Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jin Shan

The first weekend I managed to get off tks to C I took Gran to Marina Bay Sands. Actually wanted to take her to Royal China at Raffles but its far too late to reserve on the day itself - hence I made a reservation for next week (which I couldnt wake up to, and eventually postponed again). Hence, we just drove to MBS hoping to find some Chinese restaurant there. There is an Imperial Treasure there but I thought since I had tried it before with her we might as well explore more (and keepin in mind that I saw a Chinese restaurant on my way to Sweet Spot with the T3ers). I found out that the restaurant was Jin Shan (Level 1, Hotel Lobby, Marina Bay Sands).
MBS is mighty crowded during the weekends - esp the hotel lobby where its packed with tourists(and also, local tourists I suppose?). Luckily Jin Shan wasnt crowded and we could secure our seats - and soon after, was surrounded by hotel guests. Jin Shan has an open concept, but where we were sitting we werent facing any hotel crowds.

Drunken chicken was smooth and the wine aroma distinct.. I felt this was much meatier and tastier than the one at Paradise Dynasty.

Been always wantin to try the Poached Vegetable with assorted eggs of Eggs, Salted egg, Century egg. Its not as salty as I thought it would be (from the salted egg and century egg) and since I loved eggs this dish was quite delicious.
Fried white bait was actually my favourite - I eat lotsa white bait at home with eggs or porridge but those were really really tiny ones which tend to be really salty (the dried ones). Here, the fried batter is super light and the fish really crispy. This is REALLY good!!!
Custard balls - this has a cuttlefish layer around the custard filling and was also DAMN DELICIOUS!! The cuttlefish batter was quite chewy and with the crisp fried batter and the salty fluid custard this was Gran's favourite (and a close second, after the fried white bait).
Birds Nest Egg Tart
Walking around MBS during weekends means bumping into people in stilts or people having fun on these yo-yo stands - they really look soooo fun to swing around (but I'd definitely get dizzy). I love Sundays with gran sooooo much.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Qun Zhong Eating House

Noodles with mushroom sauce

Steamed Vegeterian Dumplings
Red Bean Pancake
Dumplings in Rose flavoured water (left) and Osmanthus (right)

It was the Thursday before Deepavali and chongs and i went out for dinner after an absolutely shag day. For a start it was early cos of M and M's then didnt round finish then poor c had to run about loads! Kels also switched her call (planned for an outing with her) but i managed to try obriens with her still and some catching up. The big eats and salmon cheese was good but a tad ex for sandwiches i could easily do plans with that babe to firm up soon (who's on leave! i must book one of her days).

By 8 plus most people disappeared but C and I were still around - wanted to jio Matt but he had dinner home so we arranged to meet next week. C and I then took a ride down Maxwell to try QunZhong Eating House (21 Neil Road). Chongs said the last time hl brough her here and she was quite blown away by the chinese food and the dumplings here (and even brought her family We were lucky to get a parking lot at the carpark outside (cos if not,we'd be at Maxwell!) and lucky for the fast moving queue. Had to share table though, very much like Hong Kong days. We eventually shared a round table with a very very quiet couple who did not mumble a single word to each other. Its really not the first couple I've seen who behaves like that- sad is the married mundane life.
I saw the menu - a really simple one only 16 items and a picture for them all - noodles, dumplings, tang yuan and pancakes. The Chinese Pizza was completely sold out.

The noodles with mushroom sauce (vegeterian) came in first- nothing too spectacular. The vegeterian dumplings were also quite different from the ones I eat at Crystal Jade - I guess I'm used to the sticky crystal skin ones there. Here, it is the normal dumpling skin texture and stuffed with minced vegetables and taupok - it went quite well with the chilli on the table.

But what was really good was the Red Bean Paste pancake - it like a really thin crusted fried nian gao with red bean paste within. Freshly fried and piping hot - the crust was crispy and yet not oily. Awesomeness.

The rose flavoured and osmanthus flavoured tangyuan (sweet dumplings) were also mighty awesome. Its like sweet dumplings in tea/floral flavoured water. And the dumplings were so soft and fillings yummy - I had many red beans, a peanut, and a walnut paste (with bits of walnut). Really really good (thought I still like the peanut soup at the Ghim Moh Market Ah Baling).

