Thursday, May 30, 2013

French ladle

Scopes am/asc pm, finished on time and for once, full attendance on the dot at dinner place , French Ladle at Pandan Valley condo. Love the convenience here- near home , free parking right in front of the restaurant.

Excellent warm and cosy atmosphere, felt like I was being hosted for a dinner at someone's home. Lots of magazines to browse too, am sure it will be nice to hang around post brunch on a weekend. We shared the truffle fries ( with lots of Parmesan cheese ) and French onion soup. ( lots of sweetened onions ). I had the board special- the barramundi which came with mash and butter. Ended up koping most of xuans fries and salad after she was done with her steak:p Pek had a mushroom risotto.

Enjoyed our convos about human behavior and food webs haha. Can't wait for our next French date (prob at toots or shelter in the woods!)/dirty dancing.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Slept in on Vesak and managed to roll out for breakfast /brunch/lunch / tea at a grand time of 3 pm. The late night at music matters was quite a killer:p

We went to Hatched at Holland Village - after we thought that the Park menu was too tiny( but I will still try that place sometime ). I had my usual eggs royale and j had a burger with eggs. I ordered a portabello mushroom and eggplants thinking it was an appetizer but it turned out to be a main-
Burger style. Kinda overkill before Tennis but thank goodness it was not another killer. Thanks garmaine for having us over, we didn't make it to Boyce in the end :p

Monday, May 20, 2013


Today was supposed to be discovery centre iron man with the boys but dad couldn't snag tickets so we are here at the second outlet of Saveur at Far East Plaza, where Mei has been wanting to try for some time.

Thanks to the bro for coming early to snag the table ;) ordered many appetizers - doubled the salmon confit and mushroom cappuccino, and I had the sea bass, mom had the cod( realised I only took photos of the fish -.-) j had the duck confit and the other side of the family also shared another duck confit in addition to their individual. My dad enjoyed his beef loads. Can't believe I met m here ( with a half sized a !!) who couldn't make it to sushi bar. It was nice catching up that wee bit.

Thanks J for coming with mom and me to shop! Knew you were pretty knocked out from your half call :p

Can't wait to try le bisrot at stadium !

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Foodbar Dada

Rabbit hole- one chooses to hoard memories and the other erases memories to cope with the grief of a lost loved one- will God be the answer to unite the couple in this process ?

Post rabbit hole, us four went to Foodbar Dada at Robertson Quay-made a reservation at 1015 pm and they very kindly kept the corner 4 seats for us. Just found out that the Prive group owns this very buzzing tapas bar.... Love the energy of the chefs and the patrons here- so reminiscent of Lolla's( J and I prefer the more sensual music at the latter though)

Started with the free crostinis, then we had the fried croquet balls. The best dish of the night has gotta be the grilled octopus and the black Mediterranean rice ... Now I'm a fan of octopus can't wait to try the sous vide version at Spathe ! The squid didn't quite match up to the smokey octopus.

The mushrooms with truffle and egg was also good , though not as earthy as Culina's. The duck burger was just wee too tiny for me to appreciate.

Had dessert at Laurents prior to the play with J where he had his first soufflé (it was after 8) - will prob try the rum and raisin one sometime !

Yay catalunya tonight !!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jewel Coffee ( Rangoon Road)

Date with short after the meadows party with Chongs with atb and Marcus Schultz - my second breakkie food after macs ( and an awesome massage at Tang Dynasty out first 24 hour parlor visit )

Gotta love the soy mocha here ( Chongs !! Our soy coffee saga will continue here !) . Truffle mushroom soup was also great - will be better with bread.

Love the gratinated hollandaise sauce with my eggs florentine, had a nice crisp. Nat clearly enjoyed her capellini and we actually wanted to try the Octopoke salad ( which she eventually did and sent me the what's app photo which I very enviously put up cos it's so gorgeously plated!)

Revisit coming up soon. Such a meddie gathering , saw 2 mos( and H whom I bumped into at the one shenton outlet - we are big fans of jewel) and one retired fellow colleague. Admire the guts to drop a pre set path for a untrodden one to chase her dreams. All the best, join ya one day :-)