Monday, February 16, 2015


FOC ( Hong Kong street) has been on our radar as we missed Food bar dada since it's demise. Visited 63 Celcius twice and I must say the black rice there was excellent. Great food and excellent service here, we would also be back to enjoy the buzz:)

Watermelon Gazpacho with charcoal smoked olive oil ice cream. This was the aftermath after the juice went it. Quite ingenious and mind blowing actually.

Baby squid - mix it all up with the egg. Delicious mess it was.
Black rice with garlic mayonnaise - excellent combination. Real thin layer of rice each grain soaking up the stock. Excellent. 
Scallops. Quite an awesome pairing with the caviar and miso. 

Grilled beef Steak- charred to perfection.

Best time to come here ? Waltz in after 930 pm for those drinks and tapas.