Friday, July 11, 2014


Vascular weekx1 mid week break at &sons( China Square). Too many eateries here ! The platypus lobster place looks awesome. &sons is surprisingly not too crowded ( a manageable work crowd) with a mix of bar seats and table seats. Of cos we were atop the bar seats.

Awesome smoked cheese and truffle pasta. The smoked cheese was grilled further and tasted like a sausage.

Beef is so so ( lukewarm ) but cod is lovely in a salsa sauce. Flakes off in a instant. 

Mushrooms - uber cheesy and creamy. Chunks of cornmeal inside this dish. 

Panna cotta flambeed. Base tasted like a light cheese ( when in fact it's panna cotta), another later of cream and the whole dessert torched and topped up with strawberries. Very interesting.

Would be back to try their array of cheeses.