Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mitsuba by Yurine

Nazi chef has shifted to central ! Intending to bring family here previously ( ended up in fika instead cos everyone was at the IT fair), brought them here on actual day of bros birthday ( after the yummy popiah dinner over the weekend ).

Mummy had their signature chiraishi don lookin as good as ever, dad the sashimi-udon set, bro the salmon-swordfish set and sis the beancurd udon.. I have a thing for hot pots now the last time the chef was at chikuwa tei I tried the cod hot pot this time I tried the salmon head hot pot- their nabes come in either a fish based soup or miso base. I chose the former and it was great.. Guess the sweetness from the salmon head did add to the umami of the soup !

Rushed to fix my specs and wanted to hang out at the heli pad but it was not open yet ! On a wed night not open at 10pm ?? Hmmm... Only when we zoomed down the car park did we see people lingering at the entrance..1 altitude shall be the next fixture !

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Don Quixote

Thanks R, for all the priceless time and patience with us all through those dire times. Will never forget the surprise macs, awesome possum views (the only daylight tutorial!), the breaking of silence while u go into your r mode.. We will pass it on ;)

And to the food, paella don Quixote special was really tasty !! Love the morsels of grain each soaking up the sea food stock. Tapas were egg and prawn, asparagus and grilled prawns.. Nothing beats the paella !!

And an afternoon of baking in jones in the corner with realists and dreamers ( case in point: chicks on flip board and their fried ancestors lol) and spotting our bosses prof s!! And mr p.. It's wonderful talking about anything else but facts ;) and the shopping at haji!! Uncontrollable Pek was astonished at my self control ( and my liking of everything).

Night feat this year was miniature flying acrobatics though the clear pool of synchronised swim- gym was quite Coolbeans..

Last of all, red bull coffee coke and I was still stoned at tbc! Sorry Chong will improve during the REAL full moon !!

Fika (Millenia Walk)

Last weekend off at team 2 before I'm off to cts.. A quiet slow simple one amidst 2 exploding birthday gatherings ( not as if we were not celebrating too !) after a night at tbc and night fest and the afternoon of fiddling with the cello and it's new buddy the tuner (thanks j !)

Herring for starters, not as salty as I last remembered it to be.. The biscuits were like a cross bred with a form of rye.

The seafood and ribs platter were massive. You can choose between the cream, tomato or aglio based and we chose the latter, for the seafood platter. Fish, scallops, prawns , mussels, squid and crayfish lie on a bed of pasta.

Ribs were tender and doused in BBQ sauce and presented on a wooden platter with mash and salad.

The above reminds me of the trend towards communal dining and sharing platters a la disgruntled chef or one Rochester.. Guess I will check out platters at club street soon!

Also had the open faced fika style sandwich with shrimp, roe and scallop , served with salad. This was their cold sandwich and they had hot options s well..

This is my second visit to Fika but first at the millennia walk branch.. I think I was reminiscing about my 21st at a now defunct Scandinavian restaurant here at millennia walk!

And I always have to remind myself about the insane parking surcharges whenever comex is being held..