Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chikuwa Tei Japanese Restaurant

It was daddy's birthday and the day before that on a sunday, my fam went to Chikuwa Tei Japanese Restaurant (9 Mohamed Sultan Road) to celebrate. Mom damn scared i forget to book cos i was on call on friday and concuss on sat but of cos i wont forget. Printed out many pics and mommy was even more excited about it than dad was. dad was surprised i found the plaque pictures. i must say my hard drive has alot alot of treasure!
This place is the same chef that ran the one man show at Wasabi Tei and i loved loved his thick slices of fish in the chiraishi. I was a repeat customer for his $20 chiraishi don despite the long queues and the squeeze and i must say i miss that atmosphere and virulence of his. This place just feels more clinical and impersonal. but im NOT complaining cos we can make reservations and we're guranteed a seat! been meaning to bring mommy to the old far east place but the once we tried, it was a public hol and it wasnt open. her fren and her didnt want to queue the other time they tried. so im glad mommy got a chance to try this time round.
Mommy and Dad tried the chiraishi don - chokeful of salmon/tuna/swordfish/scallop/uni/tamago. And they loved the rice. Even my gran commented on how good the short grain rice was and asked me if i know how to buy from the supermarket. I watched him prepare the rice before in his old outlet, and i thought i saw him add vinegar/sake and using his hands to manually stir the rice. Told grandma it takes much more than just rice grains and water!
It was packed tonight and a large group of boys beside us..generally its quite noisy at the tables where there are groups of people indulging in conversation. and i guess i would aim to sit at the bar the next time. I'm sure the people there would behave with the (now quite smiley)chef looming over them.
Brother's tempura udon im sure he regretted not going for the chunky chiraishi. this is definitely not enough for the hungry boy.
Sister's unagi set rice. She surprised me with this meaty choice as she's not one to go for meats. Think she just wanted a change from her usual cha soba/udon/carb choices. this is a real thick juicy chunk of unagi it was.
Gran's codfish hotpot set. I've been always wanting to try this. Boy are the portions huge!!many chunks of codfish and alot of veg (which mommy ate) in this. And as commented gran loved the rice. hmm should try researching the rice the next time i get time to go to a supermarket
My salmon head hot pot set. I forgot about it after i took a group pic so its a lil stirred around. Its got really tender salmon chunks there but i guess i'd go for the codfish the next round as it is 100% meat. Love the soup which is really cheng yet tasty.
Each of the above came with 2 plates of pickled veg. I missed the slivers of seaweed he served before the meal last time. Tried to order some black seaweed in vinegar but its not the same one!! it was like the chinese "far cai" drenched in vinegar. Mmm.
Old is gold man.

Friday, June 25, 2010

La Nonna

Relief from Wed means I had to quickly ask the person I stood up on Monday (after peer selecting session and had dinner with singhealth TY ortho folks instead, with bang/jerry/cheryl/andrew- sigh in the end I was the only one who turned up for gs but congrats to the paeds MO and IM resident for getting it! more saigang hahahaha), so quickly asked N and he recommended La Nonna (72 Namly Place). Rare of him to suggest a place so I took it up of cos! Gorgeous skies on the way there. Turning into Sixth Avenue. Zipped home to drop car off so we went off in N's car instead.

When we reached there i realise this is the place I've been wanting to try for the longest time! It is in a quiet and charming (and expensive!) neighbourhood, and my mom does go to the drycleaners at the same row of shophouses. Love such neighbourhood shophouses, like I do those at Greenwood.
Crisp flat bread and a bun. the crisp/soft combi is so yummy.,
Bruschetta - caviar, goat's cheese and tomato.
Love the crabmeat linguine! plenty of shredded crabmeat tossed in tomato cream sauce.

