Saturday, January 29, 2011

Robert Timms

Eggs Benedict with Turkey Ham
Pumpkin Soup
Criss Cut Fries with Beef Bolognaise and Cheese
7 layer bar

It was the Xmas weekend when the pt load was really low, and with sub-10 it was so possible to get home early. Only 2 d/c and 2 drains to off and then met short (who waited 2 hrs!) . Sigh not a fault of mine when an iso had a hb and plt drop and had to arrange stuff. We took a cab down to Borders. i was between Pample Mousse and the new aussie bistro at Borders - but pamplemousse didnt have brunch on xmas sat so we went to brunch at Robert Timms (Level 1, Wheelock Place) instead. It has replaced the now defunct Borders Bistro. It was a lovely place where I have many a meal with the mountains. Its gone!
The menu was quite extensive - has all day breakfasts, sandwiches and wraps, salads and soups, and pastas. Very ladies kinda thing - but all day breakfasts is so following the trend though I dont really mind more places offering it ! Love my eggs so.

We ordered a Eggs Benedict- it comes with Turkey ham and looks so deceivingly huge and chunky on the pict but really, its quite tiny! And comes with a toast instead of a muffin at the bottom. But nonetheless, very tasty... Put together with the turkey ham its really sublime.

We also had the pumpkin soup - we both uttered the exact same thing looking at the menu, and thought bubbles were just read almost instantaenously ;) Love the pumpkin soup here too, and urge you all to try the pumpkin soup at the Handburger too - extremely good. Love anything with pumpkin. Just read about the Pumpkin Pocky. engineers in Japan are just amazing. Pockey/Pretzel anything edible.
We also had the beef bolognaise cheese fries. actually had bad diarrhoea this morning from the beef chilli cheese the day before at Brewerkz but the criss cut fries looked so incredible in the picture I couldnt help ordering it. It tastes as good as it looks and sounds!! Very crisp fries and I esp loved the soggy bits still - when its drenched in bolognaise and cheese. And no I didnt get diarrhoea.

We then walked over to 4Fingers Bonchon (B4 Ion Orchard) - I'm like spreading the love of Bonchon, the very Saturday before, I took Xiaohui to have wings here. Short loves the spicy wings here - not like XH/XL. We ordered a 6 piece meal - actually, just wanted the a la carte but then....Free upsize till the end of the month of the festive period! Again the crisp fries here with the seaweed and spicy seasoning is so delicious!!

Walked Nat to Hyatt for her sermon whilst got caught at Far East plaza drenched out in the rain. Too bad for this yr's wet xmas no parade ;P

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soup Broth Asia

Hainanese Fish Maw Soup
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Appetisers - Fried Fish, Mango Salad, Cold Tofu, Eggplant Belachan (clockwise from top left)
Carol's Mango Sago
My Durian in Vanilla ice

Monday was supposed to meet S but i had to meet Carol pre-school; so left behind car and was half an hour early for our 730pm date at cityhall - considered brotzeit, Tokyo Deli, and we act sat down in the latter before we decided the portion was just too small and selection too small, and almost decided on the sharing platters in brotzeit but in the end wandered to basement of Raffles City cos I also wanted to try Soup Broth Asia (Basement 1, Raffles City). You can choose a soup, add an appetiser and either 1) meat or veg 2) meat and veg/veg and veg. We chose option 1 and shared everything (but the soup and rice, of cos). Carol had the Ginseng Chicken, and I had the Hainanese Fish Maw Soup.

And guess who we saw!! nevertrustascrawnyfoodie and jane!! finally gotta meet the jane oft so mentioned. We sat side by side and with Mich always peering over at our food. We had sides of Eggplant with sambal (very very VERY spicy), Mango salad (mango not unripe and tart enough), Fried fish slices (left out too long) , and cold tofu.

My fish Maw soup was so-so, fish slices was much in abundance, relative to the fish maw. Carol's Ginseng was hardly tasted in her chicken soup.

Eventually C and I went to draw money, and eventually joined M and J at Sun Kee Desserts - C had the Mango dessert while I had the durian pudding with vanilla sauce - loved mine. The durina pudding was essentially the durian pulp surrounded in a moat of vanilla sauce. Sweet to the max but I like.

