Monday, April 6, 2009

House, Ben & Jerry's (Dempsey)

After a long day at a Saturday lect, Chong and I decided to go for a goooood dinner at Dempsey - after getting intimidated at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (the sets were for many many people and so were the tables), we decided to head to Tippling Club.

But then we realised they only had set menus and all of them came with drinks! So we went to the sister restaurant, House (Dempsey) instead.. Tippling Club will be for another day during lunch.
We wanted to sit outside (we were still thawing from the lecture) but its damn silly cos the smoking and non-smoking area was demarcated with a line - the smokers nearer the forest side, but the smoke will still drift over - you will know what I mean when you dine there so we went back inside. Definitely more crowded inside. The area outside blasts music from the DJ console.

this is my second time at House but Chong's first, so she was pretty amused by some of the eccentric decor of House
Squid ink paella with seafood $28
Oh this was so darn good. The rice grains were more on the risotto side, tight rice grains bursting to release squid ink juices - it was divine when eaten when the crunchy capsicums and sundried tomatoes, topped with a crust and parmesan cheese. The seafood itself was fresh - prawns were uber crunchy.
Old fashioned American Sliders - truffle with aioli $22
topped up with truffle fries and sweet potato fries
Oh the fries were particularly memorable. There was so much truffle oil in the fries Chong was burping truffle oil hours after our supper - but I preferred the sweet potato fries much more - thick sweet potato chunks deep fried and coated with sugar bits, this was fantastic when it came piping hot. Savoury Chong and Sweet for me.
The burgers themselves were alright I guess, the meat patty rather dense and thick and full of meat jus. But a sliver of cheese would have upped the wow factor =)
Burgers are more fun to eat when the fillings are thicker than the bread!
you might not want to know where I took this..
Brownie Cheesecake, Chunky Monkey, New York Super Fudge Crunch, $12
Went to an extremely crowded Ben and Jerry's at Dempsey and over paid for our ice cream treat =P a triple scoop is so friggin expensive!!

We had a failed movie outing (I cant believe Chong just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic the day before!!) cos we both didn't want to watch the Clint Eastwood movie in the middle of the night and neither did I wanna watch Unborn and subsequently another failed night out....doh, but somehow we felt the day was darn fruitful cos we actually learnt many things in the day! Miss you Chong!


*Harris said...

Mmm... the burgers look good, the meaty type. I might go next Sunday. Seems like it's just beef and buns and nothing else?

And sooooo much fries!

jo said...

ben & jerry's free cone day is coming sooooon... :)

but i still prefer haagen dazs.

julie said...

harristhere's some truffle aioli inside the burger too..there are various options for the burgers- you can add cheese, bacon etc.. well im glad there's so much fries cos I really liked the fries!

jo: I'm in Hong Kong now for a month!! you should so check out the haagen daz here there is my favourite Baileys! and chocolate hazelnut brittle - like a crunchy nutella. Eat more icecream for me at the free cone day!

*Harris said...

Hey, I don't know if you're still in HK, but if you are, go check out the Ben & Jerry flavours that aren't found in Singapore as well! =)