Friday, June 28, 2013


Finally gotta meet the bestie for dinner after some ahem, nagging. Thank goodness for my friendly walkie talkie GPS friends to find Supprette at Kam Leng Hotel. Gotta say the decor was rather boutique hotelish, though the exterior screams sleaze. Even the restaurant screams of an up class coffee shop.
Scallops and mushrooms.
Am a fan of the juicy burger 
Even with the second serving of fries that came with this grilled vegetables and mushrooms burger, we ordered a third serving of fries. I must say best friends and fries is the ultimate combination ;-)

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Skirt wagyu burger

Thursday two in one celebration for dad at Skirt, W Hotel at Sentosa. ;) we were given a table right in front of their open kitchen so we were initially browsing quayside isle for more( the fish place looks worth a try), but still came back.would love to try the outdoor area (now open for dining) to chill at - kinda packed with standing guests.
The open face wagyu burger. Rather juicy piece of patty.
Awesome sides of spinach and cheese, garlic fries and earth mushrooms x2.
Grilled mixed vegetables. 

By the way each of the French horns in the stack is fake :p gotta love the avande garde furniture here still !

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Met C after an early day at ot :-) finally dated the girl out - picked her from moe and we headed to Rochester ( love the free p) before the dear girl heads to our neighboring country.

Love the quiet surroundings of Rochester ( just with j at Starbucks on mon). Fusion menu - Japanese at B.
Garlic white bait.
Black cod
Lobster soumen - half share :-)

Love the flavors of the food - not overwhelming at all and had a great balance. Quiet place too , many couples having dates... Was hosted well by the service staff there too... Will be back !

C tennis soon !

Friday, June 7, 2013

Goto Japanese Restaurant

First kaiseki meal with mummy on my second day of leave and the first spent locally :p
Highlight of the first course is prob the uber smooth and dense sesame tofu. The sashimi was divine - my tops was the scallop, mummy's was conch ( with plum sauce ). There was also tuna, flatfish, amberjack and squid.
Next was the highlight for me - striped jack it was very sweet ... Amazing . Prob the best slab of fish for me ever...
The other dishes of tofu and winter melon soup, grilled onigiri was pretty unremarkable.1

Dessert was a trio of sorbet, English tea mousse and fruit.
Doing nails together and having a great set lunch .. Can't wait for more mommy time ;) maybe shinji next time.

Black sesame tofu ,fried salmon, conch, lotus root

Assortment of sashimi
Yello tail, flat fish, Tuna, conch with plum sauce , (the most amazing) scallop and squid.
Striped jack- amazingly sweet

Mushrooms soup with egg tofu 

Grilled onigiri

English milk tea mousse, fruits, raspberry sorbet 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Omakase burger

We need to upsize the BURGER ! We had them mushrooms and cheese. uber juicy patties ! with truffle fries and sweet potato fries.
Will be back to try the others ;) and 'twas the day we discovered giant sold yummy Taiwanese fruit beers - we had the white grape and lychee ones after we froze them momentarily at J's house.

Now to try the Morton's burger and the Daniel boulard monster......

Monday, June 3, 2013

Strangers reunion

Brunch two weekends in a row at the same place, in scrubs. Respite outside is always great, especially when two is company and three is a welcome crowd;) thanks for being a sport y'all;)
Magic first weekend, soy mocha second weekend and I'm a new fan of the eggs royale here ( after the yoghurt which has sadly lost its bulk of the granola). If you order eggs here, you should come in groups of two for they only have two stoves in their tiny kitchen ! Everything is tiny weeny here, their chairs (or rather stools ...) , tables etc... Can't wait for them to expand :)