Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kith (quayside isle)

Thanks to the Paris trio for asking me out to finally check out Kith at sentosa( where wans is a regular !!). Lovely hearty portions indeed, and the cakes look worth a try next time. Took a stroll round W and one degree 15 though it was way too hot. Finally booked  more Japan stuff today before dinner. Looking forward to more leisurely strolls ;) 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Great treating ourselves two days in a row ! Finally landed ourselves at Bomba, Martin road, to try out the ever elusive paella. Booked bar seats by the window;)

Nothing that's grilled escapes us now! This grilled octopus is not as smokin as the one at foodbar dada but still was yums with the mash.

This tortilla is more like a potato pancake than an egg omelette layered with potato. And nah that ain't uni over there. Los primos still rocks my tortilla world.
Classic paella. Tasty and simple but we would like more seafood :p only half a crab here ! Makes us think of la cicalas though - tinge of regret not choosing the squid ink one tonight.

Boisterous atmosphere and hearty food - but prob spoilt by our previous experiences at other places. Lovely still ;)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Wow ! Am a big fan of The Fabulous Baker Boy at The Foothills, Fort canning park. Visited a vintage sale at Bacchanalia at the masons club (actually thought we could brunch there but they only had bar food for the boys!) then browsed furniture and lomocameras at Armenian, before we headed here.

It has a huge terrace for al fresco dining - groups of friends and families here, even a group of cosplay girls- made for quite interesting people watching. We perched on the stools looking out to the road facing Clarke Quay ( only 4 seats here, seems like its only meant for 2 couples at a time). 

This big breakkie has got to be the best ever. Pure joy with eggs, brioche, beef bacon, mushrooms all together in one mouthful!!
The Guiness beef pie was a little sinewy - the beef. Was spying on the pumpkin goat cheese salad at my neighbour's.
Visited the public flea market at the MICA building after - loads of art galleries and even an art gallery dedicated to Singa lion and all his friends ( who are now extinct, by the way). Was quite happy to see Oriole there so I could get my mocha  fix ( fab didn't serve mocha cos they were purist lol)

We were so impressed with fab baker boy we bought cakes to Js house for dinner - the carrot cake and red velvet was huge , generous , and most delicious. Highly recommended!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Carpenter and cook

Goodbye to those protected, carefree days, scudwork and menial tabling. Hello to more expectations and accountability and team management and decision making. How apt it is to enjoy these last moments in a vintage eatery like Carpenter and Cook in Lorong Kilat and say good bye to history ( with my favoritest resfren) and with the farewell at Rice table (oh my, the price must have doubled since I ate there though the sayur lodeh and the fried egg tofu is still as good as ever). Helloyellorego.

By the way, the cakes here rock. The banoffee pie had the most wonderful, lightest cream in the right proportions to the base and bananas, and the salted caramel chocolate tart was very balanced too. Mmm. Just don't come here thinking you can eat big eggs and big breakfasts. It's for dainty girls to have tea and cake... Though I most certainly do not belong to that demographic( though I don't mind idling away that way ...)