Love the Chagggh tales and I was in fits, but im gonna suffer these fits soonish. UGH!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black, Rapunzel

Roast Beef Sandwich

Smoked Salmon and Cheese Bagel

Monday of the week and bumpin into Kels in 63 means another spontaenous outing! and I ended early at 6ish so swept Kelly from her m&m at 73 central (busy with her sippie) and hungry eyes at the nearby muruku...anyways we were debating between the 650pm cathy vs 720 cine and in the end went for the later one (so that we had space to breathe) the u turn into ps we then zoomed off into cine. parked there too it was a dreary wet day;P

We managed to secure good seats at rapunzel, and thereafter bought tickets to hpotter (was supposed to watch that day with sibs but at 3pm mei called up to say it was soldout cos i was too much of a scrooge the night before and spent the additional money on starbucks instead). we then continued shopping at level 3 and to our delight, that floor has converted to lotsa shops with clothes suitable for us! lotsa bags and comfy clothes and funky sunglasses (tho no spf........). but didnt shop for long cos had to get popcorn (massive queue) and get the 3d glasses (another massive queue....). Rapunzel was quite a delight, but I guess I appreciated the 2D colour visuals of Princess and the Frog too - it was so colourful and enchanting.

We wanted to go to porns but in the end lazy us decided to stroll over to Black (TripleOne Somerset)- wanted to try the cakes but cos it was too late, we had to settle for the sandwiches and not even the hot all day breakfast and eggs cos it was far too late (it was between the borderline period of 930-10pm when they were closing). We both loved the roast beef sandwiches cos the herbs made the bread and dressing super fragrant. The salmon and cheese bagel was much too bland for our liking. But the best was the chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake ! It was great if they had stopped at just chocolate peanut putter (then it'd taste exactly like the one at Strictly Pancakes - molten Reese's) but then the banana essence added a new dimension to the nutella drink and despite not liking banana i found it a joy to drink. Kinda reminded me of the 24 hour breakfast place in HK which was near the clubbing district. Right Kels?

Gave kels a lift home - and then gettin all worried cos i left my portfolio in the wards! but luckily got xingxing to help me take....Looked forward to the week cos despite getting thurs call it was with kels too (whom I had supper with, and with anne) and chongs( whom i didnt manage to see the whole night and called when i was zz!).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smith's Fish and Chips

Sat (last weekend!) was good - it was 6pts (including the handback!) so it was quick in and out, so that lsy could round the other side as well - post take for ach. Tho lotsa changes (lotsa drains out, homes) but was zippin home quick. Slept loads- such a wet day, and family was set on steak but uluru seemed to be closed so we zoomed in on Smith's Fish and Chips (230 Tanjong Katong Road) since the day before, we were so gian on the new bridge fish and chips, which is now defunct, sadly. whats more, we went all the way there!

Mommy actually called ahead, and tho they norm do not accept bookings, they apparently gonna save a seat for her, but i think its by chance there was a small table of 4 by the corner (we had a party of 5). And it was near the we shifted to bar seats and ordered before finally finding a bigger table. The number 14 eventually = 5 paper wrapped fish and chips...

You'll like this if you like oil logged fish and chips - the thick chunky kind. Burnish though!!esp the fries We misst the Harry Ramsden's/Marina South/British ones loads.....this was just not to par...We'll try the Greenwood takeaway again soon.

We also had the mushy peas (which M really raved about) which comes in a styrofoam cup, and is pretty good and healthy tasting. Lotsa fibre within the cup too.

Wanted to walk at East Coast but we gave up cos it was raining..came home to some mj and I won the first game of the year!! Eventually luck diminished (after A handed me the coke....) and i was net positive $1.20 (at least) which rightfully not mine cos i zah hu. haha.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watami Japanese Restaurant, Aerins

My first day in Chagggh began at 7am with a series of lects of the usual welcome note and admin blahh and a whole morning of trying not to zz in front of important peeps but was largely unsuccessful - the only great thing was the breakfast/morning tea/lunch and off andrew and i to the wards, skippin the com training.... i found an active meyk clerking, then the mos and reg also seeing more, while trying to insert myself somewhere, does suck being on the first day being super disorientated. We exited at cso but not long after there was the res briefin (whatever hrs u clock is ur daiji, just dont get ppl into trouble-noted), and the hilarious takopachi briefing. Its never your fault when something goes wrong. no wonder the blame culture so prevalent.
It was a rainy evening when I took the ECP ride down to Cityhall. I love the drive down ECP, super therapeutic and nearing the city there's always the gorgeous view of the flyer and down town. Gosh it does reignites my dream of working in the cbd.
Reaching Raffles City, I met the mountains at Watami Japanese Restaurant (Basement 1, Raffles City), right next to DinTaiFeng. Honestly, I'm getting quite lost in the new F&B outlets at Raffles City...loads more on the linkway to Esplanade. When I reached the nice little cove of ours, E and Qian were trying to decide on ordering the sets vs ala carte. In the end we decided to order loads of ala carte to share.
Before the food came, really enjoyed the pictures on E's iphone (really good quality ones!) during her time in the states. Got to find out all the stuff going on in her life in the past months. A really great change for her, and really happy for her. I feel stagnant in comparison!! Except for the great Italy trip lol ;) Hope the babes like the gifts ! And the long awaiting present from Kyoto for E too!
Broccoli, Fish Roe gratin. Cheesiness max, with mini chunks of potatoes.
Cheese and Rice cake okinomiyaki. This reminds me loads of the takopachi Mei and I had in the Kyoto airport when we flew off. Its really dense and chewy from the mochi within, makes this an interesting eat.

