recommended the Norwegian - its eggs benedict with salmon (see..on an eggs roll...) or the breakfast set with croissant (short was saying how good the croissant was...). This was lovely simply cos the toast at the bottom was very airy and crisp. Well, but there should be more hollandaise...
Only problem was that this place tends to be on the quiet side and boisterous us was actually told to quieten down...hoho... thats not a good prognostic sign..

Rainy rainy so headed with short to Jewels Artisan (Orchard central) not knowing she promised her tuition kid pm slot!! But anyways. It was quite worth the time - the passion fruit tea was really fragrant, and the cakes were quite good (esp the below). We had the tea set with the chocolate truffle you can choose (we chose white chocolate champagne), salted egg macaroon and the regular chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream. Its like a tasting platter of desserts. Very good for people like us who wanna try everything (preferbly, in greater quantities!)

Chocolate lava cake was so so good. I think i'd prefer it PIPING hot though. Short loved the berry compote lots. Well, I liked the white chocolate icecream lots. The proportion of ice cream to cake should be much much more.

Sat opposite the LUSH 99.5 studio and we see X ho streamin in! hehe. Picked up my ray bans at queensway en route to dropping her. Yay air con for my eyes now ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glorious Sunday - L'etoile, Lantern

Night before was with the Chongs at 83/Av so was quite knocked out so brunch became lunch. To shaw today! Both working women then congregated to chill at L'etoile (Owen Road) a stones throw away (haha, the radius just becomes wider and wider right woman?). It was a very pleasant, bright level one (didnt manage to explore level 2 enough, where there is the sewing machine), with merchandise sold, mainly local produce- bought two (loved and cranky) and another paper wallet which I thought matched my other pouch made of plastic bags. So into environmentally friendly stuff. lol.
The crepes (sadly) ran out, and even the bagel. Normally the eggs benedict would be done on a bagel - but its done on toast today instead. Replaced the ham with salmon. Hollandaise sauce was a bit too tangy/sour for us though! Quite on an eggs roll. I should learn how to poach eggs nicely. and of course, perfect that hollandaise sauce. Okay homework for the end of the year.

French toast - cardinal maple syrup!!When we asked for extra syrup they actually gave us CLEAR sugar syrup. Our look of dismay earned us some honey so this became really drowned in honey. Mmm. all this is missing is prob the sea salt caramel sauce I gave you, babe.

Waffle with sea salt caramel icecream. Extremely chewy and reminds K of the belgian waffle. Not the toasty crisp kind I like.

Headed back pronto for the new ad, and for an hour at the step down unit before we headed down to Bali lane for more! Thanks much much for your oliverio slides (hahahaaha)

Avocado gula melaka, Salted caramel with almond. at Pluck (Haji lane) Next to my long dress, along with my buys of a hoops (hard to read) watch from a second bicycle shop, and the silver earrings. Shiok love the knick knacks and accessories here. Real interesting looks (and buys!) Love the love book in Threadbare and squirrel. Thinking of asking them if its on sale. Heart it.

Of cos we got braver and headed to a few stones throw away in a bid to satisfy the fries craving. Its gotta be the truffle fries from Lantern (Fullerton Bay Hotel)! had our own day bed (replacing yours, K...haha) right at the corner -so much so that we could tell when there was a switch from cd to live. Haha. Peanuts much much.

The last time I was here was also on a Sunday (but in the day) with grandma... we had the open face anchovies sandwich which they didnt have now...guess the menu has changed. Lantern is just so quiet and chill on Sundays. Love it.

Mini wagyu beef burgers. For a small patty it really packs succulence.

Smoked duck spring rolls. Good stuff- crisp, salty. Everything we like.

The night almost went up in smoke cos i thought i lost my ray bans (i actually went by bali lane again...the prominent parking lot is most unnerving) but thank goodness the next morning when i was less blind i found it. Its only when you lose something that you realise how things are so easily taken for granted. Thank goodness ;)