Saturday, April 18, 2015

Naked Finn lunch

To secure a place at the Naked Finn ( Gillman barracks) at lunch, be here before the doors open at 12. In fact, the folks were kind enough to let us hang out inside the cool air conditioned shack before they started the service. kudos !

My favorite dish of the lot. Crisp ends and nicely grilled. Oh so good with just that bit of salt

Barramundi. Crisp skin is again the most awesome. Found a new love the kang kong and rediscovered the love for the piquant bee Hoon. 

As with other lobster rolls.... Tiny ! But can't complain too much for the price. Half the price of pince and pints. Extra points for the airy fairy butter roll. 

Would be back once the shack gets renovated:) would be our third time ( and more to come !) happy second my dear :)

Also met the lovely Jess and tian pre-delivery- congrats on the lovely newborn!

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