Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warung Nasir (Kiliney Road), Udders (Goldhill Plaza)

Okay I'm itching to write an entry about the many many awesome meals I had when I came to Singapore back from HK (havent even got started on Aus yet!) so finally gathered the momentum to start writing again. And this entry is stat....for once!
Had excellent nasi padang with the rj gang today at Warung M Nasir (69 Killiney Road)- Chiara Silvanus (congrats, Silvanus!) Pam and Carol. My 4 dishes of sweet tapioca leaves, eggplant, beef rendang and tofu-tempeh ($6.30) of which i really liked the tenderlicious beef rendang. The tofu and tempeh (Jeremy wasnt there to eat all the tempeh for me) was also fried well, chewy and full of flavour. I ate all the tempeh. Loved the creaminess of the sweet tapioca leaves curry too - pity that that was the only vegetable left! The eggplant was a little stale, wouldnt eat it again. However, another commendable dish was the chicken curry (which Silvanus and Pam had) which was also super tender.
Anyway, the rice had such tiny grains and compressed so well together it looked like a pile of icecream to me (just before you put in all the ingredients). Okay I (and Pam) was perhaps hallucinating Udders.
I found myself returning to Udders (155 Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre) more than ever after the new flavour Chocolate Whiskey appeared into my life one fine day when Kelly and I decided to pop in late one afternoon during pychiatry posting at TTSH. Carol and Chiara left (Have fun in Cambodia, Chiara!) and Ian and Shuwan joined us after Serene's party (thanks for cabbing down we were dying waiting for you all to start on the icecream and getting damn amused by police cars, double lightning lines and icecream fanatics zooming out to get their cars) In Nat's words, the whisky vaporises through your hard palate right to your nostrils as the smooth dark chocolate slides down your throat. Awesome possum!
And coming close is Tiramisu, which has alcohol ++ too, the coffee flavour is overwhelmed by the liquer... They sprinkle some coffee powder (or is it chocolate?) atop the Tiramisu, adding more to the aesthetics than anything else...
I used to be crazy over their triple sec (orange chocolate bitters) - its in between an uber thick chocolate milkshake and real orange chocolate - but since Chocolate Whiskey appeared, this has ceased to be a craving...
Shuwan wanted the rum and raisin but I don't like it all that much cos the raisins arent plump and soaked in rum as much as I would like it to be... and is not as potently alcoholic as the Chocolate whiskey or Tiramisu
Yihan really liked this combination of Lime Choya Umeshu (also Kelly's ultimate favourite) and Earl Grey but I don't like sour stuff and Cedele has spoiled me with their Earl Grey and Fig icecream so.....was busy with the top two double scoops.
Udders has a 4+1 offer promotion on ieatishootipost but its only redeemable on Mondays to Thursdays! Till the end of the month of August.
Thanks Ian for your matcha kit kat and Pam for the earrings, and Silvanus for the icecream treat! And Breaking news (in more ways than one) only when we were about to leave! Traded stories about everything under the sky from magicians to 0/10 beauties (or lack of). Hilarious benchmarks they were...
Anyway, Mr GS, must drive us around in your swanky car next time. Meantime shall await that frap/Big Sweep Ticket/dream STB-IR job (which Silv cleverly made a connection! thanks ah now i'll be even more sore in this line) amidst year 5 craziness.

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