Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Easter Saturday post rounds/brunch at hoopla/queensway and intended run at sentosa, met n at Dibs, Duxton hill for dinner. Innovative and daring, the food here is worth coming back for ( for the oxtail and the cerviche which I should bring J to )

Marrow butter- this was all cream and fat and was fantastic on toast. With bonito flakes for an extra oomph. 

Crab cakes in a bisque- we mopped up the bisque with the bread, 'nuff said ! 
Lamb short ribs - charred the way I liked it.
Deconstructed strawberry shortcake- n's favorite part was the toasted marshmallow. Bits and pieces all over the plate for us to mix and match. 

This place spins awesome music by the way. House tracks remixed, top that up with shochus ( we tried the strawberry milk, ginger, yuzu and plum ) we were two happy troopers;)

Friday, April 18, 2014


I'm back at media circle !

Back to try Hoopla (21 Media circle)'s eggs- I had the baked eggs and P had the eggs Benedict. Mine were doused in a steaming rich tomato stew, and it was great dipping the chicken poppers (our side dish) in. Lovely quotes and flowers line the tables and random vintage accessories galore all over this homely place. It's awesome to spend a quiet afternoon here with great company especially during this long Easter weekend!

Gonna pick up my new gold ray bans ! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Revolution coffee

Post mbbs short cases P picked me to head over to Revolution coffee ( Media circle) for a drink and pick me up. I had a soy latte and we each had our usual yoghurt and granola and shared a banana bread. Love the space and the chic spartan decor. The parking right outside is a little dangerous- gotta watch out for the mata ! Will be back for the baked eggs- or perhaps check out hoopla next door ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Petit menu

Had a late lunch with mom at greenwood to satisfy her fish and chips craving before meeting my student and then J, for our dinner date night. Discovered a really lovely place called Petit Menu (Aqueen hotel, Lavender Street- beware there are two Aqueen hotels in the same area !) with pocket friendly prices and innovative dishes presented quite stunningly. Definitely worth the trouble of the travel and the horrific parking!

Lavender scented pumpkin soup- the lavender really added a new dimension to the pumpkin soup. Again comparing with the base line of J's home cooked soup, this is really of a different standard. The lavender balances out the pumpkin. With Wakame seaweed, puffed up pumpkin seeds and Granny Smith apple balls by the side.
Sea bass with ratoutoille and quinoa.. We liked the sides more than the main:p the crisp fish skin was probably what I enjoyed the most.

Salted egg soft shell crab fettuccine- this was quite mind blowing ! This ang moh mee pok is really the best noodle to soak up the salted egg yolk, firm and coated in its entirety. With sweet tomatoes and curry leaves to top it all. Ingenious !

If you have a posb or DBS card you get a complimentary dessert with every 2 mains- so we ended up ordering two desserts. The first was this deconstructed Black Forest. The cute plant pot contained a hazelnut crumble with a tiny leaf ( this chef really likes this tiny leaf which seems to star in many dishes). Our tiny wee at home has found a new friend and potentially a new home :p and even the sturdy bowl (which the waitress said it's so heavy she can pound sambal in :p)

Kaya toast deconstructed as a Mille feuille, with kaya cream, kopi tiam toast and atap chee purée, blueberries, warm kopi c sauce and mint espuma (which they poured out from a pot). Kaya toast usually marks the end of J's call so it's his happy food, but the eggs are usually in the bowl and the coffee in a cup:p

Really lovely place which obviously takes pride in the food and it's presentation we will want to check out the blow torched steak and chicken confit sometime :)

Friday, March 7, 2014


Full weekend round plus an AST tutorial meant breakkie with miss pek post tutorial :) finally went to try Sarnie's (Telok Ayer Street) - australian slang for sandwiches. They have a weekend menu of eggs and such, none of those regular sandwiches on weekends. And I heard evening nights they offer specials... It's a must to come back !

