Saturday, December 29, 2012


Thanks to the reg for a weekend off I got to meet Pek and zj at symmetry - pity about short post call and xuan on call ! Parking was non existent on this end of the road and was ridiculously side slammed by another car passing by... Blindness..

Symmetry was very homely and cosy, was a nice hideout esp when the rain started... And for zj to capture us by the windowsill:p rock with johns and he geometrical arrangements of the utensil s makes it ΓΌber personal.

We started with the truffles fries and the crab cakes but never got to the eggs- Pek had to go for a wedding( day of double weddings). The truffle fries were really good stuff, crisp and airy with truffle scented +++. There were two crab cakes - one in batter and one not. The diced apple slices were an interesting touch.

Had the coconut and brioche for desserts. Must say the coconut was interesting -the coconut was in the ice cream and was good with the cake base, and the barley some distance away. Having the brioche makes me miss deans or spruce's French toast somehow! The cuteness of the wooden forks were a highlight;)

'twas nice catching up, and thanks for the ride Pek to collect my pics ;) note to self: societe canteen at Cluny for a quiet brunch soon.

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