Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Centre PS

(Clockwise from bottom left) Chestnut, Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate green tea Red bean, Cheesecake and chocolate tart. (they all are supposed to have really fancy names)
On a day when the skies were looking grey and gloomy I suggested walking all the way to Tiong Bahru (we wanted to try Forty Hands but we couldnt find it - i kinda thought it was near Pralat), we ended up in Ah Chiang' s Porridge again, for the second time in the week (Mon, Wed). We ventured further way past TBM in an attempt to locate Forty Hands (yeah we were quite desperate..) we walked further and the consolation was we walked right into Centre PS for the cakes. There was once I passed by this cake shop but didnt stop for the cakes. No regrets stepping in, cos we were totally sugar happy from our platter of 6 cakes..

Kelly's favourite was the chestnut vs pistachio whilst mine was the chocolate red bean green tea (yeah, all in one...shiok) vs the choc tart.

The service here is fantastic - they told us where Forty Hands was (its actually right round behind the block, where the TBM bus passes), and when the happy cake platter disappeared and we had to face reality back at work and no cab in site, they happily lent us a huge umbrella (cos we are huge....) and we caught the last TBM back, for me to be the MSW guest speaker for mr s c s (put in my 2 cents 2 sentences and pray rehab will take). The umbrella's still with me weeks into this entry, and finally by this time I've also finally tried Forty Hands and we have a date back to try the brunch too ;) Better return that brolly soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Far East Movement, Wavehouse Sentosa

A Thursday when i discovered three of my bestest gfs were ALL on call and would have ALL loved to catch Far East Movement at Wavehouse. In the end Chongs managed to swop hers and having her change into her rocker chic of jeans and tank (I was still in a stiff white shirt....) was most swift and ... practised. Haha its been some time, Chong. We were 2 hours late (it started at 7pm) cos C promised 730 but she only ended at 830!when it was supposed to be gasp, her earliest! I had hope that they'd be two hours late too. Eventually i found out on Life (saturday's) that they appeared soon after our arrival (at 915pm no less!). Kena conned by the organisers when they said that the event started way before and thought we wasted all our money.
The party was really on a high just as we came - the attica djs were really getting the crowd up and going (neither did we know that they were up to stripping moments before!!) and moments after we found our lounge seats to order some food that we found Far East movement coming all honesty we thought that it was their ___th set but it was probably just their first.
Beef patties - its name exactly. I was expecting many patties - but it was simply one! kenna conned again but anyway it was one smokey tender patty so I shan't complain much.
Nachos were a monster!! It was a massive mountain of it, but not enough cheese and sour cream to match. Please get the proportions right, people.
Really strange to be just having food and icecream soda but we were in our comfort zone and perfectly zen in our happiness. Age...We were just enjoying the vibe from the lounge seats and got it all up for their one hit wonder(s). A lil disappointed I didnt get to hear kels favourite I party (i love it!!).. The set was so so short and there was no encore so we thought we really misst it all but..there was all to it!
Wanted to move onto attica/zouk but z was totally empty and by the time we reached clarke quay C was a goner so we zoomed home. Need more spontaenity and actually, more of C in my life! Miss you loads.
Well I tried to upload the video but its taking far too long. Go listen to I party. Gosh its really hypnotic!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Earl Grey Choc
Trauma workshop on a sat means no weekend for a second in a row; but to make up for it it was a fun bunch - with ms p chairing the first and eventually mr j the second (where the orthopod cath and set the chest t)and mr g the last (from which i escaped!). With the generous hy starting my morn w kaya toast (and alas, i think even the Wang standard is better than k&t now haha) and brunch being awesome even with the simple smokey beehon (i was hungry pangs) and bottomless sea coconut, it was such a light hearted affair compared to the very stressful lonesome atls, esp with the test right at the end.

