Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finally met up with Kels and mood was uber good cos we were finally going to inception long after the mishap the previous posting. There was a 830 pm showing at Filmgarde and we were so going to make it!! thanks kels for looking me up at 55;)

Never saw a more pri sch like decoration before! jam ++ at chinatown.

More annoying was the erp $2 at chinatown + $1.50 at cityhall plus ANOTHER $2 when I exited past Iluma intending to u turn into Bugis junction but the bugis junction car park was full &^#%$^#%( and there was no indication at the carpark entrance so had to crawl in and out and still landed up at Iluma (couldnt filter to left initially). The ERP was more ex than the car park itself.

Note to self: iluma has another mind numbing spiral to climb.

So had to get Kels to queue at Nando's (Level 1, Bugis Junction) and I to get the movie tix. There were loadsa queuers at Nando's and luckily some folks gave up. Never been so happy to see couples leave the restaurant. And no way were we sitting next to the queue where people will be hovering over us.

Many many sauces of which at first I declared not going near the garlic sauce -but it turned out to be the nicest. There was also the peri peri sauce and the extra hot peri peri sauce.

Our drinks of Cold, Rooibos tea, with mint and a stalk of lemongrass and Crimson Cola.
Peri Peri platter - I suggest you just go for the quarters/half chicks. These tiny bits of chicken were just too dried out. The nicest part of the platter was prob the warm pita bread and the hummus dip.
Our yummers half chicken and chips/potato salad. Super succulent and thoroughly marinated. I took the half of this (ie a quarter) with the thigh and the drumstick and i loved how tender the meat was. Kels thought it was saltish plus all the sauces were salty too so after a while there was not much differentiation. Well, tasty meat is tasty meat to me. Its good on its own.
I realise after this dish that I'm only a fan of hot fried/grilled potatoes. Not cold potato salad.
We scurried off to watch Inception after this. Filmgarde starts on time (and I think its also cos its ending its run ald......) so we were slightly late ish. Time check : 7.30pm start queueing at Nando's; 7.45pm get seats, order; 8pm food comes; gobble up till 8.25ish go for movie at 830pm...last bits of pita bread were stuffed in before we hurried over!! thank god nando's is located just below the linkway to Iluma.
I relate well to Inception cos I'm the sorta person who dreams loads (esp during my double digit sleep time). It'll be coolbeans to keep a dream diary - usu the dreams get retained for minutes after i wake up and becomes too insignificant to retain any further. But of cos the layering and complexity of Inception doesnt ever beat my simple dreams (or nightmares of still being at work and hearing my phone ring).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bosses, Vivocity

Fried fish skin
Wasabi Century egg rolls
Crystal vegeterian dumplings
Frog leg porridge
Salted egg custard buns
Chee cheong fan stuffed with Fried beancurd and prawn
Got up early on a gloomy Sunday morning and boy was I glad to send grann to church. It was also the start of the month so birthdays were celebrated with a huge yummy walnut cake and yam cake (tastes like home made....) and the class after was conducted by a microb prof who teaches my (ex)fac. Talking about the closeness and how I was clinging onto gran must have been pretty obvious, as well as bringing up the issues of again deriving satisfaction of my line's pay (pittance) vs job satisfaction of others.

Thanks to Kelly who helped me source for the no, we booked a place at Bosses (level one, Vivocity) at 130pm. I first heard this place from Pam who told me this place is....fierce. An all black area with staff black dress code (but not too black faced =P). Eventually promotions like their 50 % off during weekday dim sums came and went. We chose an area facing Sentosa tho the staff very considerately told us that area is a little noisy. Well...everywhere was noisy.

Started off with the fried fish skin appetiser that reminded me of the amazing hotpot at the Little Sheep Hotpot in Hong Kong - once you place this into the expands and some parts of it still maintains their crispness ! But in this local context....we just dipped it into our porridge ;)

The first dish was the cold wasabi century egg roll. It is quite an ingenious dish cos I quite like century egg and a slice of ginger together - and the wasabi mayo+ cucumber just reminds me of wasabi prawns. Plus the skin of the roll is so super smooth it was really interesting.

Next came the crystal vegeterian mushroom dumplings which had skin a tad too thick. Better off at Crystal Jade's.