Beef Sukiyaki - the soup became really salty from the beef that kinda became overcooked (we had to change the cylinder for the fire and turned it full blast for too long) - but loved the QQ ness of the udon that we added in.
Mackerel - Salty fish which I ended up eating the head part which was mighty delicious.
Sushi Platter- Salmon, Eel, Tuna. I liked the way this was done. The salmon belly was melt in your mouth, and so was the tuna. We had two each, so didn't try the eel.
We browsed round for desserts and ended up in Aerins (Basement 1, Raffles City) - partly cos E said she heard desserts are good here, plus the ambience was nice. Sure it was, we were sitting right next to the fountain. And next to another ang moh family playing cards lol.
We ordered 3 desserts to try and the first 2 filled up the waiting time for the 3rd abomination. This was the carrot cake macademia cake, that was really 'wet' in e's words. Moist it was, with loads of nuts within, and really sour cheese filling in top. Qian and E both are carrot cake fans.
Almond cake - where the almond was, is anyone's guess. Our favourite is the ice cream though, it had bits of crisp (?nuts) within. E really liked the poached pears, but I like the cake itself. Its like a white version of the sticky date pudding kinda cake. Same density and sweetness.
Apple pie - its like a puff pastry atop the apple chunks and icecream within. It reminds me of the old TGIF onion soup which comes like this too. Makes it really interesting to eat, I'll peel off the puff layer and dip it into the apple chunks/sauce and vanilla icecream within. It was scorching within beware. This takes 20 min to prepare and is a real abomination. Its as big as my palm (and I've got big hands cos I'm a big girl).
We walked E to Fairmont to wait for her dad - gonna miss the babe loads. Loved the pictures on her iphone and how she's still the same old her despite living it all out overseas. Everyone seemes to move on - its a new year, stil apprehensive on the change it'll bring - doesnt the mood become more sombre now that all the festivities have come and gone?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kho Kho Nara

Appetiser of Pickles
Chicken Platter - Original, Garlic, Sweet
Kimchi soup - with Tuna

3rd jan the monday before changeover was a massive list - post take, plus the mixup with pat/sda - and poons helping me to pacify the smac/we right in the morning. Round w everyone was gladly minusing the presenting, and changes loadsa PFO/scans prelunch, then almost with kbh and her before heading to sda for the 3 pts and trying to preclerk the preop(4!) upstairs, before finishing up a paper round with reggh before exit w lsy before pre op w pc before another handover to mo jo and another one to sj. Horrid day, esp since had to make kels wait an hour, while i quickly convert a single to bilat hern. TERRIBLE!!! cant breathe thinking about all that, but its over !!! ;) stop ordering so much before exit ... but don't care anymore !!

We headed to Kho Kho Nara (Tras Street) long lauded for the fried chicken. We kinda stumbled onto Maxwell chambers but went two rounds before we gave up and parked at the chambers,and crossed two streets to Tras Street. Quite a sleazy pubbish area... anw, found Whole Earth at Peck Seah Street ! Will prob try this another time.. when im back at shaggh ;)

Quite a dark lane (s) to the Kho Kho though...

Mostly decked with individual cubicles of comfy sofa seats, we were happy to house our tired selves in smaller cubicle. Food was much more ex for dinner than lunch (for the same stuff!!) so come for lunch. We settled for the small chicken combo (3 of each - Original, Garlic, Sweet). I liked the original and garlic - lightly coated and the garlic was especially delicious. Not oily - reminds me of Bonchon. Kels was a fan of the sweet - was garnished with sesame as well. Its the type that she likes- lotsa sauce, salty, chunky, whats not to like!

I esp enjoyed the Kimchi soup - we had ours with Tuna, and eventually added noodles ($4! for a packet of korean instant noodles!!). Very spicy hitting the right spot, and very different from the ones I had at other Korean places and sigh, kopitiam (which I have very often). Lotsa Kimchi and chunks of tuna galore, when the noodles softened and soaked up the soup it was extremely delicious. I wanted to try the rice cakes with noodles but its gasp...30 bucks!! for rice cakes !!

