Thursday, January 30, 2014

63 Celcius

The best way to deal with Monday blues... Well get on with it and look forward to a good dinner heh. After a spin at the bay we headed to 63 Celcius ( Asia Square 2) for tapas date night - prob the first this year! An alumnus of food bar dada we were looking forward to the surprises from the josper.
By the way we think we spied WAY here ! ! Food tonight will be of a great standard man. Haha!
Stuffed calamari in squid ink. It was stuffed with peppers and this was one of their proudest creations :p

Grilled cod. I was a fan of the crisp skin.

Josper grilled prime rib eye- it was smokey the initial taste was like that of a bak kwa. And it was juicy to boot !!
J's favorite green risotto with prawns. This was the 63delicia rice. Not creamy at all this had a uber awesome seafood depth to it , must have been a great stock cooking those grains.
Galician octopus on top a bed of mash potatoes. The octopus was so meaty it tasted like a sausage- it's like bangers and mash.
It was a quiet night and the host was vey kind to us offering us drinks on the house ( but we really didn't feel like :p) and was quite concerned about our critique. They are looking forward to roll out the previous dada's black rice with uni. Coming soon next month ;)

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