But by 10pm we were rushed out of the restaurant - closing time! we were shoved the bill and told x 2 to go. We dragged our tired selves out to the taxi/car for home. Such an experience that reminds me so much of hong kong. gonna miss C (my new hubs) when she goes off to Japan.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Strictly Pancakes

A reminder to Kels to please come half hour after our stipulated meeting time esp post work - today one of my pts had to have his op cancelled cos needed to be nkf-ed; in the end there was a massive delay. And spent most part of the early aftern watching a lap gastrect; mr C is super hilarious in the ot his exclamations in droppin the LN in some dark corner is really funny. Love the atmosphere in the ot till kt went off...and got replaced by a smallie. Gosh that smallie has big airs.
Anyways, confusion between dhoby and outram aside, we took a long stroll to Strictly Pancakes (44A Prinsep Street), past the very new and gorgeous School of the Arts. Great architecture there. We found ourselves in a very homely second floor, and shifted to our own corner, in a very comfy sofa seat and gentle lighting. Love the homeliness of this place, very much like the Merry Men.
We chose this savoury : Potatoes, Leek and Cheese Pancakes - came with mushrooms.
We also added a side of the very creamy scrambled eggs - you can add a side at $2.50 and there are loads of options to choose from: mushrooms, eggs, meat, etc. You can also choose your choice of butter: we chose garlic and herb (instead of the very interesting rum and raisin butter). I must say this was a chunky pancake! It wasnt as cheesy as Kels would have liked it, but its a lovely savoury choice. When you top the pancake with maple syrup (sweet and salty) and some garlic and herb butter it becomes quite amazing.

The peanut butter pancakes with nutella filling and kinderbueno, vanilla bean icecream was quite ingenous. We sliced the pancakes right in half to share, and it felt like we were eating a layered cake. Layers of peanut butter batter with nutella is really quite a loadful of normal sandwich filling, but we werent complaining. It was mighty comfort food, esp when loaded my icecream, anytime.

And what you must REALLY TRY, is the chocolate peanut butter milkshake! It is TOTALLY AMAZING! Its Reese's in a cup, I tell you, All pureed and juiced up. Its really really delicious. Much more interesting than the normal peanut butter milkshake at Once upon a Milkshake.

We strolled all the way to Tom's Palette (Level One, Shaw Towers) and Chronos was already closing shop (at 10pm) but he kindly asked Eunice who very kindly took out the tub of the Salted egg icecream. And guess what! They asked us to sample first though we asked them straight up to just give us a cup each! Thats how patient they were despite closing up already! (i guess we must have looked damn gian plus sweaty lol;P) OMG! This was another amazing thing we ate that day. Its a little hard to imagine what Salted egg icecream could taste like; its super innovative - bit of salted egg within the icecream - its a salty ice cream that Kels like. After a while I felt like I was eating moon cake as thats the only sweet thing salted egg could be in. Super yummy though.

We ended up walking thru City Hall to the new underpass all the way thru Esplanade! I was quite amazed at how Raffles City had changed (the Canale exploded, suddenly), past the newly renovated (or expanded?) basement where I finally got to see the menu of Gong Cha, thru the underpass pass the many many 7-11s (we were really thirsty) to Esplanade. We wanted to drink at Orgo but it was closed for a private event when I had this crazy idea to go to Butter - but in the end we settled at the Starbucks at Fullerton sipping on our Mango Passion Fruit, reading my spankin new Makansutra 2011 (thanksssssss!) and my Black Butler. I seem to be amusing everyone with my new phase of reading manga....very funny meh??? I'm only trying to improve my chinese. And much too lazy to plough through a wordy novel. I fall asleep within 3 pages of manga and thats already not many words and characters lol. And of cos our plans to club fell thru cos the queue was mad and so we walked back to Esplanade when the ATM ran out of cash (gosh) and I saw a bus (at 1215pm) so happily took it to nearer home to cab back. When I texted Kels I realised she really really didnt mind clubbin so I really not going on our virgin experience (nv ever ever been anywhere with her even in hk) but anyway, no misses, cos our night was just perfect. Miss our adventures in med sch muchos;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spruce Taqueria

Tacos with Crabmeat
Quesidillas with mushrooms

Grilled snapper with rice bowl

Monday in the middle of the month is good cos the other con is away and with 8 pt and spending the whole morn predischarging = lunch out. Misst bf at k&t with chongs so hopefully made up with lunch out;) wanted to try platypus test kitchen (which I shall try another time) vs spruce but in the end with the car we decided to try Spruce Taqueria (320 Tanglin Road Phoenix Park).