Lamb chops - tender but small portions. i wished lambs were XXL. always don't get enough of it in the chops/shoulder/shanks.

we were wondering if we were in for something that we may or may not like for the rest of our life! whats the value of work if we spend most of our living and waking hours doing something we don't like?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baits by Ding Tai Feng (Resorts World Sentosa), Jones the Grocer(Dempsey)

Today was a fine day after 17 hour marathon and woke up just in time to find gran downstairs for breakfast. lets change the routine sunday so i went with her to church and listened to the funky hokkien sermon - getting jolted about fathers day, and the fact that fathers and mothers day needs to be around so children rem to be filial at least once a year =P and the lack of need for wives/husbands/kids day cos such love is natural on a daily basis and there is no need for a special occasion to commerate it. Food for thought. How often do you express your love for your folks?
todays sermon was basically about the need for being truthful and straightforward in life, and its rather sad that most people put up a front to impress and to get on in life, and only in a state of intoxication do people reveal their true self. Honesty is a value instilled by elders, and if the elders do not impart this, each generation will degenerate exponentially, and dishonesty breeds dishonesty. This is definitely nurture mostly, hardly nature. In a bid for self survival its hardly a brotherhood mentality in mankind. To remain civil and civic minded requires conscious reminding and self check so that we do not go astray.
And its so important to reward your children for their honesty. Do not chide them for being honest and reporting their breakage/failure/falls/dismeanour/misbehaviour else they will never trust you to help them with their failures. You only prolong the agony, not help resolve their problems.
My gran protects me so much she's such a love =) it is my pleasure to bring her out today. My intention was to bring her to Vivo to try Bosses, but somehow our spontaenity led us to Resort Worlds Sentosa. We somehow went thru the gantry unscathed - btw, turn LEFT to the RWS carpark, i turned right to the hotel drop off but ended up touring the island before going into the VERY EX! carpark. 7 bucks for first hour and 2 bucks for subsequent hour zomg.
We went up to Universal Studios (really regret not allowing gran to bring her smaller bag with the brolly), and took some gorgeous photos (it was sweltering hot so the colours super brilliant at the expense of all the uv hahaha), and zoomed into Hersheys World. Picked up Reese's Whites and the assortment Nuggets which we bought before in US (mainly for mummy who says its not enough!).
We walked around the shopping gallery, the hotel, past the casino (dont go casino after church la, haha), and then after a round about, past some lost locals at Hard Rock Cafe, we ended up at Baits by Ding Tai Feng (Resorts World Sentosa). We entered by the wrong entrance, and after going thru the semi full restaurant to the proper entrance, we were greeted by a queue of 2 groups. Waited again (sigh DTF always gotta wait), but we were ushered in quite fast. By then we were melting away.
Love this xiaocai - sour doused vegetables in chilli oil. The seaweed and tau guar were aplentiful. Somehow this reminds me of the doused noodles in Hong Kong - the small stalls within the shopping mall, where you can select the noodles and vegetables
This awsome Duck in spring roll was just amazing. Smoked duck (the skin seems fried too) in freshly fried crisp and thin spring rolls, really really yummy.
Claypot tofu was nothing much to shout about, except there was plenty of seafood within. Should have gone for the sizzling hot plate tofu.
Steamed vegeterian dumplings. The innards has minty veggies and was really tasty with the dipping chilli paste.
Gran was really full so i ended up eating much of the above =P, we quickly zaoed off to get the car to get out. haha! 2 hours = 9 bucks. Otw to Baits I saw 7th heaven and i shall try it another time. Apparently they have soups and savoury stuff there now.
Sent Gran home, then met up with mountains - at first supposed to be at Holland V but then after their crystal jade lunch at Holland v with pri sch mate, jo, plans to go essential brews were shelved cos well, the shop is shelved! what happened!
decided to head to Jones the Grocer (Dempsey Hill) thereafter.
Fans of fruitshakes was the new couple while qian and i stuck to our milky chocolatey choices. Qian's chocolate milkshake and my mudslide coffee on the right. Was between mocha irish coffee (ice blended) and mudslide but chose the latter as it came with a scoop of chocolate chip chocolate icecream. Really yummy, with all that chocolate sauce within too!
Anti pasti selection - we chose to replace with cheeses and pumpkin, and I thought this platter was rather interesting. I loved the stuffed tomatoes and the powdery cheese and the roasted pumpkin.
The crusty bread (that came with the platter) was also delicious esp when doused with the cream cheese from the platter.
Jas had to join her sister at gran's church to plan the wedding, so i sent qian back and headed to novena for books and bought 2 dresses!! spree alert man, the last trip to chinatown cost me a dress and a jacket and top. wow M, you're not the only one seeing red in your account.
Thanks for the sexy slippers jas and the yummy sweets qian =)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bunalun, The Daily Scoop

