Saturday, October 29, 2011

Group therapy

TGIF. Fridays are the best in team1 - other than the m's to present, it was just the day cases. 2 lumps done bipolarly by J (cos of the collar one) and the other hernias were each taken by K and J since I ald had one on my own early in the week. Regs still having a headache over the video - post exits headed to J's where we bumped in the lobby - he headed for blades and mussels while I headed for laps before heading to Group therapy (Duxton Road) where the 6pm meeting officially started at 7pm.

The casual cafe only opens after 7pm, but the 2 lady owners welcomed me in and had some friendly banter before the crowd came in. The place is meant as an events place, and the coffee, beers are just part of their passion for food. Love the quirky furniture and vibe of this place; just check out the rockin (literally!) chairs below.
Don't you love these rockers.

Shelves loaded with my favourite! picture books (the missing piece) and stuff made by a non profit organisation run by a power 98 dj; from which I bought a purse made of tons of coiled up plastic bags and another chocolate heart. hehe.poor handicraft on my part though! but i loved the one and only.
Carol's beef stew.

My eggs ben with salmon. Must be my first on thick toast. Everytime I have thick toast I think of Kels. who is away atm. hello woman if you're reading this!! Love this creamy creamy salmon!

Could only enjoy her company for an hour! till 8pm where she had to rush off to church at farrer park. To think half a year flew by without tennis at yours! Miss those tennis days, with yh too.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post call comfort food

It was the call with double digit admissions plus blues which we saw till 4am (the most ridiculous nappy rash......)when ching gathered everyone for a drink at the fish pond. Super sweet moment. and I stayed for my own pdu which started at 530pm (cos of 4 tas of which one was a stab......). from open to close of the 3mm hole. So happy! And even happier to see xo at recovery and got home for a nap, with this on the table on awakening. thanks muchos ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dempsey Brasserie

Rounds early today cos the t1 regs were prep for the workshop (but we still had time for bf before that!).. 2nd time here at Dempsey Brasserie with another bunch of sec sch frens -this time with qian, jas and wm. Expected to have brunch when the suturing was going on, but turned out i was the cam whore, gloves stealth thief, and caterer helper so was a tad late post gj/vasc graft fun. thanks girls (and boy) for waiting! they started first with jas's eggs ben, qians soup and wm's biggie breakfast, while i happily helped myself to the truffle fries while waiting for mine...grilled about the spontaneous trips i took =) haha. hi e, if you're reading this you're prob more updated than the ones here!!
Eggs florentine - balanced meal, healthy almost. Would trade salad for fries though !
Headed over to Brunetti (Tanglin mall) with qian cos jas had to head over to Vivo with wm. We had cakes here mainly, though the ice cream looked damn tempting. no descriptions though, just their italian names. Qian ordered the Poached Pear cheesecake.... this was a tad better than the one I had simply cos it was a fluffier cheesecake..

Rum and raisin cheese cake just didnt taste of rum and raisin! dense bland.

Bought an XO cheese from Marketplace then headed to J's who (!) rushed to buy a dvd player after dinner and rented Son of Babylon to watch. Took a spin to furniture shop before coming back for the shop and simple comfort chicken cuttlefish porridge for dinner at Old Airport Road. Picked up satay sticks for the bbq too for cm. Went back for the call while delivering the matcha which was just as well since there was a perf div. Sigh call cm, missing the bbq plus the 2nd.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smith's Fish and Chips

It was 4 lap choles and a hernia (which I did) and 2 scopes of which one was for a hiatal planned for feeding so it was really interesting to watch if the scope would transilluminate (it didnt). The last with mr C while J exited with ching so after that popped by the lap converted open AR when mr F was using the circ stapler.. headed towards East coast road and eventually landed up at Smith's Fish and Chips (Tanjong Katong Road). His was Haddock and mine was cod but he ended up liking his favourite instead. Haha. I specifically specified I wanted the fish not oily - it was not, but damn, the fries were! Haha. And we rented infinite justice (he had a stack of 4 cds on the mid east) when we realised that it was not playable on the lap top - we didnt figure out the region. (region2). I guessed it was United Kingdom. Plus it an overnight. Plus I convinced him not to take the package. haha. But it turned out cm that I was right cos it worked on UK.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dann's Cafe

Week of short days, feels like passive income somwwhat. Lap chole, followed by a conversion (big faux pas pushing up and inadvertent ripping but thats not the cause of it!) cos of deficient post wall, followed by pseudo l maj lump that took 5 min, longer time for the anaes (and DA rash too!) and update than the actual. Resisted the break to eat (thanks mok for the soy/pancakes), and headed out to Dann's Cafe (Eastwood Centre) that Teck Wee has been raving about the alkaline coffees.

Parked my car at army camp car park, to the arrival of 2 carpark attendents, and then arriving to the restaurant with the chef's daily moods board on my seat... the above is unfair treatment to TW... only heart heart. i HEART the flat white. Possibly the best i've had here, nutty and natural sweetness from the milk. Mmm lovely. Would be back just for this.

And btw, even the tap water is alkaline!

