Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kim's Family (Uno), Udders

Met the busy busy James and the original plan was to go to Don Quijte to try the squid ink paella but looking at it being so empty and Kim's Family (Kilat Court, Lorong Kilat) further down packed and queues ++ where do you think our hearts (and stomachs) led us ??

And oh boy it was an amazing discovery !! (as testament to by my previous entries cos I reversed chronologically blogged). We were awed by the variety of complimentary dishes. And since my dear friend didnt eat raw vegetables...down went those pickled cucumbers and lettuces..Not like I was complaining cos I loved how refreshingly spicy it was! And each time I come here they seem to rotate the its quite different every time I step into this place.

And oh ya, the kimchi here is really quite good - everytime I come here I take away 1 kg of kimchi ($8) and its really quite worth it cos the kimchi that my mom gets from NTUC is nowhere as cheap (nor as nice).. Has plenty of white cabbage which my sister adores.
We ordered 3 dishes to share between us (cos we were noobs and we didnt know there were so many complimentary dishes pending!!!!) and so you can imagine that was a lot of food. First up was the beef ribs soup. The meat taste was extremely robust.
Kimchi stew came steaming. Very spicy, and great to have in cold weather.
The seafood pancake ($10) here is awesome, better than the one at Hansang, or the Korean food place we ate at in Hong Kong. Crisp and yet balanced by the chewy glutinous flour. This alone keeps me coming back many more times.
Actually, we were damn full, i repeat, DAMN FULL but how could I resist Udders (Lorong Kilat) when its just walking distance (aiyar, driving distance also cannot resist, mere to????). Had Baileys and the very awesome triple sec. At this time the new flavour Chocolate Whiskey still havent come out yet, so awesomeness is defined by triple sec. For now!

And James ah, pang seh me after 2 spoons....Food coma after all that !! See lar, it pays to queue for food right?

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