Granola to share as usual, and it's home made and swimming in honey and berries:)

Omelette with cheese onions and mushrooms. Well done and not too oily , on a piece of rye bread.
Pek had beans on toast, with a fried egg.
Amazing coffee too, with a buzz similar to those cafés in Australia. Shopped a bit and got tempted by those python shoes down the street..
Can't wait for the next date here !

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bam! Tapas and Sake bar

Our weekly mid week date night has resumed after the anniversary! I have hit a rut until I read about Bam! (38 Tras Street) lovely bar with an open kitchen concept but too bad we didn't manage to snag any and we got a cosy corner instead:p lots of channel 8 stars sighted ( c song, pll) must have been a company dinner.
Smoked octopus - very meaty and charred so much so that it tastes like a sausage! 

Scallop rice with cheese and mushrooms that was highly recommended by WaY. Deep flavour that's uncontaminated by truffle, we figure the rice must have been cooked in an awesome stock. Slippery and smooth mushrooms, something we hope to achieve in our home cooking.
Wagyu beef onglet... This is super awesome.. Smokey and tender. On par with our favorite Burnt ends. We figure the onglet has an optimal meat to fat ratio and would be best grilled/smoked. Oh man we need a grill at home!
Baileys sponge with mousse and dark chocolate. Airy mousse that was torched this was awesome with the super soaked sponge.
Lemon zest icecream with tamago sake. Interesting combination with the sprinkled almonds.

More date nights to come !!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Penny university

Breakfast food for dinner !day before laneway when we were supposed to collect the -unbought- tickets and this was the supposed brunch that was I happen but didn't cos of the mishap! 

Well mishap number one occurred cos I left one half of my flips in the car park :( the tennis date was converted to a Eastie foodie outing to Penny university ( East Coast Road). It was between this and mad nest it's neighbour ( too diversified) but we settled for this. It closes at midnight on Fridays! Reminds us muchos of the Fabulous Baker Boy ( beef churizos here and beef bacon at FBB hurrah). A very barren indie vibe here.
Granola with yoghurt and the soy mocha
Baked eggs with beef churizos. Has a spicy curry zing to it and was fantastic with toast. We asked for more toast and they gamely gave us more free toast :) thumbs up indeed
Croque madame- thick layer of cheese atop turkey ham... This is dense indeed.
Apple pie with the fantastic ( air fried ?? Tastes familiar to those at home :p) apple slices and minimal pastry and cream. The other flour less chocolate cake was rather powdery and gritty... Was gonna take away to have it with our praline ice cream but gasp !! It disappeared at home !! :p

We saw two very puffy sandwiches and I went to Kay poh... They are rolling out this egg white soufflé omelette with cheese bits, smoked salmon and brioche toast. Gosh !! It's so good, the chef let us sample a slice. Would go back for this !!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

63 Celcius

The best way to deal with Monday blues... Well get on with it and look forward to a good dinner heh. After a spin at the bay we headed to 63 Celcius ( Asia Square 2) for tapas date night - prob the first this year! An alumnus of food bar dada we were looking forward to the surprises from the josper.
By the way we think we spied WAY here ! ! Food tonight will be of a great standard man. Haha!
Stuffed calamari in squid ink. It was stuffed with peppers and this was one of their proudest creations :p

Grilled cod. I was a fan of the crisp skin.

Josper grilled prime rib eye- it was smokey the initial taste was like that of a bak kwa. And it was juicy to boot !!
J's favorite green risotto with prawns. This was the 63delicia rice. Not creamy at all this had a uber awesome seafood depth to it , must have been a great stock cooking those grains.
Galician octopus on top a bed of mash potatoes. The octopus was so meaty it tasted like a sausage- it's like bangers and mash.
It was a quiet night and the host was vey kind to us offering us drinks on the house ( but we really didn't feel like :p) and was quite concerned about our critique. They are looking forward to roll out the previous dada's black rice with uni. Coming soon next month ;)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Assembly coffee

