Saturday, May 19, 2012

Creperie Des Arts

Sat was dinner at Boss's place (long dark way in)  - bought lotsa amazing yummy gelato from Gelatissimo (the caramel and fig, and the berry pavlova is amazing stuff), and Sunday after Cello headed to Creperie Des Arts with J. Actually he wanted to go to Skyve but I remember being underfed there so we then wanted to go to Mount Emily but it seemed closed down (is it already gone???) and finally on our descend before hitting Artichoke, we landed up in Prinsep, and tried Creperie Des Arts (Prinsep Street), a place I've been wanting to try since the last creperie behind Raffles Hotel.

Since I was just back from Paris (think we only had one crepe meal!), this place was like welcome home;) or so I wish. Saw a huge poster of Mont St Michel (sigh), with people trekking across the waters- must have been before the causeway was built. The lady owner (Singaporean and with child, congrats!) married a French guy from Normandy, explaining the poster. Love the casual vibe of the place, though we were sweltering hot after the cheese fondue. Lotsa cheese as you can see- from the Cheese platter (goats, blue, camembert, chedder), and their special of a Cheese/cold meats platter. Basically, you place a slab of cheese on this mini pan, and you roast it under the stove till it melts then you scrap it off onto your potato/cold meat. The potatoes are in a ceramic bowl above the stove. Well well, its like reverse fondue. Would be nicer if the reverse was true, having all the cheese melted atop and the potatoes roasting below. Guess life is interesting that way! 

Had the crepe craving settled with the scallop/apple compote crepe -love the buckwheat crepe. Wholemeal things always have this nutty aroma with it, this is like a French Thosai, come to think of it. More scallops would be lovely!

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