Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No Menu Bar

A happy discovery after NDP at the promenade.. Everywhere was crazy packed including lau pa sat so we made our way down and intended to check out dinner at Sarnies ( which was closed on a Saturday night ) and we were drawn to this place which looked like a corner coffee shop- we only realised it was the No Menu Bar - ironically, after we checked out the menu. It was a good mix of hot and cold tapas ( all priced at $14), pastas, cheese and pastas

On the house 

The bruschetta is the best we've had. Ever ! The sweetest tomatoes which they brought in from Sicilly. Smoked octopus at the corner left - awesome with a tiny wee bit of salad. Squid ink pasta's definitely got an intrinsic umami taste to it. Fried potatoes were kinda a waste of my carbs :p

Smoked mozzarella cheese which was breaded and fried and in the sweetest tomato purée. I think we certainly appreciate the importance of the  quality of tomatoes after this dinner

Petit fours on the house - apple cake and meringue 

Lovely hosts for the evening and home made food is indeed a great combination for a Saturday supper :)

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