Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paddy hills

Paddy Hills was a great experience ( despite the horrendous parking ) and seeing how my foodie friend has revisited this place numerous times in the past months, it certainly warrants a visit, and boy was it an interesting lunch/brunch
Suggest you come here after 1130....then can try both the breakfast ( which ends at 5) and lunch menu 

This was their version of a small breakfast , but boy does this humble do pack a punch.
Polenta, roasted mushrooms, poached egg.
Comfort food with a luxe twist.

Squid ink tagliatelle, with roe and scallop. Love the crisp rice bits.
Kimchi fried rice with hangar steak
Would be back just to have their steak !

Eyeing their double digit noodles for dinner- lobster soumen, udon and beef noodles. Would be back 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Naked Finn lunch

To secure a place at the Naked Finn ( Gillman barracks) at lunch, be here before the doors open at 12. In fact, the folks were kind enough to let us hang out inside the cool air conditioned shack before they started the service. kudos !

My favorite dish of the lot. Crisp ends and nicely grilled. Oh so good with just that bit of salt

Barramundi. Crisp skin is again the most awesome. Found a new love the kang kong and rediscovered the love for the piquant bee Hoon. 

As with other lobster rolls.... Tiny ! But can't complain too much for the price. Half the price of pince and pints. Extra points for the airy fairy butter roll. 

Would be back once the shack gets renovated:) would be our third time ( and more to come !) happy second my dear :)

Also met the lovely Jess and tian pre-delivery- congrats on the lovely newborn!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sumiya Charcoal Grill super value chiraishi set lunch

Recommend this place ( Orchard Central) for a quiet awesome set meal complete with soup, chawanmushi, dessert! Generous chunks of fish topped up with a generous serving of roe.
And a high rise view from the 12th floor ( well the nicest thing to spot was the Istana..)

Fantastic value lunch for mom and I for a total of 44 bucks all in. Will be back 

Monday, February 16, 2015


FOC ( Hong Kong street) has been on our radar as we missed Food bar dada since it's demise. Visited 63 Celcius twice and I must say the black rice there was excellent. Great food and excellent service here, we would also be back to enjoy the buzz:)

Watermelon Gazpacho with charcoal smoked olive oil ice cream. This was the aftermath after the juice went it. Quite ingenious and mind blowing actually.

Baby squid - mix it all up with the egg. Delicious mess it was.
Black rice with garlic mayonnaise - excellent combination. Real thin layer of rice each grain soaking up the stock. Excellent. 
Scallops. Quite an awesome pairing with the caviar and miso. 

Grilled beef Steak- charred to perfection.

Best time to come here ? Waltz in after 930 pm for those drinks and tapas.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


First brunch of the year was at Fix ( Ah Hood Road) at the home team NS clubhouse. Al fresco dining, and the 4-seaters by the pool were very popular. Would have to either wait or share- it's free seating. 

Famed for it's naan sandwiches, we had the tika chicken/achar naan-wich. j prefers the freshly made naans( he's a bit particular ) but I must say this concept is rather novel. Comes with a photogenic perfectly poached egg.

We enjoyed the freshly fried wings with the hint of lemon much much more. We have been hunting for good wings and this will be on our to go list should we have a wings craving

Three cheese Mac and cheese- cholesterol inducing as usual, just missing the crusty-ness of some other versions.

This place is best enjoyed emptier. And as it is halal ( very good foresight on the Grub folks ) it has become extremely popular with all Singaporeans. Like M says, probably best enjoyed on post call weekday mornings ( which I don't have a luxury of )