Friday, June 7, 2013

Goto Japanese Restaurant

First kaiseki meal with mummy on my second day of leave and the first spent locally :p
Highlight of the first course is prob the uber smooth and dense sesame tofu. The sashimi was divine - my tops was the scallop, mummy's was conch ( with plum sauce ). There was also tuna, flatfish, amberjack and squid.
Next was the highlight for me - striped jack it was very sweet ... Amazing . Prob the best slab of fish for me ever...
The other dishes of tofu and winter melon soup, grilled onigiri was pretty unremarkable.1

Dessert was a trio of sorbet, English tea mousse and fruit.
Doing nails together and having a great set lunch .. Can't wait for more mommy time ;) maybe shinji next time.

Black sesame tofu ,fried salmon, conch, lotus root

Assortment of sashimi
Yello tail, flat fish, Tuna, conch with plum sauce , (the most amazing) scallop and squid.
Striped jack- amazingly sweet

Mushrooms soup with egg tofu 

Grilled onigiri

English milk tea mousse, fruits, raspberry sorbet 

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