Today could have knocked off way earlier (sigh today no rest cos yesterday despite not rounding gotta attend surg skills workshop so still 9am day somemore so shack from butter), with my 3 patients, but it only started at noon!! plus major faux pas with the warm welcome at 45 and saying how its already noon and still...plus strict columns, lift discrimination, list of rejections, no annotations..gg!! anw happily picked up kels from the lobby (sorry sorry babe how you had to eat chendol all by yourself =(( )and flew to Bunalun (Chip Bee Gardens) to meet M.
Our original plan was 1230 pm at Bunalun. Turned out to be 2 plus. Sigh, brunch became tea. Lucky M had half nasi lemak if not sure super hypo! Thought I was lucky to get a lot but PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY! should have been less lazy (or should have gotten my glasses earlier) and checked.

Anyway, when we stepped in, it was empty! To think M was so worried about it being packed. But fair enough, they only had bar seats in an L shaped manner, and when we sat long enough couples started fillin up the place. M ordered a tea to start.

This was my poached eggs with fish cakes. It was entirely to satiate my curiosity about ang moh fish cakes, and I felt it was like a fried crumbled potato patty stuffed with generous shredded fish meat. Very interesting, and an interestingly done poached egg that was rather shrivelled.

The poached eggs on cheese muffins was much tastier - the cheese was ingrained into the muffin, and notice how she has TWO eggs!
M's lovely creamy scrambled eggs (and the very many add ons which she surprisingly didnt add - the avocado sounded good tho!), and the bread was particularly good.
But nothing beats the pancakes! The blueberry pancakes were really of the right size and thickness and still had those crisp ends. Very very yummy. M wants to return for more, I wanna try the whole meal one and also the french toast.
We popped over to The Daily Scoop (Chip Bee Gardens) and I had the brandy and fig. I think I tried this before (gotta browse my archives to refresh =P). The other flavours I tried like strawberry cheesecake (so sour!!), lime and pepper (even worse!!), and kahlau werent as good as this.
Oh shaggh you need a mr bean so i can have my icecream prn.
Kels said im developing strong language and emotions so I shall try to rein it in. Oh I miss you we should meet this week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Mask

Thursday beckons the second last day of greg's stay before he goes on leave for PACES so all the best to him! His treat for our team, and it was a lovely 2 hours outta the hustle and bustle of shaggh. The Mask (418 Serangoon Road) is near his house at Farrer Park and we were quite lucky to get the parallel lot nearby as 1) it was a wet wet day and 2)the shaggh buses anywhere queues were ridicuolous.

They commanded us to drop all work and all we did was relax for 2 hours. This place offers a 50% off during lunch time, and Greg is a regular here. He tries to patronise it more cos he likes the good food here and he's afraid the unbrisk crowds will force it to close ;S This place serves Chinese fusion - with mainly Indian. There is an Indian restaurant next door and apparently is owned by the same boss (of ?ethnicity).

The dishes we have here had a heavy Indian influence (think: curries). And most of these were recommendations, not in their usual menus. Greg ordered the dishes and he says that usu he orders off their menu.

We started with Achar, and I ate most of this and ordered another one. kinda got a rep in my team for eating nasi padang/spicy soup om haha.

Egg tofu with vegetables in pumpkin paste. And lotsa Gingko.
i LOVE this fish head!! it was sweet and spicy and absolutely delicious with the steaming rice.
Curry chicken was a little to sweet for my liking.
Salted egg fried prawns was also another winner. It tastes as good as it sounds, a salt bomb it was.
Navya's naan.
Convos revolved alot on travel (aussie and india), something i really hope to do end july!
By the time we crawled back it was 2 plus and we missed the pleural tap. Small price for the great meal we had, and the only one out of shaggh and hopefully more to come k pek!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bangkok Gem@ 313, Overeasy