Gave Short a lift to her gran, and armed with our mr bean stuff we got thru the gantry to visit her..hope the grand old dame gets well soon ;) having dragged her all the way to the mph bookshop to check out the magazine where the Pigeon Hole was, I dragged her further all the way to Duxton to check it out. On our way to getting lost, we discovered a lovely independent bookshop called Littered with Books (Duxton Road) where I bought an awesome possum of an art book full of Manolo Blahniks(for someone!). Its such a gentle way to spend a rainy afternoon in a loft full of hand chosen books. short found another haven too (after curious tepee, I suppose!). When she called tham for directions to duxton em who was baking tgt, she reminded us of Flor, but we were all too determined to get to the Pigeon Hole. Coincidentally we actually parked opposite Pigeon Hole but the shops all looked so deserted we walked all the way down and actually discovered the lovely gem of the bookshop. No regrets getting lost and stumbling into that gem!

Turned out The Pigeon Hole was hosting an event (about changing your life, doh), so we couldnt continue our zen pm there, plus we were spoilt silly by the selection of cakes at Flor (which we popped by but was too packed) - the Pigeon Hole only had drinks (coffee) and either chips of choc bread and butter pudding (which turns out to be the only thing that was served there that I read about and I wanted to try!!)..hence forth we walked back to Flor(Duxton Road)where we were lucky enough to first spot a seat outside then inside. Too clautrophobic to be sitting to two intense couples tho, one esp w the photography ;P
Short spotted the Earl Grey Choc from miles whilst I ordered the Napolean my all time favourite. The cream was smooth and early grey subtle, we loved it - esp with the chunks of banana at the core. The Napolean gives the best of both worlds between a fruit strudel and a strawberry shortcake. Was most tempted to go for the third cake the chestnut ones but alas when we were done with these two they were all gone!!

Gave short a lift to town where I picked up Far East Movement...then drove to flyfairy's place to join her all the way to sijia, sorry for the horrid human tomtom dirrections. Haha. Im the worst ever human gps, even with the google maps in my hand. dunno how i got thru taiwan japan and aussie navigating on my own. haha. Ah Nogh's directions were like the worst!! but still thankful for you being the secretary and apologies for not rsvping.
The steamboat was lovely (thanks for hosting sj and parents!!). we were a noisy bunch from the boisterous storytelling from tiff and wp..miss the old batch so so much..and everyone seems to have moved on (except me...haha still stuck here). A very radiant c also all fresh from a speedodating event (bojo haha) with stories to tell. All things in life should be experienced once, I agree. Jio me next time k?
Hope the happiness trickles over to the sunday colo call...

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was a Monday and we were deliberating on loads of choices - gave up waiting for the boys. It was past CNY and we decided to meet up during short's leave. Called her x 1 in the AM for lim kr's teaching when i realised the girl is on leave. Then when work ended and i tried to call her she must have thought i was some insane sn trying to locate her at 7pm. Anw, after work ended around 7 ish we decided to head to Oso (Bukit Pasoh Road). Wanted to try Cocette too but it was full till next seating at 845pm and short couldnt wait! Picked her up at Outram MRT and we headed st to Chinatown and managed to secure a nice lot in the car park. One way street is a terror. (went agt the traffic x 1). We got slightly disorientated cos of the huge Oso sign, but the bar on level one was by another name. But we strolled right in and found our way...
Btw, I was totally not dressed for the occasion wearing a Pisa tshirt (supported by ducks, no less) and pants. When I was hobbling up the stairs I thought even the waitress was wearing more formal than myself... and everyone was dressed to the nines inside....oh well heck the faux pas.

The very delicious looking bread platter I've seen in all too many food blogs I finally got to try for myself. Best of all was the soft fluffy tomato relish bread. Lovely texture in between that of cake and bread.

