Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kitchenette brunch

Scrambled eggs and veal sausage. Eggs were upsized cos we omitted one side. If you don't fancy your eggs overtly creamy you would be a fan of these. 
Steak sandwich with avocado spread on ciabatta bread. This is a really well done sandwich. A well marinated steak on a lightly toasted bread. 

Perfect for a quick and simple home made meal in a cosy setting. Service was earnest and forthcoming. Families here are clearly repeat visitors. We will be one of them :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Appare udon

Post call udon was very expensive indeed!

Huge bowl of mentaiko cream udon ( he was rather lactose intolerant after that though he enjoyed it )

My udon with tomato and eggs. 

Bowls look huge but are manageable. I guess we have pledged allegiance to Tamoya :p

Lobster pince and pints

Idea for a rainy day :) the lobster roll is puny but the lobster with the sweet chilli sauce is AWESOME! Served in a hot pot and generously lathered in sauce. Served with mini mantous.

The setting is pretty much like an American diner and the service is ernest. No complaints except for the awful parking. Would be back to try the grilled or steamed option!

Lobster roll in the most fluffy buttered roll and shoe string fries, insipid salad and creamy aioli sauce 

Sweet lobster meat in the sweeter sauce. Perfect for cold weather!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Au petit salut

The last time I was here was prob the first luxe lunch I had with Brevis.. It must have been years ago and I'm pleasantly surprised to find the menu lunch options expanded for each course. A welcome change:) 3 course lunch for 38++

Snails which make me miss those in Spain.. The garlic butter was most moreish.

J had awesome steak and I had the fish which I felt needed a tad more flavour to it

Frozen cappuccino.. An atas affogato this is.

Quiet place to catch up over lunch in a quaint little bungalow. Perfect for a rainy day hangout!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Potato Head Folk

Finally snagged a place at Three buns at Potato head folk. Awesome burgers ( lamb and beef), fries ( with a remarkable beef and hot ketchup sauce) and grilled corn ( perhaps second to Lucha Locho!). Have your burgers on the first floor open area ( the waiting list at the second floor restaurant is just crazy and apparently it's 10 percent cheaper here ) and a drink at the roof top ( the climb to the 4th floor brings you through a crash course of the rest of the restaurant and bars) with the lovely fairy lights!

Sticky toffee pudding with gula mulaka and toasted coconut sauce. 

Would be back for the mean burgers and fries. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Patisserie G

The egg dishes at Patisserie G ( Millenia Walk). 
Baked eggs with gruyere cheese- cheese got really dense towards the end ( perhaps, on cooling ). Brioche was the airiest and most crisp I've had.
Creamy scrambled eggs for the gran and the croissant here is highly recommended - very well done !

Would be back for the cakes;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No Menu Bar

A happy discovery after NDP at the promenade.. Everywhere was crazy packed including lau pa sat so we made our way down and intended to check out dinner at Sarnies ( which was closed on a Saturday night ) and we were drawn to this place which looked like a corner coffee shop- we only realised it was the No Menu Bar - ironically, after we checked out the menu. It was a good mix of hot and cold tapas ( all priced at $14), pastas, cheese and pastas

On the house 

The bruschetta is the best we've had. Ever ! The sweetest tomatoes which they brought in from Sicilly. Smoked octopus at the corner left - awesome with a tiny wee bit of salad. Squid ink pasta's definitely got an intrinsic umami taste to it. Fried potatoes were kinda a waste of my carbs :p

Smoked mozzarella cheese which was breaded and fried and in the sweetest tomato purée. I think we certainly appreciate the importance of the  quality of tomatoes after this dinner

Petit fours on the house - apple cake and meringue 

Lovely hosts for the evening and home made food is indeed a great combination for a Saturday supper :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Osteria Mozza

Post ndp preview made our way to Osteria Mozza (marina bay sands) and was lucky enough to snag a table !

Mini ricotta that's on the house 

Upsized that's on the parents

Grilled octopus perfect with the salad 
Smoked ocean trout in a spicy salad 
Lamb ragu
Linguine with clams that's spicy
Duck confit most amazing with the sweet corn and jam. Highly recommended !
Simple doughnuts with sorbet 

A trick to get a cozy corner here is to ask for the room with a surround wine cellar ;) 
Enjoyed these Italian dishes American sized served with a twist!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Vascular weekx1 mid week break at &sons( China Square). Too many eateries here ! The platypus lobster place looks awesome. &sons is surprisingly not too crowded ( a manageable work crowd) with a mix of bar seats and table seats. Of cos we were atop the bar seats.

Awesome smoked cheese and truffle pasta. The smoked cheese was grilled further and tasted like a sausage.