Frog leg porridge was sweet and yummy but I think the ones I had at upper bt timah/mt emily area was much better cos of the kungbao sauce! This one was down to the goodness of the stock plus the meat only no sauce needed.

Custard/Salted egg Buns came next and I was full of anticipation!! (cos i came here mainly for this). Have never eaten such a liquidified core (hence need to be careful not to be scorched and not to let it all drip into you) before and it was sweet a moment and salty from the salted egg the next - it was such a delicious little bun!!

By the time the chee cheong fan came we were stuffed. But this is twist to the rendition of the you tiao chee cheong fan - it was a fried bean curd wrapped around a prawn, and a layer of chee cheong fan covers it all. grann found this a little too salty (the fried bean curd was too salty and too difficult to tear apart) but I just thought it was such a refreshing change to the youtiao version (tho I miss that version too).

After lunch while killing time to catch the 330pm show Sandcastle, we strolled on the upper levels of Vivocity and browsed through Daiso (surprised grandma hasnt been at the upper floors despite being at Vivocity before lol). We then walked around the Level 3 open space and just spaced out looking at the sea and looking at people space out too. We sat around the Level one open area too and just chilled under the trees and watch the Star Cruise ship loading and just enjoying the sea breeze. So chill right!! Such time is precious with the grand dame. (but super happy cos my next month weekends are untouched so i can have more of such lunches with her!!! ;)) The movie itself was heartwarming and such a local flavour and im glad grandma enjoyed it. As much as it deals with the very local issues of history, NS, young romances, old age, sickness - it captures such moments beautifully. Really worth a breather away from the usual suspects of our very familiar local directors.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once upon a milkshake (*scape), Fish and Co (Ion Orchard)

Maple Syrup, Rum and Raisin, Chocolate Truffle (clockwise from top) - Once Upon a Milkshake

Fish and Chips - Fish and CoSilver Cod In Miso Sauce - Fish and Co
Love black diamonte watches so so much and adding more to my collection
Actually planned on an outing to one of the Japanese cake places oft been mentioned, but cos car was due for a change in ramp at 2 pm - so car-less means duxton/annsiang was outta reach and so mummy and i headed to town getting a lift from the serviceman using our car =P

We got off at Orchard Central and eventually drifted to 313;popped by oriole but decided not for coffee;cakes at de ste looked too small;so we ended up having milkshakes and icecream at Once Upon a Milkshake where we spotted shan and rozz waiting outside. I was gonna gulp those milkshakes and go out to get a pic with them but they left earlier than we could finish. We were just wondering what they were doing hanging out at the porch but that was answered when their friend came to pick them up!

Once upon a milkshake (Level 1, *scape) is having a promotion of 3 scoops of ice cream for $5.50 incredibly cheap for yummily smoothy milky icecream. (think its till the end of Sept so hury!its their opening special.) The trio of flavours we chose were chocolate truffle, rum and raisin, and maple syrup. We loved how alcoholic the rum was.

We also ordered an Agent Strawberry and it was sourish to say the least - this milkshake is definitely more towards the yoghurty side (ie not my type!!)

We then moved towards Mandarin Gallery where I got a new watch courtesy of Mommy and the nice salesgirl who gave us the OCBC discount =) black watches with diamond studs are just so my thing.

We browsed more at Taka/Wisma to pick up my new skirt and I happily bought my first copy of the Oishinbo series - i bought the Joy of Rice - its a series of Japanese food culture and history and it is so interesting and lighthearted its def the best reading material to start with after the exam hull. Happiness=)
and Fish and co (ion orchard) has gotta buck up! mommy's fish and chips did not hold up - the batter and fish crumbled way too easily while my silver cod in miso sauce was not as fresh as i hoped to be..maybe have eaten way too many great cods around. But still a fan of the paella rice that fish and co serves. daddos picked us up at borders but not before we discovered the wrapping for our Marks and Spencers All round chocolate biscuits have changed so we went on a merrygoround hunt for it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Oats

Wild rocket minis
Seafood burger minis
Parmesan wings x 8

A saturday at work on my own means loads of dc on my side (but tk god for raya to bounce it all off) and not being able to brunch with m (though i subsequently invited her to dinner lol). Ended up she ended up even later than me (though she ended rounds mighty early!)
Supposed to pick up chongs at dg mrt but in the end we met at Kino - when i was deciding on whether to buy more oishinbo or wait for my lib copies/buy the chinese versions of the red wine comic (which i did in the end). btw guys need to have better pick up lines lol.

