Sunday, November 18, 2012

Five and dime

Post 1pm sat round with practicals like ia and chest tube ! And chilling at the island, found five and dime with the secret backyard parking and incredible window seats, enjoyed the lobster Mac and cheese ( suspect its prob the same mentaiko sauce!), flamed salmon wrapped in arugula leaves, and sharks fish and chips. They coated the fries with the same yummy crisp batter and the tartare was x 3 cos we loved how it tasted like an egg mayo salad...

And we were yet again just on time for skyfall on I max.. Super centralized.. Super immersive go pro experience.. Beautiful cinematography and a flashback on a masterpiece of a painting.. Love the subtlety of the soundtrack

And thanks for the collage ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Red dot microbrewery

On a Friday when my dad and I ended work at the same time we hit the drinking holes - Robertson quay/ Martin road looked crazy with bomba and baker&cook packed to the brims.. We headed to the quieter red dot at Dempsey ( think a newer outlet just opened at boat quay !) where we easily got a seat and didnt look out of place in my scrubs and his uniform. Heh it exuded that much comfort and casuality that we were comfortable in our own skin- or uniform.

White bait seems to be the new favorite bar food, and we also had a smoked salmon, avocado, roe
And cheese to share. The cashew nuts with lime was also yums with the 4.5% pale ale dad ordered.


And the band only starts at 1030! Old folks have to sleep early !!