Monday, April 20, 2009

Toa Payoh Lor7, Snow Frost, The Soup Spoon

After picking up my sis from school we decided to venture into the unknown Toa Payoh/AMK territory to try some food we've been reading about from Makansutra....first up is this famous Hai Nan Xing Zhou Beef Noodles (Toa Payoh Lor 7 Hawker Centre).
It was mid afternoon and the hawker centre was rather empty..the way we like it!
My sister had the dry version with beef slices..the gravy was rather slightly watered down - not that dry in that sense. The uncle was super generous with the beef slices...there seems to be more beef than noodles actually...
The meat:noodle ratio is similarly skewed here (not like we're complaining cos the beef slices were really tender). I took the soup version and found the soup to be great - it is superbly beefy and not all that saltish, and has a herby aftertaste.
Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Omelette (Toa Payoh Lor 7) is another Makansutra legend...
The omelette has lots of crisp edges and was really tasty with the tangy chilli sauce. Portion is a little small though..
We then went to Snowfrost (AMK Hub) cos i remembered it from M's blog, and we discovered another shopping wonderland there...

Strawberry snow ice
Sheets of silky strawberry ice with real strawberry slices and puree makes for a superbly refreshing treat!
Peach Milk ice
The ice was really milk-powederish tasting, and rather bland except for the parts with the peach syrup. Doh I should have tried the peanut version.
I realised there are alot of shaved ice places springing up now...Dessert Story at Heeren is one I've tried many times.
Pumpkin Soup
We then decided to head to town and dropped by The Soup Spoon (Basement, Paragon) for dinner. I had the pumpkin soup - it was so thick that I felt like I was having a pumpkin puree.
Beef Goulash
My sister's one was nicer, with chunks of meat and lots of stewed vegetables. We both really liked this, its one of the best non-creamy soups we've tried.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saybons, Marutama Ramen (Liang Court), Meidi-ya Supermarket(Tsuru Tsuru Tei)

I went out with my sister to catch Suspect X - if you noticed, I've been watching many many Japanese films - Suspect X, Departures, Detroit Metal City and it seems that only Golden Village has the exclusive rights to these Japanese films so it looks like I'm stuck with stale popcorn until I bump out of my Jap film phase.

Suspect X was an average film, not as clever as I thought it might be. We trace the steps of how the murderer (revealed at the start) plays hide and seek with the police and an intelligent physicist - and I felt the twist was spoilt when he eventually turned himself in. Nonetheless my sister thoroughly enjoyed the film and is into watching the drama now.
Tomato Soup

She wanted to have the Burger King all day long croissant sandwich but I managed to convince her to try Saybons (B1, Plaza Singapura) - she liked the tomato soup though I felt it tasted like the pasta sauce sans the pasta =P

Strawberry Crepe with Valrhona white chocolate

I tried a dessert crepe at Saybons before - the nutella crepe was really nutty and good. But the Strawberry crepe was rather plain - the white chocolate melted into the crepe and didn't taste of much, plus the strawberries weren't particularly sweet, so it turned out rather bland.

We took a train to Clarke Quay after that cos I had a craving for ramen and have been wanting to try the chicken based stock at Marutama Ramen for the longest time.
We havent been to Liang Court since it was newly renovated so we decided to browse there first. Chanced upon this interesting furniture shop.
We like food based products...
a huge couch!
We found a Marutama Ramen (level 2, Liang Court) in Liang Court so it saved us the walk back to Central
There were only 3 types of ramen with various toppings you can add..