We walked from taka to ion (not before dialling up m and realising that she has zipped off before her carpark expired after her dinner with fly/evange/audrey) and so we then headed to Wild Oats (11 Upper Wilkie Road Emily Hill).

We realised the indoor space has all been cut out;leaving just a bar. I loved the intimate interiors of the colonial bungalow so I really did wonder where it all went. We shifted from the alfresco area back to the bar as it was easier to eat plus the lighting and air con made it a big plus. Except maybe conversation won't be so private any longer. And a shattering of the glass shards while doing a group shot made it a bit awkward.

We contemplated the luncheon fries and the sarawak shepherds pie but in the end settled for the burgers (both types!) and the Parmesan Wings. I've always been a fan of Wild Rocket/Relish/Burger Bench and Bar - must have been only ever eaten their burgers of late, and not any others.

The Wild rocket burger 's patty doesnt measure to those patties served at his other branches (or rather, measure up to their adult cousins!). It was a little too charred and too dry for our liking.

But the fried seafood burger rocks the patty was super flavourful and it tasted like a yummy nuggets sandwiched between bread.

We have second thoughts about ordering the fries now, considering that the fries that came with the burger tasted re-fried.

The parmesan wings had a thick batter which tasted vaguely of cheese sprinklings within. I loved that it was hot and the oil was scorching; with the gogonzyle cheese deep it was really yummy. Eventually we (or actually, I) used the cheese dip for my bread and the fries. Though I must say that I do prefer the spicy type of wings that Bon chon serves, or the wings with a light batter like No 5 Emerald Hill's.Chongs abandoned me halfway again so had more than my fair share of wings lol.

This place is really a great place to chill and have drinks at a really homely place. It feels like someone has just opened their backyard for others to relax at. The music is great too;mix of house and jazz. It reminds us of the GP in the East who actually opens his house to his patients who can just appear at any time.

We then headed to Zouk for Elly and Fila - and after all the images on the screen we figured he (his other partner wasnt here) was from the middle east; and indeed he is from egypt. We found our favourite spot;and our favourite drink of p bellini. It was a really enjoyable night thanks to the uber hardworking dj who was still playing when we left at 5am!! slept for an hour before zipping off to work after that; thk goodness the on call (haha) prerounded most so it was just two more and the 68 before the reg drove us to Ya Kun at China Square for breakfast. Had to fight off the yawns during the leisurely breakfast; it was the heart of the CBD on a Sunday and it was a mighty different atmosphere with most families enjoying Sunday breakfast together. A sunday without work will be like that and thanks to the great regs who took us out we had just that !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

HARBS Cafe, Osaka

It was our last day at Osaka and after our harrowing journey thru the underground mall of Osaka station to the hotel, we quickly went to the Umeda Sky tower to catch the sunset and watch the gradual illumination of the city skyline. I'm glad we made it all the way there cos the view is just amazing; never have I seen so many railway lines spiral out to nowhere, plus planes descending to the Kansai Airport; and even seeing Mout Heiei in the background (we think). It was truly breathtaking.
I must say we were also quite lucky to be able to catch a traditional Japanese festival - throngs of people were dancing in a roundabout fashion and the atmosphere was amazing- people downing Sapporo Beer and eating the snacks- which we also had.

Had supper at HARBS Cafe (Osaka Station) - most of the eateries at the underground mall of Osaka station were closing by the time we strolled back to the hotel; and we were SOOOO gian for cakes cos of the Daimaru Food Hall we saw near Nishiki Market - so many giant/tiny cakes/mochi/baked donuts! But there was no place to sit during the after noon and we had to catch the train back to Osaka. So , after seeing the giant cream cakes here, we decided to settle. Love the cute illustrations here.