Fish and mushroom cheese Tortilla wrap - not exactly a wrap, more like a ultra thin pancake. For it was not foldable - the wrap was toasted to a crisp and very nutty and grainy! Lovely with the cheese sauce within. I must admit I ate the fish separately - didnt want the wrap to dilute the taste of the tender fish. The sprouts by the side was most interesting.

LS also had the wrap but with sprouts instead, TW had the prawn pasta (too stiff!) and Mr C the hoggie - with baguette. It was a strange site to see 3 men eating organic, dainty brunch style food.

This place serves seafood and vegetables mainly - and too bad for my second round of coffee- the maintainace guys came so we had the last of the available coffee.

And I was so happy to find the elusive quinoa!!

D24 from Ice cream gallery - I must say I havent had a durian ice cream in an uber long time. The last was prob sharing scoops or just tasting portions. The last full blown durian I had on my own could possibly on a stick.

Went to change money at Chinatown (max cash out at 2k!), pick tri colored top, forgot the paper unds, then J didnt wanna let me do the groceries so we ended up at Kallang Leisure Park to top up the dinner stuff (other than the loaf and the salmon sitting in the fridge since Mon....).

The above was actually Mon's contingency plan in case the cous cous grains refuse to behave... Smoked salmon, roe, Philly's cream cheese, Multi grain bread from Swissbake. Yes there was ALOT of bread.... and I discovered the three types of roe..enlightenment

Somehow the mixed spinach volume was alot less than the plain pure spinach. New addition of corn, pecan. Bought croutons of the seasoned kind, but had to finish the Italian ones.

Thank goodness didnt open the chowder...

And there's still blueberries..yoghurt..

Intricately done up leftovers.... ;) thks to the one who DIDNT finish it up!

Booked the H Park and Fitzwilliam. Yay we are all set. Poor thing for the last min journal club/research PLUS both. blardi tight time better fly fast.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ah Chew's desserts

Post take Tues - only a thromb pile and then we were basically free- but with Mok and Jaime being my London consultant, too late too ex though! Exited at noon, then with the reg clinic running in the pm, our exits were still NOT happening despite others happening. Anyways it was early so J picked me in the end to initially head to Chinatown (long queue!!) then to City Hall then Funnan to get my coolbeans camera lens cover (auto! and star wars etc which I didnt understand)

Headed to Ah Chew's - almost wanted to bring him to Honeymoon desserts but I guess we were too lazy to cross the road.

A magically white combi - almond with rice balls, HK red bean ice with red bean and steamed milk egg white - never ate any of these before but real comfort food. Somehow I still miss ice cream! Almost thinking of going to Tom's even.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

PS Cafe - Truffle fries
Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

Truffle omelette and Mushroom croissant

K Ki - White chocolate cake with Rockmelon

Champagne Mousse

Sunday was a pretty chill round, with 5 to see, following which bf took longer than rounds such that when it all ended we had to see one in 33 in af, but then it was off to pick K then heading to PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill. Its hidden round the corner, at the entrance to Ann Siang Hill Park. Went up to the second floor, where it was a East West clash. Ching Changs from the left, opera at the superior, and brits on the right. A tad confusing.

I was most excited to come here after seeing M post a single picture of the truffle fries, and eventually a whole post on coming here. So hungry after seeing those pictures, so dragged K here for brunch. She was post night, picked her up in my cab cos she obligingly came with me yayers. my face totally lighted up when the mega mountain of truffle fries came. The truffle scent in the air was awesome possum. Sprinkled with generous amounts of parmesan cheese topped it all.

In addition we had the Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes, which were very much like sweet pancakes (oh, the pancakes at House, we miss you), and we almost had another bread platter again (we're carb monsters) but her facing the mirrors with words written all over led us to order the Truffle omelette and Mushroom croissant. This must have been the most decadent croissant I've ever had, but of cos we had it in a most civilised way, eating it in sections. Everything from the truffle scent of the eggs to the huge portebllo mushrooms struck the right notes.

We then headed to Om to pick up (only one) black top, from which I finally brought K to K Ki (Ann Siang Hill) to sample the cakes- we had the Champagne Mousse (that's Lou's and mine favourite) and the White chocolate cake with Rockmelon centre. Was very tempted to eat the Mont Blanc again (cos its the biggest cake and it'll definitely make me full) but we didnt!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Standing Sushi Bar

On a post take Thurs, I intended to take Kels to Food for thought at Queens street (couldnt figure out the mini burgers place at Queen's) but the last order was before 9pm! So we ended up at Standing Sushi Bar - a place I've been wanting to try for a long time, but its the branch at Raffles Place that I've been eyeing, as well as Five Izakaya.
This is the Sakura Don - which is pretty much like diced up Chirashi Don. Love the assortment and the colours. Very fun to eat.

Kelly's set of Salmon in butter sauce, Mackerel, Sashimi. Very comprehensive and a steal at $20.

Kakiage's gotta be my favouritest tempura cos its so crisp and crunchy. And tastes almost healthy!

Fried white bait - prefer the baits to be pint sized actually..

We headed down to 1 Altitude for drinks, and some heart to heart. Sigh babe, missed our old days so very much -hugs- Time's never enough with you. Gorgeous view, great company, what more can I ask for? For it to happen nightly, actually.