Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jamie's Italian

Met the French trio for dinner and thanks to xx for coming early we managed to snag a place here ( an hour later) at Jamie's Italian (Vivocity), and we even managed to buy  our tickets to the Taming of the shrew before that ! 
Mushrooms baked with cheese- prob my favorite dish of the night.
Fish in da bag- my main. Dory filet baked in a tomato based sauce and I think I found out the grain inside this bag after a cook out with J- it's giant Cous Cous !! ( of cos the one we experimented with didn't taste as good as this ...)
Tiramisu which has lots of mascarpone which is prob my favorite part of the cake . We also had a creme brûlée with lots of berries, but I'm not a fan of brulees, so ate more of the tiramisu.

This place is full of buzz, and for the crowd it attracts, the service here is good enough for us to feel at home. Food here is quite wholesome and homely ( well , standards better than our home experiment :p) so the only thing preventing a return visit is probably the insane queues!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sushi airways

With clinic ending at 6 and exits after, headed to Js who's also caught up with an admin bomb in his own words. Almost headed to Liang court but detoured to a nearer Sushi Airways (20 Baghdad Street) for a sushi craving. 

The restaurant is decked out to mimic an aeroplane, with plane like windows and seats. Even the menu is styled like a flight menu - would be great if air planes did serve food like this lol
Salmon tataki salad- like a carpaccio and J was rather amused by the chrysanthemum petals till he bit into the bulb of the stalk.
Double salmon - we were quite excited when they seared the top salmon... Reminds us of the gold standard of the seared fatty salmon in ryoshi sushi ( makes me salivate thinking about it ). This has a crisp salmon skin atop a seared salmon , beneath it a sushi mini maki dusted with spice.
We we're between a sushi platter and a sashimi platter and decided for the former... Lots of wasabi in those tiny tuna rolls ! My favorite is prob the mackerel, interestingly. All the sushi were jumbo sized, and really fresh.

The chef here really hosts us in a very fatherly manner, and when we saw him later on (outside the restaurant) asked why we weren't home yet it's starting to rain ! Quite amused:p

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


We finally tried out Moosehead( Telok Ayer street)! On a drizzly day, we were feeling very toasty sitting at the bar right in front of the infamous charcoal oven... Great entertainment watching the chefs in action and having them host us and ensuring we were well fed, checking on us from time to time... He being the toastiest of us all ;) service here is absolutely wonderful.
Charcoal grilled eggplant... Very smoky. They really throw everything into the oven including the bread ( which was really crisp)
J's favorite - grilled octopus... One long tentacle real meaty and smoky. Crinkly tomatoes and baked baby potatoes topped it off. And we found out they put olive oil as a finishing touch in almost every dish:p from a mysterious red bottle.
Smashed eggs with truffle and onions and melt in your mouth mushrooms. I love eggs served in a pan,and this is indeed one beautiful breakfast mess.
Seabass all grilled to perfection. Love the skin.
Wagyu shoulder -tender towards the centre but our soft spot is still the onglet from burnt ends :p
Grilled pineapple, crumble , coconut yoghurt and j's favorite meringue. And that mysterious apricot layer

Menu changes as and when the chef pleases though they keep the crowd favorites. This is prob one of our favorite for now ;)