Seafood soup with a minestrome base was a little thinned out, I thought.
Eggs with black truffle was the bomb. We had cute mini frying pans with an egg each. Very thoughtful.
Pasta with rabbit meat was a little too gamey for us!
Mushroom risotto is something short could eat forever, but of which I ended up eating mostly. Very grainy and full of bite and flavour. Love almost all types of risottoes from the gritty to the mushy. Creamy anything is ultimately delicious.
After dinner we went next door to Absinthe where we had some small talk with the chef and was amazed by his passion for his food (cooking it, not like us devouring it). Would love to try the French food there some time. Actually loads of opportunities for set lunches with the standard of restaurants here. But would we like our lovely lunches to be punctuated with calls... Spoiler.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ah Chiang Fish Porridge, The King's Speech

Monday into the the 3rd week (Mar has 31 long days) is easing in, and after an early solo 645 rounds and occupying the dark corner in the dark radio round, and a bf that gave us both a colicky L abdo pain thereafter, we survived the temptation of a show (where the rumour spread like wildfire, pretty much like our level 9 escapades) - damn those transfs and pending t/fs, to have lunch out at Tiong Bahru, out on a rainy day, where the rain stopped just for us to cross over to Ah Chiang's Porridge (Seng Poh Road), to ease the very rumbly toast loaded stomachs of ours. Kels was giving me incredulous looks of -are you sure you know where you're going-kinda look cos unlike her i just don't have an inbuilt gps haha, or a googlemap rather. But still my distant memory of bf here after a night of mahjong was rather foolproof (im really a night creature thru and thru) and I brought us successfully here. Happiness when I remembered the very signboard of the menu.

Plate of raw fish fresh and clean tasting. Not fishy at all, though we prefer the very decorated garnished ones at Zhen Zhen Porridge. Like I said....volume matters to us.

Fish head porridge for me and century egg fish porridge with egg for her (I had soft boiled eggs in the am). Cos the porridge here is cooked on a charcoal stove, it has this wholesome flavour about it. Its got the right consistency - not too goey neither too watery, and is the perfect comfort food for the perfect weather. Cloudy and perfect for eating in a coffee shop.

Fried fish skin (oh, twas lovely in the Da Fei Yang in HK in the lamb steamboat...sigh) and youtiao that could do with being crispier. We just cant miss out on fried food in every meal...either fried..or toasted..or sweet for me ;)

Bumped in the vasc hos and c again on the bus back. The key to taking the TBM bus is to take it when its raining and no one bothers to go out (unless they're desperate to eat out Changes were light much thanks to K's good take and hence an early exit during our soy break meant gulping our drinks while gasping at Wans's agony (poor babe) and rushing off. 2 angios got cancelled (list vs dates) so off we were to attend to plug and fast af (it always must happen at exit) before we took a leisurely drive out (left exactly at 6, when its still bright and the shuttle is still full) to Cineleisure. Was trying to take a gamble at the single line but chicken us still decided in safety in numbers and to victimised people by being the first (the van doesnt count). Amidst the Mar Hol kiddos we managed to get the tickets and our Mc Wings and Honey Chipotle Fries before loading on more tissue for the King's Speech. Cold old school brit humour it was much enjoyable though I'd pretty much watch a more dramatic action loaded piece in the cinema. Rango, Black swan, winter's bone (if its even showing), never let me go (to watch with Mei) beckons. And Di goes in tomorrow. Surprise at home indeed, mummy says.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Mon post double take was most horrific - I ended mighty late with a freakin mort plus a possible presentation on pancreatitis (which the mo kindly prepared everything with thanks ;)) but in the end with help from the kind souls I was able to meet my best friend for dinner. Cant rem how our valentines have been over the last 13 years, can you, Kels? Picked Kels from blk 5 where she had to kill time talking to Jerry. Thanks always for waiting!!
Actually wanted to try Artichoke but they only had the Valentine's menu available, so I decided to try the American diner I was reading about in the Sunday times some time back - I keep thinking its Domanis (as in, the pasta place at Taka) but its not!! With the free pen they gave me at the end of the dinner I'd be able to recall the name better - Donoma (Keong Saik Road) - however Kelly managed to figure out the name and location of the place.
Keong Saik Road actually has parallel roads of which i was just here a week ago dining at Oso with short, and there's numerous pubs and drinking joints around...sleazy businesss...but still the place retains its old sch charm. Managed to parallel park next to a pub and walked one round to Keong saik where we saw many places we wanted to try (Nicholas, Pasta Inc, etc) and of cos, the institutional Tong Ya.
The restaurant was rather quiet and only a couple of tables were occupied so we easily got a space thought Kels did book. Cant believe they do not have a copy of that newspaper cutting (i only rem the surf and turf that was featured - which we didnt even order!).

