Thursday, November 27, 2014

Appare udon

Post call udon was very expensive indeed!

Huge bowl of mentaiko cream udon ( he was rather lactose intolerant after that though he enjoyed it )

My udon with tomato and eggs. 

Bowls look huge but are manageable. I guess we have pledged allegiance to Tamoya :p

Lobster pince and pints

Idea for a rainy day :) the lobster roll is puny but the lobster with the sweet chilli sauce is AWESOME! Served in a hot pot and generously lathered in sauce. Served with mini mantous.

The setting is pretty much like an American diner and the service is ernest. No complaints except for the awful parking. Would be back to try the grilled or steamed option!

Lobster roll in the most fluffy buttered roll and shoe string fries, insipid salad and creamy aioli sauce 

Sweet lobster meat in the sweeter sauce. Perfect for cold weather!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Au petit salut

The last time I was here was prob the first luxe lunch I had with Brevis.. It must have been years ago and I'm pleasantly surprised to find the menu lunch options expanded for each course. A welcome change:) 3 course lunch for 38++

Snails which make me miss those in Spain.. The garlic butter was most moreish.

J had awesome steak and I had the fish which I felt needed a tad more flavour to it

Frozen cappuccino.. An atas affogato this is.

Quiet place to catch up over lunch in a quaint little bungalow. Perfect for a rainy day hangout!