Expected a shack, and indeed, it was. It's a shack in the midst of the greens, facing the phoenix park buildings, and facing the condo. Only thing spoiling the atmosphere, or rather, the scent was the grass-cutter lol. Other than that, it felt like a picnic by a shack. Quite a cool idea. And thank god for the cloudy weather! When we were walking past the main restaurant of Spruce we were actually tempted to dine here (esp after I spied on some diner's mini burgers that look good). Must revisit again soon. Casted glares at fellow diners who could also afford the luxury of talking about everything under the sky during a casual lunch (and not like us rushing back, for her to do post op r/v lol).
There were 3 types of mains to choose from : rice, tacos, quesidilas of which all the fillings/toppings you can then choose. For eg, you can choose beef tongue/short rib/grilled snapper/mushrooms. And a daily special; for today it was crab, and of cos, we chose the crab whose filling would be the thickest: that would be in the tacos!!
The most impressive looking one was of cos the crab tacos, and it turned out to be Chong's favourite. I think she just likes anything in shells. The tortilla wrap itself was a bit too thick and floury and after a while turned a lil soggy so not that great. She ended up eating her favourite crab filling with the crisp nachos.
Hence, I liked the quesidillas (stuffed with mushrooms) much much better as the ratio of cheese to sauce to meat to tortilla ratio was perfect and it was crisp, like a Mexican prata. Loved it! But what i REALLY loved was the salsa sauce with loads of chopped onions within. Mad love this was totally delicious!! It was spicy and tangy (a tad too spicy for chongs) but absolutely up my alley.
Btw, guacomole is 3 bucks here and so is sour cream another 2 bucks. Pay for all your condiments! A real no frills/pay for your own frills place. Other than that each tacos/quesidillas comes with a portion of that kick ass salsa which is good enough for me next time.
The rice bowl with grilled snapper was really lovely as well - salsa sauce and sour cream goes so damn well with the rice. The grilled snapper was salted but tender and delicious.
Btw, the drinks here are MIGHTY SOUR! Chongs had the lemonade and I had the watermelon-lime drink ; mine was less sour but for once, I didnt mind it cos it was so refreshing!! Tasted quite unique as well.
As we were sitting there feeding flies, mostly working folks (expats) dropped by with a friendly hello to tapao food back. Only another couple dined in (but to their disappointment, beef tongue ran out. We both had the same expression ;P
We ta paoed 2 cakes back from Spruce: a super duper dense brownie (damn gao chocolate with nice crusts) and a cocoa orange sour cream pound cake (which had orange peel and tasted remarkably like a fruit cake). It was meant for Chongs and JY but obviously I had big bites of it;)
Came back to a plug to resite x4 (lucky I got it the uncle was giving me last chance) and another hern to clerk but other than that it was an early day to meet zehan later. As I type this I'm still burping away from lunch dunno how I'm gonna roll over to dinner! But I love our Monday work lunches out dear chongs its sure a great way to jump start the week;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fou De Fa Fa, Sweet Spot

It was the day of changeover the day our new sips arrived; but we were so efficient we finished our changes way early (1030am) plus mteo didnt round so we quickly zoomed out for lunch at Fou De Fa Fa (168 Robinson Road #01-05 Capital Tower ). Actually took a little deliberation at the visitors lobby but I was quick to change outta scrubs (put on Irene's top;P) and car at NCC ie quick lunch escapade. Parking bloody rip off $6 for an hour plus. Oh well; luckily to find my own bungalow lot though we got a lil lost finding the entrance, and eventually the place itself (right round the corner past Starbucks). The moment we entered Fou the aroma just hit us and we were so hungry and everything on the menu on the blackboard sounded incredibly delicious.

Big Hug photo courtesy of daniel; chokeful of chicken shreds, salad and beans, this was very yummy and wholesome. Its like a giant wrap.
Pancake Lasagna; the idea of putting pancake sheets into lasagna instead of using the tried and tested idea of pasta is really ingenious. Its a savoury pancake and incredibly thin, the sauces just made this dish quite sensational. Loaded with chicken.
We ordered the Fou Pizza; this was a paper crack thin pizza; resembles a spin off from Skinny Pizza. Crust was quite non existent its like eating loads and loads of salad.

We were actually more at ease when the magical 11am hit...even had the mood to crossover to Secret Recipe for dessert but evenutally wanted to bring them to Flor but a wrong turn got us in the direction facing Marina Bay Sands - and with an extremely awkward left turn (almost st into a cab), we were on our way. Again boomz to the parking.

