Saturday, March 3, 2012


My mantra in PAS...

Eggs Benedict, Truffled scrambled eggs, Ricotta Cheese pancakes, Rosti..

Post call me fetched on call Cheang out = 2 sleepys, 1 post wedding...heh. 3 girls = getting disorientated trying to find this place.. plus a super power woman who shifted away.. Was such a lazy brunch (till cheang had a new case). Super healthy tasting food - Cheang was craving the ricotta cheese pancakes (which was super thin but had this crisp nutty nougat that was really delish). The rosti was really crisp too. The eggs were a little too airy fairy. Overall just a very bright sunny spacious place to hang out, see and be seen. Misst the old District 10 ;) and its very yummy truffle mushroom pizza...soon to try!

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