Fruit Millefeiulle.
It was not truly a crepe cake per se - the crepe was just at the top most and at the edges - it was a cream bomb with a token of sponge in between. Fruit fans would love this - bananas/honeydew (my first in a cake)/papaya/strawberry; it was quite fun to eat.
Chestnut Cake
The flavours of the chestnut was really light - it was just the dense spirally layer on top - inside it was actually normal cream with chocolate chip bits and a dense chestnut sponge bottom. Mmmm I cant wait to eat more Mont Blancs when I get home.
We browsed Umeda area - we realised only on the last day that the huge food/shopping alley was just behind our hotel!! All the sushis in the world unite.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brekkie at Kansai International Airport, Osaka

The most indulgent Takopachis - stuffed with Octopus, Rice cake (sticky yummy Mochi) and cheese cubes. All set for the long flight and transit home!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jones the Grocer (Mandarin Gallery)

Started the day at 6am super early now i drive to and fro work in the dark so prob be as pale as a sheet when i finish this posting in......5 years?

It was a day when i discovered A SNT is the only thing you need to do in a PE, and how at the end of the day its all about collecting the changes and awaiting to round PRN (which can be quite disconcerting). 55 is only gonna be where i am, and fri's the firing day. omg! for a month.

gotta trouble fly on the first day and she orientated me on thurs - the list printing (only select the located ones) down to being split by two teams to just vitalising everyone. out of the ot they come and check one by one in the middle of the day. bumped into candice at the lobby so happily gathered all of us to lunch with mothi/nings and eventually (finally!) a very sniffly kels. a great respite to the rush of the morning. tho had a momentary shock re : the next mornings grand ward round and feeling super unprepared (and the shock never translated to action in the end too.....)

the exits then lasted forever (cos 730 was the magic no!!) and eventually when it all ended there was 2 washouts and 2 cs to be done and a listing for a persistent bld so womg it was mega lateness for this dinner.

So I arrive at this dinner at Jones the Grocer (Mandarin Gallery) totally apologetically to meet Joanne and Ms K - our long awaited date (cos Boeing Boeing was just impossible for tickets). Carol couldnt make it and Nat can only do supper (sigh) so it was just us. Ms K read the msg aloud in the teachers room to responses of the place being in Dempsey but of cos she checked it out and it opened in July 2010.

The entrees and tapas page looked too wonderful to miss out for the mains so we did just that :to order loads and loads of entrees and tapas. It was eclectic mix of ingredients and tastes we absolutely loved it.

Antipasti; I can't believe I only remembered I had this before AFTER I browsed through the pictures and saw it again. Loved the sundried tomatoes loads and the onions. We swooped for the onions plus sundried tomatoes, and for more feta instead of blue cheese. Absolutely delightful platter.

Is still a fan of the brown nutty bread x3.
Wanted to order the mains of lamb meatballs (but the 27 bucks for meatballs just puts me off) so had the Lamb and Rosemary sausages instead - absolutely loved the long long plate and how its laid out amidst all the nuts! You can see that its still not the end (s) that I managed to capture on my camera !
Seared scallop only as an afterthought (and I had an extra). I must say that even though salads make a big chunk of the dish that we ordered for the other things besides, it was still dressed very well and so we didn't mind all that much.
I bet this would appear to be a salad we ordered - but its a portabello mushroom with cheese! And an ang moh chai tao kway below (still can't figure out what it is). I still like the quirky layering of tastes in this.

Another tapas of salmon and avocado on baguette- i realise I don't like avocado all that much unless its mashed into a milkshake (or some other variant). Totally not a purist. Loved the preserved fruit (whatever it is) right atop.

Was gonna let the waitress take away the plate (we each took one and told her to clear ) till the waitress told us - hey you're missing the whole point ! the highlight is the dots on the plate ! the balsamic reduction !

Then you should be like 2am where chanting of every dot and scrape on the plate is described larh!

Anyway it was really good and we didnt let them clear it. Till they offered to give us a small serving of it ;P service is commendable.
Lasagna's the most unique version I've had - layers of crisp pasta (and i really mean, CRISP!) sheets with blue cheese stuffing and the most tart poached pears I've ever ever eaten. Easily of the most interesting dishes I've had.

Really enjoyed the evening dotted with updates of old classmates/old teachers(and their funny nicknames)/principals/pet peeves of english/40/40 feats/6 jades tradition, it was an evening filled with laughter and reminiscing.

Walked with Jo to the train station (cos I thought Borders'd still be open)and didnt mind cos i always enjoy my conversations with her. Tryin to have more dinners with mrs lee sj/Lim LL/mrs eng soon. Working just makes me miss the old times so so much!