It feels strangely unreal being in MBS on a weekday;let alone roaming around the empty shops. What a luxury ;) We managed to find our way to the dessert shop I've always wanted to try. Sweet Spot (Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Level 1). On my way past Sweet Spot had a mental check about the Chinese restaurant nearby at the Lobby and ended up bringing gran there eventually.

Had my eyes on this Rum and Raisin Cheesecake as soon as I saw it; has a cute syringe sticking outta its ass with rum within; twas fun injecting it in, it feels like im squeezing the N/S or lignocaine container. This cake has a white chocolate shell and a light cheese interior; I guess most of the fun comes to suffusing the cake with rum yourself!
Mille feuille is like layers of pastry; like strudel minus the fruit, with loadsa icing. Messy to share, but its quite yumms.
Their signature chocolate cake...
Complex layers of chocolate ganache and cake. This was incredibly good! This was almost everyone's favourite new cake. D then took my car to buy M lunch while S and I had to prepare for Teo. This was so spontaneous miss my t3ers loads;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was one of the happiest Monday when I pumped into Kelly at my favourite plastics corner doing my dc and we decided we were gonna have dinner together. This is the best thing about being in the same hosp as my best friend; instantaneous outings, and help available. It got me through my day so much easier, and my exit as predicted was early enough for me to leave before 630 pm (for once). This is the start to an extremely good week.
(before that, we were actually at Ice cream gallery with my team which I'd blog about some other time). Kels has been wanting to try porn's but I persuaded her to try Chili's ( Tanglin Mall) cos I was really craving fried/cheesy/burgers/grease, and Chili's is everything that.

I love Tanglin Mall on a weekday cos its so quiet and feels private. Andrea de cruz was also spotted there, and even dining at Chili's too. Really quite gorgeous I must say ;)

Mixed Platter; This has the best of everything but I loved the Southwestern Egg rolls: tortilla filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeƱo Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach. fried spring roll with eggplant and chicken within. It was a very interesting wrap of meat and veggies. The other chicken pieces were quite unimpressionable.

Mini Beef Burgers
were not so tiny after all; these feel like upclass quarterpounders with cheese and sauteed onions. The meat was gruffy and so was the tasty toasted bread. The crispy onion strings were tempting me hence this choice instead of the cheesesteak!
Cheese fries - we got them to rewarm this, cos the cheese just glued the chunks of fries together. It got much cheesier and warmer after they re did it.

We were barely rolling out of the restaurant; we checked out Oomphatico's brunch, then walked along Tiedor Court down to St Regis where I went to check out the dim sum at St Regis. St Regis is sooooo quiet !! Gosh its quite deafening.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Merry Men

from our lounge seats - epitome of chill
super cool shelves

First Saturday after changeover was great for catching up on sleep - missing brunches suggested by chongs/xh/zh but eventually met chongs for dinner that turned to supper (the meal officially ended at midnight). That was a great treat post mummy dragging me to buy sports shoes at queensway - couldnt find mine but was so glad could find hers, ie i could just buy at my leisure. Goes to show how long i havent ran - being forced to buy for my italy trip lol. by hook or by crook.

We met at Kino (where I traded my book 3 cos i bought two copies of les gouttes the same one!! and picked up my two new morbid mangas i pre-ordered). gonna create a shelf soon to store my growing collection of manga. Really wondering whether I should get a Kino card but I think not for the moment otherwise I'd really go crazy during those members only sales. Shopping for chongs work shoes was a lil unsuccessful so we ended up hurrying to The Merry Men (86 Robertson Quay), which was quite a mean walk from the usual Robertson Quay area I was used to. This place is even further up from Boomerang over a bridge. That row of shophouses housed Bacchus (which I wanna try soon) and Bar Bar Black Sheep. Never knew BBBS was so class! the one at bt timah that im so used to is overtly casual I guess.
When we got there the indoors was completely empty! The al fresco area was full though. We happily lounged in the sofa with the conjoint pillows and it was so cosy it felt like home. Esp since we were facing the tv (it was showing bpl, which had figuresticks to tiny to watch). Eventually in came a big group of young boys downing beer and totally engrossed in the ball, not distracted by passing girls. Also saw j he and jkok there. This totally feels a place that Chongs might open. And I'l be her official icecream supplier ;) Deviled Eggs - simply hard boiled eggs with treated yolks

Spaghetini Crabmeat Aglio Olio - Chongs and I loved this loads. Done al dente with great bight and flavour from the chilli flakes.
Cheese sticks - stuffed with mozarella.
Blue cheese burgers - I tend to love mini burgers now, esp since when the fries overwhelm the burgers.
Truffled shoestring fries - we tend to forget that normally burgers come with fries (tho the above ones didnt come with truffled fries which we wanted). and oh boy this was a HUGE ass portion!!!!!!! Was eventually lounging back on our couch watching soccer and munching on the fries (I was, mostly lol). Chongs has lousy fries stamina now, and I think I'm well trained by Kels.

