Friday, June 22, 2012


Night before was beer fest and trouse brothers, so got off to a late start on sunday morning, sorry girls yq had to cancel Pilates and j on her friend and me on cello !tried the Taiwanese lychee beer and the yummy sothesby cider that came with the admission. Thank goodness the stand up comedy was not much of a flop. We noticed while e whites loved racism and sex jokes e Singaporeans love their digs on politics and our infamous laws.

 Anyhow we landed in hillcrest again cos I wanted to try baker and cook but when we reached there they said they were not doing dine in that day! Ugh really tough luck with that area. Plus pepperonis was full house so we ended up by default at Othello, cos. tried bronte before. Good for me cos I was craving eggs. I always crave eggs, makes me feel like I'm actually having a weekend when I tuck into my poached eggs. It was a happy occasion cos jas was announcing her proposal, and how logistics wise it can be quite a painful affair, when you come to talk about the practicalities of a wedding. Anyhow, its a happy busy that I'm sure she doesn't mind ;) Had my eggs benedict with mushrooms which is a first for me. Somehow I miss my eggs being drowned in the creamy hollandaise. This was also on a normal toasted bread instead of a muffin. Jas had a cordon bleau while Qian had a vegetarian pasta. Othello is great for having lotsa space and sunshine and basically nice to hang out at on a Sunday afternoon.

After the brunch I headed to family day at universal studios with the family and by George, I was so happy to have my turkey leg!! Don't find it here, last I had it was in Disney land, prob with kels. Mummy was stunning (to my nervous system) and transformers was nauseating. Think I'm at an awkward Age when I'm too old for shrek and Madagascar but I'm too hum ji for battle star galatica :(

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