Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blades and Breakfast

It seems that I'm having a more normal body clock these days sleeping at 10am and waking at dawn ... bad sleeping habits manifest during exam breaks and good ones during the holidays.. I wish it was the reverse ! Holidays are meant for sleeping in anyway. But I'm not complaining because this healthy lifestyle is good!
Looks like my blog is really off to a rolling good start in the healthy direction..and once again if you are interested in the food just scroll.. This is breakfast on the is indeed the most important meal of your day! I love breakfast food (ok not exactly prepacked ones but it was way too early). give me eggs and english muffins, porridge, kaya toast anytime. And for once I'm eating breakfast after a proper night's of sleep!
The simple life..Cloudy days and matching tents.
This family is so cute, having a BBQ breakfast..check out the satay man on the left. Never too early for BBQ!
father daughter time is always bliss. Daughters are the best accessories for dads, your belly or baldy head instantly becomes invisible!
People never fail to amaze me with their sedentary sports like Taiji...But I guess after doing a year of yoga I shan't laugh at their funny positions..
The Bedok Jetty is closed! Under renovation, it'd prob open next month according to the funky old couple selling drinks at the edge of the jetty.
Entering the Big Splash..
Cel was telling me about this chillout place called One Twenty Six at Big Splash... It was of cos empty early in the morning so I felt like I was trespassing..this seat is so very unique It is my favourite piece of furniture in the entire place..
It is really quite Bali like with all the landscaping and lounge seats..alright Cel, you have a date with me here =)
stopped over for a cuppa here at Old Town White Coffee (Big Splash).. This franchise was brought over from Malaysia by Mark Lee and his partners...I loved the white coffee in Malaysia! Tried some when the Malaysian tour bus stopped at some rest location..

Somehow the local fare and breads didn't appeal much to me (cos I was thinking of scrambled eggs the entire time)
All the variations of coffee and tea you can have..
Come to think about it, I should have tried the Yin Yang Coffee Tea mix..I liked the version at Xin Wang Cafe...

Old Town White Coffee $2.20 (Dine in)
Well...It tastes pretty generic to me =P I prefered the coffee at Tong Ah Coffeeshop. Much more robust!
I was really in the eggsy mood so after the uninspiring coffee I wanted to zoom down to Coffee Bean (East Coast Park) to have the scrambled egg breakfast!!
Pastries and puffs and muffins to choose from...rather insipid looking, I don't like to eat display items!
Coffee Bean has all day breakfast and coffee/tea is free flow till 11am. Well, I was there 10 minutes to 11am so I didn't really got to make use of that =)
The coffee is potent stufff!! I had massive headache and nausea in the mid afternoon - possibly because of the double dosage of caffeine from coffee bean and old town white coffee?? Or cos I'm not used to seeing the sun??? Usually the Americano from Starbucks doesnt give me the giddiness nor nausea..I'm swearing off coffee for awhile..
Scrambled Eggs with Salmon, $7.40
This is what I have been craving for the entire morning! I love the fluffy creamy eggs and saltish smoked salmon. The warm toasted bread had a cinnamon flavour to it which I didn't quite like, but still ate anyway. Salad at the sides was fun to eat too, dotted with flaked almonds and cranberries. This is a very wholesome breakfast, I love it!
Coffee bean has other items such as Eggs Benedict too, and I shall be slowly eating my way through that list (although I think I will always succumb to this set)
Jetted off to Mount Sophia thereafter and I love the architecture of this place..and I havent seen those kind of retro beetle cars in yonks..
On the way to Old School at Mount Sophia..
the old MGS, you can catch local films here
This is the flight of stairs that Kelly has a phobia for...I finall found out where it leads to....
This spectacular view!
And finally, the headache and nausea from the coffee overdose hit me..
Macademia nut, Cookies and Cream, Sticky Chewy Chocolate. All from Swensens.
And this was the best therapy. I need a freeflowunlimitedflavours icecream on-demand machine in my house.
Kueh Lapis from Bengawan Solo, Large
My mother has been complaining about the price rise from 40 bucks to 45 bucks a 3 bucks surcharge if you collect on the eve eve and eve of chinese new year.. I need to go and consult Fen on her choice of Kueh Lapis (I don't remember seeing any entries)..Thank goodness with the NUH Kopitiam card there's a 10 percent discount (hence waiving the surcharge effectively, saving nothing), should have seen the top-up lady's face when I wanted to top up $150 bucks! hilarious.
But still, this was buttery coconuty eggy goodness! my favourite asian cake of all time.
oh dang and with an overnight mahjong session again last night i really hope i don't swing back to the nocturnal clock again. if only there were as many set suppers as set lunches!!

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