Friday, June 27, 2014

63 Celcius

Finally got to meet chongs - original destination was the neighbor of 63 Celcius but I'm glad we settled for 63 Celcius in the end (Asia Square). My second visit here - missed the black rice here ( not launched yet ) during my first visit. Now I got to try the black rice - sans the uni !

I would so come back for this. Charred and smokey, with bits of squid. Tomato foam atop.

Their signature squid ink croquettes. Breaded mush of ink.

Truffled burrata burger- can't discern much of the truffle.

Magnum pop up !

Edible garden.. Bits of sour berries and edible flower

Fans of the origins health food's apple rings would love this tart with the magnum. Lots of sautéed apple bits too.

Can't wait for tomorrowland ;)

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