Saturday, November 23, 2013


Celebrated moms birthday at Jaan, finally got to try their set lunch ;) and finally, a weekend off ! :)
Chicken mini fried dumpling , cheese on a cracker( with an uber cute clip), hummus with papadum and eel on a spoon, clockwise :p
The amuse bouche -Mushroom cappuccino, with bits of walnut 
Fish with crayfish- most tender and a crisp skin batter. Served with lentils
The most memorable dish - Brie with chestnut stuffing, walnut and raisins and an über awesome truffle icecream !
Pre dessert palate cleanser- sorbet with a coconut meringue 
Poached peer for dessert 
Chocolat for mom 
And an awesome petit fours to finish the awesome lunch. My favorite is the lolli in the middle- rosemary icecream Coates with chocolate.
Highly recommends for special occasions! Great service, ambience and surprises from chef in between the ordered sets. Fine dining without being to spiffy ;)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Violet oons kitchen

Celebrated jas birthday here on a Wednesday, two days after the actual, at Violet oons kitchen (Bukit Timah Road). Modern take on peranakan cuisine - think pasta and pizza with a twist. She still does serve the traditional dishes like the ayam buah keluak and curry chicken.
My favorite tahu goreng in a longitudinal presentation. I think I do miss eating teloh goreng!
Meatless meatballs- prob my favorite of the night 
Curry chicken with jala - the latter being a stringy potato pancake. Curry was über thick and lemak mmm.
Pita bread with chilli crab dip and ayam buah keluak dip. My favorite part was prob just the bread ( which I dipped in the curry)

Tapioca cake - über good with gula Melaka.
Bread and butter pudding with whiskey - not my cup of tea but the girls seemed to like it.

Nice drizzly night having dinner with loved ones, bliss ! Happy birthday jas!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tamoya udon

This is my second time here- first was with my siblings when I had the extra chewy version and it came dry with a separate dip. It warrants a separate visit as this is on the top 50 list to try ;)

Omg this is the best recovery food after tennis ( perfect after rain weather and improved ground strokes :p ). Raw egg udon ! Tasted oh so fab with the crusted bits of tempura.add seaweed and spring onion for garnish.. The dip is not really necessary cos it tasted too good on its own !!

Out of the tempura we had (prawn, sweet potato, eggplant and pumpkin ) our favorite was prob the last. Sigh an inspiration for our remaining quarter in the fridge :p

Ended the night with Paris masters finals djokovic vs ferrer pity for a déjà vu 2-0. Crabbies ginger beer- this time with strawberry and lime never fails to knock us out :p 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Naked Finn

Post post call on a slightly drizzly Tuesday night, made our way to Naked Finn ( though I thought I wanted to save it till pre call thurs )... Sat at the counter watching the mixologist do their thing ;) think we much prefer to watch cooks lol.
Really happy we got to try their momo- cocktail! He showed us the peach liqueur he used in addition to the fresh momo, grossly pounded into a mixture with dry gin. We have thus started the countdown for the hunt for this momo liquer
We went ala carte- had the twin portion of squid, scallop cerviche and the piquant vermicelli. I like the crunch ends of the squid much.

Had the fried barramundi too the crisp skin is done to perfection.
We had the prawns as well. J had fun peeling all 12 of them haha. 

They were nice to give us a conplimentary serving of the pumpkin soup! Much reminds us of the pumpkin ( unintended ) purée that we tried to cook on Sat night lol. Too bad they ran out of the mussels !!

On a separate note ... Happy eating and posting ;) whatever floats your boat.