today is Friday and after successfully passing ATLS (so happy and relieved $800 ) I was happy for the rest of the week. Plus today mega d/c of 5, so left with 5 and 2 more to go cm! How happy is that!
So I met mummy and mei at 313, where we had dinner at the Food Republic. Act I really REALLY wanted to go and try the new Jap place by Tampopo in the basement but they wanted to shop (but i don't! I want to sit down and eat!), I had to follow them here. I'm kinda sick sick sick of kopitiam food which I eat everyday.
However there is Thai food here at Bangkok Gem (Food Republic @ 313) (Kels do you miss our thai binges??) and so I decided to go for it. Minutes later, my sister bought the exact same mains as me. haha.
Mango salad real generous portion for $4.50.
Tom Yum seafood soup with beehoon - this is the un authentic kind full of floating red chilli oil but I guess its good enough for hungry me.
There after met the colleagues at Overeasy. I miss my farmers style breakfast nachos SO SO much. It has everything I like here, nachos, cheese, poached eggs, pasta, salsa sauce, sour cream, chillis. omg so so yummy. Its as dear to my heart as the Cafe Iguana's version of the nachos.
To die for burger is getting flatter and flatter...
And the parmesan haystack fries is getting soggier and soggier!
I guess I'll just stick to the yummy nachos and mac and cheese from now on. Now if only the egg truffle toast wasnt SO ex!
And we took turns waiting for fullerton/starbucks that night haha. Waiting was the night's spent.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old Hong Kong Tea House

It was a Saturday and it was just the morning lectures - missed the afternoon SMA orientation to meet Melanie. Gave Kels a ride to the east where she happily shopped at Tampines and I went to pick up Mel from her place, and we headed to Old Hong Kong Tea House (East Coast Road). Got a lil lost in between the streets but could spot her splendid white outfit from afar looking beautiful as always!
Mel was so used to getting driven by hubby that initially we were not sure how to get anywhere but by her trial and error (lol very exploratory indeed!) we didnt get lost at all! We were directed by her amazing direction right to the place, and parked directly at the compound. This place houses many other restaurants in their individual bungalows and we were spoilt for choice. We nearly wanted to try a Korean place but we ended up still sticking to the original plan.
Bolor you, but doesnt beat the flaky buttery buns in HK.
Beef chee cheong fan that I thought I'd never find here in Sg! The beef slices are always so tenderised its really as tender as the flour itself.
Beef brisket that had plenty of inedible spare parts!!!
Instant noodles with fried chicken and loved how the noodles were doused in sesame oil like how gran does it
Sliced fish congee.

The convos revolved mainly on her journey and politics within each inst and I was grateful for the invite to her place and access to her mini library =) her kids were sooooo immensely cute and were fascinated by the smallest things. Sammie was handprinting and Ryan was eating my exam sweets the florida natural. and they loved the tunnel on the way to shim's place. Mel's really an amazing woman! Hope you're living it up in Germany!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Burger Bench and Bar

Today was ACLS and we shortened our own day and took off to watch a show but horror of horrors we didnt know it was gonna be pysch thriller - we had a false alarm cos we thought it was horror (enough of it at work later, as we come to discover). We were frightened to bits initially. (yeah we're quite humji). Shutter Island is not as intelligent or stimulating as it could have been, and reminds me vaguely of a Beautiful Mind, but the latter was much more convincing. Yeah this entry is way overdue as Shutter Island is way off the radar in the cinema screens. At this moment of time i've yet to watch Ironman/Shrek yet and Robin Hood was not great. And at this moment of time I still need to clear blardi ATLS test. I can't wait for June when the take and call system changes and my life can be less horrifying.
After the movie, we went to Burger Bench and Bar (Level 1 Cineleisure Orchard) my favourite burger place. The day before I watched Prince of Tears with mei and we passed by and when i saw Soft Shell Crab burger I knew we must must come by to try! (didnt expect it to be so stat)

The chilli soft shell crab burger is a mind blowing burger simply cos its ingenious !! I mean, who'd have imagined right?? Its always wrapped up in rice and seaweed. It is such an amazing patty cos of the crisp and crackle of the soft shell crab and its tender sweet crab meat within. And the chilli crab sauce is pretty good as well. I thought of Yella Fella's chilli crab fries for a while lol. I miss you Yella Fellas.

On the other hand the grilled chicken burger tasted so healthy it was almost like a sandwich instead of a greasy burger. For the folks who swear by their gyms.
It was pouring after dinner and we were circulating round round Cineleisure with our dark chocolate ice creams in hand. Given how much we don't like shopping you must imagine how either 1)the rain is too heavy or 2) we hate to get wet. But eventually it did stop and we managed to get home. It has been 4 weeks since I last saw bestie and I hope I can see you soon dear!