W and I met at Assembly coffee ( Evans lodge) after my post take rounds were done.. Intending to fuel for a study date.. Xx only ended at 3 pm :(
Granola and Greek yogurt.. The granola in a glass cup is über cute ! Not to mention the hazelnuts ++ with granola- my favorite ;)
The anaemic quiche with spinach and chicken ham.. I would prefer a hearty and piping hot portion :p

Had a long black- you would like the coffee here if you like acidic, fruity tones. Lounged awhile before hitting the books at Guthrie. Am grateful for the study companion.. Breezily awesome !!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Post tennis treat! We went to w39 (39 Jalan Mas Puteh) after an early Friday day for me ( short ds list ) and cohesion day for him. Played at KE till glare of lights killed our game. Was thinking really hard about tamoya udon but we decided to this homely neighbourhood joint instead. Has the vibe of windowsills, food vibe of morsels- but we LOVE the hearty portions at extremely friendly prices. Great find for the start of the year !!
king crab soup- the first of the January specials, with potato and leek. j was fiddling with the oil on the soup and wondering if it was truffle. Didn't get to figure it out but the cream went awesomely well with the generous chunks of crab.
king crab salad- tangy with mango salsa and tomatoes.
Our second favorite of the night - seared tuna with avocado. Very meaty tuna. 
Baked mushrooms. j and I have mastered mushrooms enough to be of this standard ( or better, with the help of truffle oil :p)
The braised lamb was an awesome combination with the mantou- it was rather gamey on its own.

An awesome wind down to the first week  of posting. Back to the books momentarily ( and awesome Meiji milk and red bean icecream ) at home !

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fortnight+Windowsill Pies

After my consultants recommendation of the sweet pies ( Windowsill Pies) and xqs recommendation of the savory section (Fortnight) we decided to make our way here since I thought it was near his work place.. Was almost here for dessert the same night ty was here!

Extremely whimsical place with a small but great home cooked savouries.

Battered eggplant so long it looked like fish and chips! Excellent with the salsa.
Grilled cheese sandwich with an extremely nutty bread. Also came with a yummy salsa.

Steak sandwich came with a pudding kind of bread - chewy and sweet and went well with the caramelised  onions and meat.

We chose camp symmetry ( has white chocolate, cookie crumble, truffle and raisins) and smores ( chocolate and his favorite coffee scented marshmallow) to end it off. Mm! This was much better than the choc peppermint pie I had a Symmetry :)

Last meal before I'm off to aus :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fordham and Grand

Some quick shopping to pick up my hats at Haji lane and to check out the merchandise at the new Robinsons at Heeren before heading to this very discrete Fordham and grand at Craig road. ( note to self: need to try Selfish gene and Binomio soon !) Quiet, intimate and if I may say, a little forbidding. Not many customers but still, our orders got mixed up!!
Artichoke, eggplant and mushroom 
Greenpea risotto - very unlike us to have something vegetarian !
Scallops and jumbo crab 饺子- gone in a bite

More plans and rocking music( courtesy of 3 crowns) at Craft bakery at holland village where we had the 3 inch sin Baileys cake. Kept looking at the baileys tart :p

Melbourne!! Stereosonic festival !!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Celebrated moms birthday at Jaan, finally got to try their set lunch ;) and finally, a weekend off ! :)
Chicken mini fried dumpling , cheese on a cracker( with an uber cute clip), hummus with papadum and eel on a spoon, clockwise :p
The amuse bouche -Mushroom cappuccino, with bits of walnut 
Fish with crayfish- most tender and a crisp skin batter. Served with lentils
The most memorable dish - Brie with chestnut stuffing, walnut and raisins and an über awesome truffle icecream !
Pre dessert palate cleanser- sorbet with a coconut meringue 
Poached peer for dessert 
Chocolat for mom 
And an awesome petit fours to finish the awesome lunch. My favorite is the lolli in the middle- rosemary icecream Coates with chocolate.
Highly recommends for special occasions! Great service, ambience and surprises from chef in between the ordered sets. Fine dining without being to spiffy ;)