Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fast Food Spree

I was around the Raffles City area and being like the tourist I pretend to be I snapped a shot of the hotel..and no I didn't eat here...
Today is a day that I succumbed to the convenience of fast junk commercialised food...we all have our moments don't we?
Peanut Pancake, Jollybean $1
I am gonna warn you that this is my first of 3 peanut pancakes of the day...I am having a mild hangover from the minjiangkueh at Chinatown which was of cos alot better!
Here at Jollibean (Bugis), the pancake batter is REALLY THICK! The batter to peanut ratio is really distorted..
But if you are a carbo junkie and you like your pancake moist and fluffy (plenty of air pocketholes) and soft, you'd like this..the peanut filling is fragrant and generous - but of cos it gets overwhelmed by the thick floury batter!
Peanut Pancake from Pinle, $0.80
My friend thought Pinle(basement, Raffles City) had disappeared from the peanut pancake radar but no its well and alive in Raffles City! Here the ratio of the batter to peanut paste is more even. The pancake dough is more compact than Jollybean's (which tend to have many many air pockets). I tend to prefer Pinle's.. Jollybean is really dough overkill!
Ya Kun Kaya Toast with butter, $1.80
Again, a mild hangover from the fantastic Kaya toast we had at Tong Ah Coffeeshop at Chinatown a few posts back, the toast at Ya Kun(Raffles City) is average substitute. The kaya is not as fragrant as the Tong Ah one (although the slab of butter was thicker!!), but I must say the toast is quite crispy! The brown bread broke apart quite readily and it was really messy eating with all the crumbs. Not fun peeling crumbs from your T shirt after the kaya gluttony.
I had this at the Raffles City branch, and I guess standards vary across the outlets and franchises? It is only now that I became conscious of how many outlets have sprang up across the island..its like the McDonalds of Kaya toasts...So i warn you this is not the last kaya toast I've eaten today..
I tried 1A Crispy Puffs (basement of Tampines Mall) last year when I was posted to CGH and Kelly and I popped over to Tampines Mall for McDonalds (cos Eastpoint didnt have any, sadly).. I tried the durian puff and I loved the flaky pastry!

They have many savoury flavours and sweet ones (like sweet corn, yam, durian). The dough is hand rolled here and they are freshly made at the stall..

Spicy Chilli Crab, $1.60

Actually I really wanted to eat the durian one, but I thought I should try something different!

But looks like I should have stuck to the durian puff (the durian paste itself was awesome). Here the chilli crab was overwhelmed by the many many potato cubes, I hardly tasted much chilli crab nor the chilli crab sauce. I miss the chilli crab fries from Yella Fellas - the crab meat was alot more generous.

But I am still a fan of the pastry of the curry puff here. It is flaky and very light, not too oily or buttery either. Very good! If it wasnt so heaty I could eat more.

Strawberry Milkshake, McDonalds

I was debating between the strawberry milkshake from McDonald's (Tampines Mall) or MOS burger but the queue at MOS was horrendous - and there was no queue at the dessert kiosk at McD's so my choice was obvious. I tend to like to use a spoon to tackle this - the straw makes it quite a chore to suck. Eating it with a spoon makes me feel like I'm eating melted strawberry vanilla icecream!

Then, I was at Wang Cafe (Century Square) for another round of kaya toast...
Kaya Toast with butter, $1.80

Here, again I felt the kaya didnt measure up again.. the slab of butter being as thick as ever..but the bread here is slightly thicker than Ya Kun's and hence not as crispy or crumbly. If you like your bread sturdier (or you don't like crumbs all over your clothing), try this!

Peanut Pancake from Jollibean $1

Haha yes this is my second Jollibean pancake (and my third peanut pancake of the day) at White Sands just to prove the skewed batter-peanut paste ratio!!!! Okay no, its cos I saw how thick the peanut paste was and I got really hungry looking at that. I love peanut paste cos its like peanut butter with plenty of grinded peanuts. Actually this is an illusion lar, the peanut paste just looks like a alot in comparison to the thick batter.

Again I dropped by McDonalds again at White sands for some Twister fries. I love twister fries because the coating of the fries is alot crispier - and the shapes just make it so fun to eat. Sometimes you get alot of potato in a swirl and other times you just a lone curly strand.

I love the spirals.
And finding anomalies such as this pretzel shaped ones..
Actually during this festive season there is the Red Bean Pie but I was craving for the good old apple pie and the viscous sour apple filling =)
Chcococone with peanuts! This cone is slightly stunted though, that stingy McD's manager.

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