Saturday, April 27, 2013


Art gallery cum cafe serving Liberty coffee, we love the ambience here, feeling very at home with the folks here playing very good hosts. They are just starting their sandwich menu so no actual physical one ( they just rattle it off) so we had a roast beef sandwich - the ciabatta was amazingly airy and crisp, roast beef tasted awesome with the cranberry jam.

Cakes - some made in house like this awesome red velvet cake with coconut frills ( kels you will love this ! ) and pies courtesy of window sills pies- the chocolate mint one tasted vaguely of lemon curd and they very kindly gave us an amazing sea salt banana chocolate cake - that did us in it was amazingly smooth and dense. Loved the bits of sea salt.

Picked up accessories from Soon Lee - and one for kels too ;)

Off to dinner with J's gran!

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