Saturday, September 24, 2011


On the weekend after Bali when I had the weekend off I was quick to date the Mountains to Bronte (Greenwood Avenue) to try their brunch. Most ex brunch ever after the knock against the kerb (bloody BM) and the fine along the yellow lines (please don't follow me...). Thou the food was uber reasonable, I was most sulks during the brunch, save for the girls thank goodness. Miss the girls so.
Poached eggs, spinach, salmon - Eggs royale was really delicious, though I do wish it came in its usual , in pairs instead of a long bread and some toasts by the side.

Jas' Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, with mushrooms.

I enjoyed part of Qian's burger - smokey thick patty. Even the fries were good crisp stuff. Recommend it along with Big Bad Wolf's.

Good food, reasonable prices, chill place minus the crowds- recommend this place for brunch. Wanted to try the corn fritters but forgot it (left to get my phone from the car - maybe should have shifted it at this point of time!!).

Droppped Qian and Jas at Cluny court so Jas could shop for her picnic at Bishan Park. Would have loved to join them plus have more desserts, but off mommy and I were after a heavy downpour to Chinatown to plan our next trip, and to Sakuraya to get dinner while catching Arsenal vs Liverpool. Poor Arsenal! OG. What a very wholesome day with family and friends.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post call grub

After a fantastic sub 10 call, with a crab dinner to boot and r2 to see the cases all before midnight it was rather shiok to enjoy the home prepared dinner (okay not ALL that home made cos most of them were assembled from Cold Storage). Smoked cheese and (lots of) left over crackers, peppered salmon, bran baguette, avocado/cheese/roastbeef/spinach leaves/almond slivers. Simple comforts.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sque Rotisserie

On take day, with just 3 day admissions, partial gastrect going on alongside my forehead, multi flank/UL, hugeass axilla bumps, I was done in time to pick up the boys from TMFT from golf and then headed down to Central to meet Jo & Jills at Sque Rotisserie (Central). Opened by Emmanuel Stroobant just a month back, it occupies the space formerly owned by Sun with Moon. Its broken into sections now - 2 indoor seatings, alfresco dining and another alfresco bar. Pretty spaced out, and still not too crowded for now. Pretty good for conversation and catching up, which we most needed to do.

We ordered the platters to share as below..

Sque platter- onion rings, baked potato, crabcakes, wings. Crabcakes were the most awesome followed by the crisp airy onion rings. Well, they were not really rings, more like strips.

Combination platter- for which I could only try the beef cheek and the wings. And of cos, my dear potatoes. Comfort food for my friends.

Chocolate beer pie , for which none of us could taste the beer. Interestingly, the nicest part of this dessert is in the very potent liquer filled cherry. Ooh, the liquer rush was pretty good.

Chocolate mousse - my first gulp = soap ?? the spice/cinamon made it taste really so, though once I got by that I enjoyed the mousse pretty much. Its a distant cousin of icecream, so i like.

Just before desserts came (Which was a pretty long time!) , we met Pang and her fren Shaoru, who shared with us this amazing peach fruit beer. Awesome possum indeed. Inspired the girls to go to Bali - Jo just back from ZJJ and Jill just back from Viet. Cant wait to head to London and Viet yays.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The best post call ever

6 abscesses, 2 appendix, 1 perf = GG
Clearing them through the night meant I managed to do 3, and scooted off with miss z after the lap app, to Maxwell thanks to our dear r2;)

Possibly the best time to eat at Zhen Zhen's Porridge (Maxwell Hawker Centre) is after 2pm (just before they close at 230pm), where there's parking galore and there is no queue. Shiok best post call food. Comfort at its best.

Checked out my favourite Picture book shop ever. And found a furniture shop with cute tree-like clothes stand. Tempted.

We headed to Kki where I finally picked up my electric blue Casio ;) but they ran out of Mont Blanc (what I wanted) and the chocolate one (that miss Z wanted) so we drove over to Flor instead. Where cream resides;) My ever favourite Earl Grey Mont Blanc.

She chose the one with the least cream - Summer Berries. I ate most of her cream ;)

Off to Little India to thread brows, City hall to pick up groceries, and checking out the sale at Warehouse where I picked up a bikini;) Post call dinner was rabbit food - Figs pizza from Skinny Pizza (my favouritest fruitiest pizza), Cous cous (unpronouncable, to someone), Sundried tomatoes/rocket/feta. Wholesome, in more ways than one.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Awwwwfully Chocolate

On take, finished with the 4 lumps, crammed data entry and heck, headed to 328 Katong and ended up checking out the 3-in-1 concept, with the people watching as we had Kahlau Cold poached chocolate from Awfully Chocolate. Maybe JooJoo when I'm not too hungry!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jimmy Monkey

The quaint bare.

The queer electic.

The comfort secluded, best enjoyed on a drizzly evening. Smoked duck, goat's cheese, toast tartine. Dom Pedro milkshake, Long Black.

Braving crowds at Ikea to find the right bench, snag the hotdog/icecream cone, finding the white Ray Bans otw chowing down the Sub Standard Chilli crab sandwich and awesomer Peanut butter cookie. Getting lost at One North Residences up a wrong road, then somehow darl managed to drive right up to the doorstep of Jimmy Monkey's just before it closed at 8pm. Turn right when the girl says turn left. Thank goodness for the GPSes in my life. You and Kels are my life compasses indeed ;) cant wait for you to buy a place here. And so we can cross over to Verve for some pizza. Mmm.