All decked up for Valentine's day.

Cake like bread was warm and crumbly and delicious. Just like a home made butter cake.
Nachos was not in the right proportion as I'd like! Sometimes tradition precedes over innovation, like in this case. I'd like 80% nachos, 20 % filling and guacomole and sour cream, please. Not vice versa. It was like eating a taco pizza.
Reuben was delicious!! Thick and tall, stuffed with roast beef, onion and cheese. The line-up of fries reminds me loads of Iggy's burger's - except a much more generous portion than Iggy's famour tower of 4 fries.
Mac and Cheese again was not in the classic proportion of 60 % mac and 40 % cheese. The cheese I must say, didnt overwhelm the mac, but personally, I'd love it to overwhelm the pasta. Its powdered with cheese, and the liquid cheese was not drenching the mac. I guess I like things done....overwhelmingly.
Thanks for the GPS though I do prefer my own personal human GPS ;) food outings would never be the same without you anyway. We checked out the Popeye's and the alfresco bar near her place and its indeed damn chillaxing by the river. The next hangout place it shall be. Cant wait for the next posting with all our meals im looking forward to together!!
PS hope you like the agnes b!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


It was a great Sunday when I ended early - it was a bad take but J and I both came down so we were done so quick it was all the changes done before breakfast. I still went to eat the canteen breakfast (daily dose of thosai is a must these days) and short went off to church. I took a cab back to get the car from which I loaded my blades etc and rushed off to pick short from hyatt and off to Pamplemousse (Block 7, Dempsey Road) where I would meet my surprise guest. It was another surprise meeeting Chris there too.

Bread was warm and toasty and one of the best mini baguettes I ever had. Tastes great had two pieces even though I was still full from the breakfast.

1st course - Salmon, from short's lunch set which was a very tastily marinated salmon sashimi. Besides the dash of colour the sauce was mighty zesty.
My crusted eggs with asparagus was MIGHTY TINY!!! The poached egg is breaded and sits on a bed of asparagus and very tasty sundried tomatoes. I just cant get over how tiny it is, though.
Uni pasta was quite divine though nat found it a little too oily for her
Kheng's eggs ben which he enjoyed.
Loved the ruckus of stories to hear, missed our old company loads. Kheng went off to get loafers while I had another failed attempt to get my size 10s as well. Least I picked up my folli follie's, and headed to blade. The joy of brunch on a Sunday;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food and Wine Company

Met the girls late for brunch at Dempsey on a Saturday the 4th day of CNY - original plans to meet at Pamplemousse was totally crushed after my arrival wayyy past the closing time of 3pm (last order at 230pm) and Jas being earlier than me despite having an earlier appt (sorry qian waited for an hour!) hence we met round the block at the very quiet Food and Wine Company (Blk 7, Dempsey) where qians frens wanted to dine once. Most people sat al fresco (it was mighty hot!!), so We felt like we owned the whole indoor area (it felt like home, with the carpeted fluffy floors...) until someone strolled into study, and the girls hinting to me I should have a staycation like this. Was deciding on a holiday then. Ideas included Taiwan (which I decided on in the end), vs Kyushuu in Japan vs Penang where Qian had a recent holiday and so was totally recommending it.
Started off with polishing the remainders of their skinny fries..

Moved onto the very clean tasting nachos with that fiery spicy salsa dip (loved it!). I guess with individual portions of sauces you can control the drenchness of your nachos.

The chilli crab dip comes with potato wedges but we converted it to skinny fries. I think I miss Yella Fellas loads...their chili crab fries were just awesome possum.
Dessert platter- brownie, apple crumble and a fruit preserve. Rather generic but the girls liked it esp the coffee scented brownie. Of cos my favourite part of this was drowning whatever pastries into the ice cream!

Thanks Qian for the lift back and cant wait for the next pizza date ;)