Thursday, May 22, 2014


A long queue at the missing pan led us to this gem on May Day recommended by a colleague( with much thanks !), Gaest ( McCallum Street). It's a smallish Nordic deli, right at the end of Telok Ayer Street. We passed by my awesome cafe which is also on my to try list;)
Perched on the high stools facing the road. Awesome people watching..
One of the best muesli I had.. Super value for money at 7 bucks, a huge ass portion !
Danish omelette from the full breakfast- it's like a tortilla ( Spanish omelette) layered with potatoes. I must say the Nordics are fans of potatoes. 
Even the sandwich had potatoes.. This is a flavorful yet light vegetarian sandwich with a hazelnut spread. Interesting find. 

The bread is home made every morning and has this chewy, cake like texture. The set came with caramel and Brie cheese and we made a new discovery - bread tasted awesome with both dips( together!) 

Would be nice if I worked at the CBD and had a chance to try their sandwiches. These were from their brunch menu which is only available on the weekends ( which has more egg dishes) 

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