Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Akashi, Starbucks Rochester

Codfish set

Chiraishi set

Lunch at Akashi Paragon is worth the savings instead of dinner cos for exactly the same set at different times of the day its there was zero crowd. Prob the default jap choice for town food now for mummy and me... Today's more of a pre recee trip prior to my jan ny trip to prep up for woodsbury
Choc lava
Apple Crumble cheesecake

At Starbucks Rochester with J fiddling with the white light settings so that my cheesecake doesnt appear more yellow then it actually is...

Alfresco balcony settings is quite the chill out here at Rochester starbucks, in a colonial bungalow. Loving it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Knolls, Capella

Love the variety in the bread basket
Love the froth in the seafood soup!

Seabass pasta...the tiny bits of pasta was really delicious in the tomato based sauce though im not usually a fan of the latter...
Creme brulee...and a very thin layer at that (such that the caramelised layer felt as thick as the creme layer)

Enjoying the art at Capella..

Its just too dark everywhere in capella...
But drive in through the dark for this gem;) restaurant week 11

Saturday, March 3, 2012


My mantra in PAS...

Eggs Benedict, Truffled scrambled eggs, Ricotta Cheese pancakes, Rosti..

Post call me fetched on call Cheang out = 2 sleepys, 1 post wedding...heh. 3 girls = getting disorientated trying to find this place.. plus a super power woman who shifted away.. Was such a lazy brunch (till cheang had a new case). Super healthy tasting food - Cheang was craving the ricotta cheese pancakes (which was super thin but had this crisp nutty nougat that was really delish). The rosti was really crisp too. The eggs were a little too airy fairy. Overall just a very bright sunny spacious place to hang out, see and be seen. Misst the old District 10 ;) and its very yummy truffle mushroom pizza...soon to try!