Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indochine Gardens by the Bay

We finally made it here on a day when rain or full bookings have been deterring our visit here. Parking was a breeze at the main car park but finding our way there was quite tricky .. Was trying to make our way here before sunset so that we can catch the day night transition.

Little did we know that there were 2 levels to the place ! We were hanging out at the restaurant and alfresco dining area - this level was higher than the ocbc walkway, and the views were framed by the branches of the super trees. But it was lovely peering through the branches ( and the see through grilled floor of the alfresco dining area !) to the picnicking families on the grasslands at the base of the trees and of cos the lovely scenery.

The dining menu was a fusion Asian genre of cuisine- we had the Vietnamese rice rolls with salmon, red fish carpaccio and beef carpaccio and the greens platter. We were submerged in the lights during the super trees light show but somehow we couldn't really hear the music ( thought sound travels up) but the blinking lights and changing colors were quite nice. Finally we overheard some diners talking about the roof top bar area so we shifted up too - a stair climb up

Here the views were unobstrtucted and the views was awesome. Looking at the bay being perched on the super tree having the 360 look around and the MBS light show from here was quite different. Didn't do drinks but had the coffee creme brûlée, my second brûlée today lol, after cafe g. Love this place will be back.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cafe Gavaroche

The weekend before I hit clr the Paris girls met for a photo exchange and some catching up. Found a lovely gem in this place at tras street ( with a very discrete entrance !).With the sunlight streaming through the central courtyard, the tiled artwork, Parisian posters, the place was pretty damn gorgeous. Great service to boot too.

I was drawn to this place cos I thought they served the traditional French breakkie ( 8 euros- comprising of baguette, croissant, fruit juice and coffee) but we ordered eggs instead. I had the eggs Benedict with salmon instead and the girls had the baked eggs. Best eggs Ben With a lovely pepperish hollandaise sauce, and fried potatoes. Desserts of creme brûlée and chocolate pots x2 to end, with mocha to down it all we felt almost back in time to those good old days.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Pre hobbit on a rainy evening I ended early and trained to tp to shop and ended up with a green work dress from the xchange.couldnt really figure out the way to 100am- but initially we planned for the ramen. Glad we settled for Lolla's in the end. Snagged a seat by the counter very much Japanese style watching the chef in action. It was most entertaining and you are just setting yourself up for getting tempted by everything that is whipped out.

We started with the sea urchin pudding ( j liked the yellow and I liked the black- squid ink, cream and yolks!), scallop carpaccio ( kinda regret not going for the tuna instead), scrambled eggs with fish roe( lovely with baguette x 2 orders one with butter and the other one with a fresh tomato purée), and j's tripe which is what led him here in the first place. Think he was a fan.

The couple next to us seemed to order up the whole menu and so did this cauc double couple ( their beet root salad and tomatoes and mushrooms looked interesting) privacy here.

So alas we got tempted by the omelette with smoked eel and we loved it ! Looking at the eel glistening makes me wanna eat it again. It should never be adulterated with teriyaki man.

And I fell asleep again. Late movies x 2 is really a test of my stamina lol. It felt so real I felt like I was in a set! IMAX 3 d is the real deal.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paris Baguette

Last Friday the last op free day I managed some time off to head to the ion bucks to read while waiting to Qian to knock off and collect the tix to les m at Lido. It was heavy downpour outside so we couldn't head to Far East so we hung around Wisma and found Paris Baguette a quiet place to hang out. Qian wanted to bring me to an udon place in taka but we were afraid it was gonna be as packed as Koh sushi so we settled for this.

We sat next to the bread section and Qian ordered an assortment of breads and pastries while I had the 3 cheese omelette. Yes think I can prob do a fry up like this at home, minus the crisp potato wedges...

Les m sure doesn't beat the musical but I imagine life would be very difficult if we were to break into a song everytime we tried to converse with someone... !! Nice to see familiar actors sing the oh so familiar songs indeed..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Baker and cook

Thurs freeish post scopes ( pulled out 4! But plenty of red out time ) mr c drove c and I out to Baker and cook at Martin Road . Missed out on this with the mountains at Greenwood cos they didn't do dine in at that time. Had the eggs Ben with a very pepperish hollandaise sauce and super thin toast. Mr c's pasta salad was a joke so he had a apple tart after but was already hungry on the drive back. Long story of the horror theater story about the stent the night before and the butt of all jokes the apitome being the dept shirt during the walkabout and the mr brown video. Hope for more coffee and eggs man( heard this place is a regular hang out !!)