7 kinds of nuts mixture in chicken soup ramen
We found this ramen to be really quite oily but I think this is the authentic Japanese style. The noodles were doused in the layer of oil as we scooped up the noodles and was delicious with the crunchy vegetables and chicken meatballs.
Nama Karashi Ramen
Spicy chicken soup ramen with toppings
Contrary to its description, this ramen is not spicy at all. It has a more chickeny taste than my soup but everything else was similar.
Actually before that we went to Meidiya Supermarket (basement, Liang Court) to recee the place and found the food court there worth a try especially the udon stall -Tsuru Tsuru Tei. Well, after that 2 bowls of ramen, we decided to go for another 2 more bowls of udon. Yes you got me right, 4 bowls of noodles for dinner for 2 girls.
The menu..
Wakame Udon - Udon with seaweed
I asked for more seaweed to slurp with the soup and voila he planted a farm in my noodles!!!! this photo depicts a small part of it lol but he was way generous with that seaweed and young shoots!! It tasted oh so good and crunchy with the clear miso soup. My sister loves her clear soup so she drank every drop of this. She really didnt like the oily soup at Marutama - she's too used to clear miso broths.

We love the service here though they don't have service charge (Compared to the heck-you attitude at Marutama Ramen hmphs). They gave us an extra bowl when we asked for extra chopsticks (We were intending to share this after the dinner at Marutama Ramen). And we were the last to go and the guy didnt complain even though he had to wait for us to finish. All the places closed shop and packed for the day already and he was still hanging around waiting for us but not even putting pressure or staring at us to finish.
But of cos we didn't end up stopping at this udon.

We went on to the cold version.
Mentaiko Cold Udon
To me, this udon suffered an overdose of mayonaise but when we mixed around the spicy cod roe , the coldberg lettuce and the seaweed - it turned out to be a really tasty noodle salad. The udon was firm and chewy and went well with the crunchy veggies. My sister really liked this - but I still think there's too much mayo! Aye but a dallop of mayo does make food tastier.

Skip the fried chicken it was rather blah.

Popped by the supermarket to get this Jap hard fruit candy - ate it at Sheryl's place during the potluck and I really liked it!
Michelle will like this...
And her pumpkin pretz...

Monday, April 6, 2009

House, Ben & Jerry's (Dempsey)

After a long day at a Saturday lect, Chong and I decided to go for a goooood dinner at Dempsey - after getting intimidated at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (the sets were for many many people and so were the tables), we decided to head to Tippling Club.

But then we realised they only had set menus and all of them came with drinks! So we went to the sister restaurant, House (Dempsey) instead.. Tippling Club will be for another day during lunch.
We wanted to sit outside (we were still thawing from the lecture) but its damn silly cos the smoking and non-smoking area was demarcated with a line - the smokers nearer the forest side, but the smoke will still drift over - you will know what I mean when you dine there so we went back inside. Definitely more crowded inside. The area outside blasts music from the DJ console.

this is my second time at House but Chong's first, so she was pretty amused by some of the eccentric decor of House
Squid ink paella with seafood $28
Oh this was so darn good. The rice grains were more on the risotto side, tight rice grains bursting to release squid ink juices - it was divine when eaten when the crunchy capsicums and sundried tomatoes, topped with a crust and parmesan cheese. The seafood itself was fresh - prawns were uber crunchy.
Old fashioned American Sliders - truffle with aioli $22
topped up with truffle fries and sweet potato fries
Oh the fries were particularly memorable. There was so much truffle oil in the fries Chong was burping truffle oil hours after our supper - but I preferred the sweet potato fries much more - thick sweet potato chunks deep fried and coated with sugar bits, this was fantastic when it came piping hot. Savoury Chong and Sweet for me.
The burgers themselves were alright I guess, the meat patty rather dense and thick and full of meat jus. But a sliver of cheese would have upped the wow factor =)
Burgers are more fun to eat when the fillings are thicker than the bread!
you might not want to know where I took this..
Brownie Cheesecake, Chunky Monkey, New York Super Fudge Crunch, $12
Went to an extremely crowded Ben and Jerry's at Dempsey and over paid for our ice cream treat =P a triple scoop is so friggin expensive!!

We had a failed movie outing (I cant believe Chong just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic the day before!!) cos we both didn't want to watch the Clint Eastwood movie in the middle of the night and neither did I wanna watch Unborn and subsequently another failed night out....doh, but somehow we felt the day was darn fruitful cos we actually learnt many things in the day! Miss you Chong!