I love hearing Kels neuro tales and gossip from IM, handed my traditional slips of tips, hope my naggin will be useful to prevent the eventual scolding ;) defos, enjoy the ride! sigh found out how nice shagggh was in comparison to my current state. Do enjoy babe.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Little Spanish Place

J and I intended to meet the previous week but he thought we were just Sogurting for supper (plus I was pre call) so in the end we met on a Wednesday. Called me when I was exiting but we managed to meet for dinner - esp since I had the car, previous week really boh kar. Kinda useless without wheels. (love lsy's Wheels of Life that he presented in his surg for elderly presentation). Drove to his place, and from there we walked over to try My Little Spanish Place (619 Bukit Timah Road) . Was supposed to try this place with Carol too but we ended up at Relish cos this place closes on Mondays!!

This is the best ever Tortilla I've ever tried - its an uber chunky omelette, and sublime with the garlic mayo dip. Extremely savoury and delicious.

James says the seafood paella here matches up to that in Spain - chokeful of ingredients like prawn and squid and chunks of fish, and extremely fragrant with the saffron.

Convos was revolving round his new found goals in life (lol) and mine mundane (not much has progressed since we last met). This time last year was submerged in panic and his calm self was so damn reassuring. The xmas decor has come up in town and for the first time since start of med sch I'm not in panic in books anymore ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saybons, Harry Potter

Makin bro's Beef, Mushroom, Cheese (Left) and mine Salmon/egg/cheese (Right) - that is, before adding in the salmon!
Cos of the mishap at 645am, we ended up heading to cathy all packed up nice and snug in the rain towards ps where thankfully it stopped raining, and we misst the mad car jam right into PS. Before that was chiaming, and nagged about steroids, whilst loads of ladies filtered in to get their beauty fixes. As a result of the wait was mighty late cos we still wanted to queue for Saybons (B2 Plaza Singapura) (long queue!) (sit in area!) (escargots!) - but left happy with 3 crepes, after a long wait. Sis ordered Peach Medley (which she totally regretted she's too used to her sweet crepes), Bro ordered Beef Cheese and Mushroom and I, Salmon Egg and Cheese which Bro and I LOVEEEED! We rushed over to Cathy thereafter to catch Potter. Totally dark and intense - this is prob the first Potter show I caught that I didn't sleep lol. I realised Mei has an immense dislike for salty popcorn whilst Bro and I love it!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Crab Porridge
Stir Fried Vegetables
Cold Tofu
Fried Soft Shell Crab
Scoop cake
Chiffon Cheesecake
Milk Tea Pudding
Its a Friday when C was post call and V was on MC, plus boss too, so we thought we had a bigger budget for lunch but turns out that big boss was also bringing his wife, scot fren and the other side was joinin us so it became a massive lunch at Tampopo (Level 1, Liang Court). Met the scottie on my way to Italy week later ! world's small indeed.
And it was a day I saw daylight when I drove to work. Started with a difficult bld (on 3rd try of abg) and sleepily vitalised and stoned while waiting for the MandMers to return - when round ended, S bought choc muffins for us all (last day)- and with brekkie meant we (or I rather, cos C went to round with O soonafter) only had 45 min to d/c 5 pts to make it to Tampopo by noon. Actually by the time O finished of cos we reached Tampopo at 1230pm with the other side all ready to eat.

BigBoss (and I, disappointingly) was surprised that the Beef Ramen promotion at Tampopo was over. I scoured the menu and decided since I tried the Beef Curry Rice before (its mighty awesome) I went for the Crab porridge. It was incredibly loaded with crabmeat and egg. Love the stock and wished there was a greater proportion of soup to rice. Boss ordered lotsa sides of Chicken Kakiage, Soft Shell Crab, Stir Fried Vegetables, Cold Tofu, Agadeshi Tofu. Of which my favourite was the cold tofu! Its like a tofu custard - with a similar consistency to the Steamed milk at Ah Chew's.

But my favourite part of the meal has gotta be dessert - we ordered the Scoop cake, Chiffon Cheese Cake, Milk Tea Pudding - of which I thought the milk tea custard was the most unique.

BigBoss ordered sake for the laowais to share, and for his wife (who treated to awesome sashimi). Love people who enjoy food.

And happy day when parking was free (plus free wrappers.....), C went back with S, and I went back with Jon, Fly, Jan. To a Friday with my weekend off. TGIF ;)