Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paddy hills

Paddy Hills was a great experience ( despite the horrendous parking ) and seeing how my foodie friend has revisited this place numerous times in the past months, it certainly warrants a visit, and boy was it an interesting lunch/brunch
Suggest you come here after 1130....then can try both the breakfast ( which ends at 5) and lunch menu 

This was their version of a small breakfast , but boy does this humble do pack a punch.
Polenta, roasted mushrooms, poached egg.
Comfort food with a luxe twist.

Squid ink tagliatelle, with roe and scallop. Love the crisp rice bits.
Kimchi fried rice with hangar steak
Would be back just to have their steak !

Eyeing their double digit noodles for dinner- lobster soumen, udon and beef noodles. Would be back 

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