We ate till the match ended at midnight - past somebody's bd at the outdoors, and we took a stroll round the river and beyond - actually it led all the way past two bridges (loadsa merry making, love making) past condos (which i wished i stayed in so i can crash post party) and hotels, towards zouk - we walked round the back of zouk past a very very very nice lambo, down the entire stretch past grand copthorne and river view. Saw the aspects of zouk/robertson quay that I never knew existed. Chongs was imagining walking her non existent dog (which she'd also dress in a costume for halloween!!!!) when we saw someone walking dogs and dropping them as she walked them (three of them with super short legs). The one super hilarious event we would imagine was if we were indeed costuming as police - and we blew the whistle and loudhailer would anyone bother (cos the hotel manager actually chided the officers for turning a blind eye on the punks)

We eventually decided to costume watch at Clarke Quay. Got rather fascinated with huai ren car and hei ren at the car park. Lotsa construction workers that night, zen man, swimwear lady, swimwear twins. Super bizarre human behaviour that night.

We got tired of squeezing with the crowds (it really felt like a club in clarke quay!!!!!- although we went to none altho we were tempted to go pump). So like laozabors, we just plonked at Haagan Daz (Clarke Quay) to enjoy this Royal Monte Carlo - supposed to be coffee and cappucino truffle ice cream with waffles, but the waiter let us choose our flavours - originally planned for dark chocolate orange and caramel biscuit , but they gave us an extra scoop in the end, cos they put in cappucino truffle instead. Still this was a great combi of ice cream (cos its three scoops, yeah). Its too enjoyable to sit and eat or drink, then to bounce our ass off on the dance floor or go around scaring people or taking pictures with interesting costumes. Lost that halloween spirit, sadly. Will soon be a parent dispensing the trick/treat lol...... Chongs and I loved how some parents brought their tiny tots out dressed in costume (tho one was in a pram, scary).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paradise Dynasty

Went with grans to her church and after zz off during a class (i never zz off before you can imagine how those 4-5am days are really testing my stamina), we took a slow drive to Paradise Dynasty (Level 4, Ion Orchard). After this meal, Grans declared no more dim sums for us cos she'd much prefer proper dishes like today's (I think I ordered loads of meats, which she liked ;)) Besides, the dim sum menu here is really tiny. They specialise in Shanghai dishes, and not many dim sum items, mostly buns and such.
Paradise Dynasty does not accept reservations; only Taste Paradise further down does. Luckily we didnt wait for too long; we got ushered to an alfresco seat outside- I've never dined alfresco at an upper floor of an Orchard shopping mall before; actually , my rule is that I never dine alfresco anyway (heat tolerance too low). But grans doesnt mind cos it was a cloudy day..

Bamboo shoots in oyster sauce which turned out to be Gran's favourite - old people like simple dishes, I conclude. I wanna ask her to buy these from market but market apparently doesn sell...

Scrambled egg white with scallop and crab meat ; my favourite! mixing it all together with the yolk and the sauce makes it so delicious. I love eggs in any form. Makes me think of my daily Set A at kaffe and toast!
Drunken Chicken - very strong wine taste;i guess the chicken's not the only thing drunk.
Fish Slices with wine and fungus; not as drunk as the chicken! Also realised Gran's not a fan of fungus (then why always buy from market for us.......)
Fried Rice with Prawn and chai Poh; fragrant wok hei taste, I was deep in conversation on why home cooked rice doesnt have that smokey taste ;P
We went to buy more Halloween chocolates (hersheys finally sell their mini chocolates in 3 flavours but only during halloween season only; otherwise only found in hershey's world!); and more of my comic series of bakuman and les gouttes. I cant believe i've found a new phase in manga; i was deliberating on buying that kino card when i justified that i shouldnt be spending so much on manga (and qian said she can help me buy in tw.....hehe). But manga's just so brainless compared to a novel - still on The Passage. Can't wait for Jonathon Frazen's new novel to be restocked in bookshops; they all got recalled when I tried to find them the other time.