Beef is so so ( lukewarm ) but cod is lovely in a salsa sauce. Flakes off in a instant. 

Mushrooms - uber cheesy and creamy. Chunks of cornmeal inside this dish. 

Panna cotta flambeed. Base tasted like a light cheese ( when in fact it's panna cotta), another later of cream and the whole dessert torched and topped up with strawberries. Very interesting.

Would be back to try their array of cheeses.

Friday, June 27, 2014

63 Celcius

Finally got to meet chongs - original destination was the neighbor of 63 Celcius but I'm glad we settled for 63 Celcius in the end (Asia Square). My second visit here - missed the black rice here ( not launched yet ) during my first visit. Now I got to try the black rice - sans the uni !

I would so come back for this. Charred and smokey, with bits of squid. Tomato foam atop.

Their signature squid ink croquettes. Breaded mush of ink.

Truffled burrata burger- can't discern much of the truffle.

Magnum pop up !

Edible garden.. Bits of sour berries and edible flower

Fans of the origins health food's apple rings would love this tart with the magnum. Lots of sautéed apple bits too.

Can't wait for tomorrowland ;)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dinner at Kith, Quayside isle

Awesome incidental catchup with J and ian at vivocity before a round of dip and fries at TBC before the storm and rain hit us at dinner at Kith, Quayside Isle. Had poached salmon which was lovely with hollandaise. Just missing my bread and eggs :p and the other J to finish up the tomatoes.
Drinks at Woo bar after. Plans for French open screenings up ( and over :p)

Friday, May 30, 2014

The missing pan

Finay got to try The Missing Pan ( Bukit timah Road) one PH after getting scared off the queue once. Parked at J's old place before walking along the canel to the cafe.

Ang Moh quacker oats. Still prefer the museli at gaest.

Green eggs royale ( from the avocado spread). Oh the poached salmon was melt in your mouth. 
Confused French toast.. Slice the thick toast open and you find chicken cooked Chinese style. Smoked maple by the sides.

Tiny little shophouse along the same row as Choupinette, opened by the folks behind upper crust. Recommended by J's colleague - quite a queue, you can only use chope ! On weekdays and weekend evenings and not on Sundays.

Bought some Rosti at the deli whilst waitig for j. Can't wait to try it out!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


A long queue at the missing pan led us to this gem on May Day recommended by a colleague( with much thanks !), Gaest ( McCallum Street). It's a smallish Nordic deli, right at the end of Telok Ayer Street. We passed by my awesome cafe which is also on my to try list;)
Perched on the high stools facing the road. Awesome people watching..
One of the best muesli I had.. Super value for money at 7 bucks, a huge ass portion !
Danish omelette from the full breakfast- it's like a tortilla ( Spanish omelette) layered with potatoes. I must say the Nordics are fans of potatoes. 
Even the sandwich had potatoes.. This is a flavorful yet light vegetarian sandwich with a hazelnut spread. Interesting find. 

The bread is home made every morning and has this chewy, cake like texture. The set came with caramel and Brie cheese and we made a new discovery - bread tasted awesome with both dips( together!) 

Would be nice if I worked at the CBD and had a chance to try their sandwiches. These were from their brunch menu which is only available on the weekends ( which has more egg dishes) 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Met the chongs at Ronin ( Hong Kong street ) a beautifully done up coffee- bar where the lights are warm, place is done up with plenty of wood and there are no menus. Cash only, by the way.

The wicked is their signature drink, a lovely minty mocha. Worth coming back for 

Mushrooms and cheese. Love the crusty bread lots.
The creamiest scrambled eggs I've had in awhile. You can choose to add the option of avocado or portabello etc.
French toast ( brioche) with caramelised apples. Nice if you like soggy bread - I prefer my crisp.

Strolled to shop at granny's day out and Payless shoe source that was in the vicinity.. Can't wait for Ibiza and tmrland:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Easter Saturday post rounds/brunch at hoopla/queensway and intended run at sentosa, met n at Dibs, Duxton hill for dinner. Innovative and daring, the food here is worth coming back for ( for the oxtail and the cerviche which I should bring J to )

Marrow butter- this was all cream and fat and was fantastic on toast. With bonito flakes for an extra oomph. 

Crab cakes in a bisque- we mopped up the bisque with the bread, 'nuff said ! 
Lamb short ribs - charred the way I liked it.
Deconstructed strawberry shortcake- n's favorite part was the toasted marshmallow. Bits and pieces all over the plate for us to mix and match. 

This place spins awesome music by the way. House tracks remixed, top that up with shochus ( we tried the strawberry milk, ginger, yuzu and plum ) we were two happy troopers;)