Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sultan Kebab, Lion City Geylang Lor 9 Porridge, Soybean City

After an insipid breakfast with the respi team and another insipider part2 lunch with a huge M4 group at the TTSH Kopitiam, and 2 more failed attempts at the Whampoa market and the Departures at Plaza Sing, Kelly and I decided to vent it off by this mighty flight of stairs next to Cathy. It leads to..... *huff puff cramps*...
This! A very very interesting mix of tenants here, and we wondered into a film exhibition by the graduating cohort of the digital academy of (we think) a polytechnic. We checked out Sinema@ Old School (its actually a side entrance) and we will be back to watch a local film when the ones we marked out are showing. They are a small local art-film cinema and will be showing films from the region in time to come.

We also walked by Timbre @ Old School - and it was open! (at around 5-6pm) Strange to see so few groups of people here - okay, its even stranger to see Timbre in daylight!

Truth is, we were intending to take a short (and rather high) cut thru to Peace Centre where we intended to have dinner. We love the eccentric architecture here. Do you spot the similarities and striking differences between this pair of semi-ds?

And we walked into Air, this furniture shop at the foot of Mount Sophia. Again do you see the contrast between the tube box and the modern designer furniture?
And this architecture of the building by the side of Peace Centre is brand new - many food tenants on the ground level - this Korean place we almost wanted to try (but sounded too healthy for us - their slogan was no spice (what!!), no pigment -very healthy and natural!), Starbucks too.
There were many art figures in the empty spaces future tenants will fill. How many people do you see here?

We finally finally reached Sultan Kebab (Level 1, Peace Centre) to find it really packed. There was a long queue (and many bystanders waiting for their orders to be prepared) and by the time we arrived the beef kebab already ran out.

Basically there are only 2 meats- chicken and beef, and it comes with rice, in a roll, with bread or iskender. Since we had no choice but chicken, we had one with rice and the other one done iskender style.
Chicken Kebab with rice, $8

I really liked the mildly flavoured (seemingly coconut-flavoured to me and seemingly chicken-flavoured to Kelly) short grained rice, but Kelly thinks the cold rice is a put-off. The sauce was really very good! It has subtle hints of tomato in the savoury, slightly spicy gravy. The meat was tender and there was alot of it.

Iskander Kebab $8

This comes with yoghurt and tomato. And the chicken meat is on toasted crisp bread. We liked this better.

When we were recee-ing Sultan Kebab (we were at the side of Peace Centre at first, Sultan Kebab is located at the main front entrance), we passed by a food court in Peace Centre with this huge signboard saying Shi Cheng (Lion City) Geylang Lor 9 Porridge and we told ourselves we will go back to try in case we cant find Sultan Kebab....Well guess what...we still went back to try DESPITE having tried Sultan Kebab!
Lion City frog porridge - chilli version $8

We really loved the sauce - it was packed with flavour and the chilli was super good! The meat was so smooth it has the texture of scallop. We really really liked this we must go to the original outlet to try it again - not sure if this is a franchise - but it is still tasty anyway.
We ordered the $2 porridge - you should eat the porridge with the sauce otherwise it will be too salty. The grains are slightly rougher and flavoured with ginger - but overall nice to eat with the sauce.

After that we walked around Prinsep Street area (went to recee Creperie Des Arts and the Japanese Manga Cafe near it but that'd be for another time) then we went back to the Selegie area again to eat beancurd at Rochor Original Beancurd( 2 Short Street) I've come here numerous times over the years as the default tauhuay cum supper place, unfortunately I've tried much BETTER tau huay over the years as well (the old airport road one takes the cake). Here the tau-huay comes in 2 sizes - 60 cents and $1 and all come prepacked in the plastic containers even if you dine in. The portion is puny! We took the hot version, $1. But it is not very smooth and was a rather dense curd - overpowered by alot of sugar syrup.
The grass jelly ($1) was firmer and sturdier and drowned in sugar syrup as well.

I ordered another soy bean (thirsty from all that walking) and Kelly bought youtiao and butterfly which we shared. The you tiao was bready and slightly crisp - we agreed that snacks like fritters don't make us go wow but its very comfort food for us. Dipping it in soya bean, chilling by the roadside is so old school.(provided it is not too hot)
I had this Sesame ball with Peanut paste . I like anything with sesame seeds and peanut so this was really one friggin delicious fritter

After chomping through most of it I realise I should show you how delicious the inside is. It is actually a chewy Muah Chee (its not the same dough fritter breed as youtiao) with a sesame batter coating and the thick sticky dense peanut paste is n the centre. It is like a deepfried cross between a peanut pancake and muah chee - yumm!

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